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1 [GO] J-Institute 2024―Jan―03 A Study of the Effect of Beauty Consumer Sentiment after Covid-19 on Hair Salon Revisit Intention F F
2 [GO] J-Institute 2023―Jul―06 The Effect of Beauty Management Behavior of Beauty Shop Customers on Consumer Sentiment Since COVID-19 Kihun Han, Eunjoo Choi, Juyeun Park
3 [GO] J-Institute 2023―Jul―06 The Effect of Beauty Management Behavior of Beauty Shop Customers on Consumer Sentiment Since COVID-19 Kihun Han, Eunjoo Choi, Juyeun Park
4 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Oct―18 Q-Methodological Approach on Type Analysis of Elderly Participating in Health Qigong after COVID-19 Yeonsu Byeon, Jaebum Lee, Sungwoo Sim
5 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Oct―18 The Effect of Nursing Students' Efficacy, Fear, and Crisis Communication Skills on the COVID-19 Infection Prevention Activities Concerning the Importance of New Infectious Disease Response Capability Myungin Lee, Juhee Lee, Jinhee Park
6 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Oct―18 Implications of Human and Psychological Trauma in the Era of the Pandemic Yeojin Lim, Jeumnam Kim
7 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Oct―18 A Study on the Proposal of the Behavioral Principles for the Training of Korea Coast Guard in the Pandemic Era10.22471/disaster.2022.7.2.52 Eunsang Lee
8 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Apr―13 The Psychological Effect of the Grateful Meditation Program Following the Anxiety and Stress Caused by COVID-19 Hyeonggwang Jeon, Dongho Lim
9 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Apr―13 New Duties of Intelligence Agency in Response to the Pandemic of COVID-19 Sunggu Jo
10 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Apr―13 Big Data Analysis of Food Tourism under COVID-19 Regulations in Jeonnam, Korea Hyojin Kim
11 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Apr―13 Understanding SARS-CoV-2 Variants and Safety Countermeasures for the Fight against Omicron Boksil Hong, Myoungryu Kim
12 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Jan―10 A Review of the International Order and Human SECURITY in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic Jiwon Yun, Ilsoo Bae
13 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Jan―10 The Effect of University Student’s Perception of Rapport with Professors on Learning Participation and Satisfaction: Focused on Online Class in COVID-19 Sungwoo Sim, Seulgi Park, Sanghyuk Moon
14 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Jan―10 A Study on Antecedent Variables Affecting University Students Job Preparation Behavior Under the COVID-19 Situation Soyoung Lee, Sangyun Ahn
15 [GO] J-Institute 2022―Jan―10 The Effect of TOURISM CONSTRAINTS on the Tourism Related Satisfaction in a Pandemic Situation Soonja Lee, Moonjoo Kim
16 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 Current Status of COVID-19 Outbreak and Vaccination in the Republic of Korea Myoungryu Kim, Jueun Kwon, Boksil Hong
17 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 Preceding Factors for Life Satisfaction of University Students Majoring in Aviation Service in the COVID-19 DISASTER: Social Environment in the Classroom, Grit Soyoung Lee, Sueyoun Han
18 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 The Relationship Between Stress, Adaptation to College Life, and Quality of Life for Preschool Teachers During the COVID-19 CRISIS Guteak Baek, Soonsun Park, Youngmi Jin, Jihye Lee
19 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 A Study on the Relationship Between the Women College Students' Caring for Appearance and Make-Up Behaviors for Beauty Salon Startups Amidst the COVID-19 CRISIS Jungsoon Choi, Inseog Jo, Jiyoung Seo
20 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 Impact of “The Online League of Legends (LoL) GAME School” Program on the COVID-19 Education Crisis: Focusing on Korean Students’ Affective Domain Junghye Fran Choi, Seungho Bang
21 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 Effect of the Women s Beauty Care Behavior on the Psychological Happiness after COVID-19 Insun Kim, Jaebum Lee, Heejung We, Eunjoo Kim
22 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 A Qualitative Study on Changes in Women s Perception of Beauty Care After COVID-19 Hajeong Lee, Jaebum Lee, Hyunwoo Kim
23 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Oct―05 A Study on the Measure of Promotion for the Sales of Sports Licensed Products to Overcome the DISASTER of Professional Sports During the COVID-19 Period: With a Focus on the Relationship Between the Professional Sports Quality of Service, Identification of Team, and the Brand Loyalty Hwansuk Choi, Chanhyung Lee
24 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Jul―06 The NLP Program Development of Intrapersonal Intelligence Enhancement for the COVID-19 Crisis Management and the Analysis of Its Effect Jeongbin Choi
25 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Jul―06 Paradox of COVID-19 Pandemic, Strengthening Neo-Liberalist's Way of GLOBAL GOVERNANCE Building to Overcome Vaccine Nationalism's Politics Sangsoo Lee
26 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Apr―06 Spread of the COVID-19 and the Fall of Neoliberalism: State's Increased POLICE ROLE Sangsoo Lee
27 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Apr―06 University Students’ Learning Behavior, Online Learning Satisfaction, University Satisfaction, and Emotional Difficulties according to ADHD Tendencies and Gender in Covid-19 CRISIS Jinoh Choi, Saenae Oh, Myeongsil Cho
28 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Apr―06 Pandemic and the Threat of BIOTERRORISM Minkyu Cha
29 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Jan―05 Human Security Task and Prospect on COVID-19 Pandemic Hongje Cho, Sangjung Park, Yooshin Im
30 [GO] J-Institute 2021―Jan―05 Government Roles in Policy Networks against COVID-19: Comparing Two Cases in S. Korea Dongwon Kim
31 [GO] J-Institute 2020―Oct―13 Virtue for Post COVID-19 and AI Technology Gyunyeol Park, Hyunsoo Kim, Yi Li
32 [GO] J-Institute 2020―Oct―13 The Reflective Research on the Impact of the Public Health CRISIS on Chinese Sport Industry by the COVID-19 Pandemic Xuefeng Bai, Xuemei Zhao, Hongbum Shin
33 [GO] J-Institute 2020―May―27 COVID-19 and Some Implications to AI Gyun-yeol Park, Won-bong Lee, Yeo-jin Lim

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