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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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1 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2022―Aug―31 The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on health insurers Ishira Shrivatsa
2 [GO] Economic Perspectives 2022―Jul―13 The Relationship Between Race and Ethnicity, Type of Work, and Covid-19 Infection Rates R. Jason Faberman, Daniel Hartley
3 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Nov―03 Bank exposure to commercial real estate and the Covid-19 pandemic Kyle Binder, Alejandro Drexler, Emily Greenwald, Sam Schulhofer-Wohl
4 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Oct―04 Measuring the effects of the Covid-19 Delta wave on the U.S. hourly labor market Scott A. Brave, Ross Cole, Stephanie Grove
5 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Apr―14 Labor reallocation during the Covid-19 pandemic Daniel Aaronson, Riley Lewers, Daniel G. Sullivan
6 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Apr―13 Credit card delinquency and Covid-19: Neighborhood trends in the Seventh District Sharada Dharmasankar, Taz George, Robin Newberger
7 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Apr―06 Has Covid-19 been a “reallocation recession”? Joel M. David
8 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2021―Jan―11 Did Covid-19 disproportionately affect mothers’ labor market activity? Daniel Aaronson, Luoija Hu, Aastha Rajan
9 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―Dec―21 The impact of the pandemic and the Fed’s muni program on Illinois muni yields Robert Bernhardt, Stefania D’Amico, Santiago I. Sordo Palacios
10 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―Aug―07 Measuring the relationship between business reopenings, Covid-19, and consumer behavior Diane Alexander, Ezra Karger, Amanda McFarland
11 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―Jul―30 Will the Covid-19 pandemic lead to job reallocation and persistent unemployment? Joel M. David
12 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―Jun―29 Helping homeowners during the Covid-19 pandemic: Lessons from the Great Recession Gene Amromin, Jane Dokko, Karen Dynan
13 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―Jun―16 How does social distancing affect the spread of Covid-19 in the United States? Bhashkar Mazumder, Avinash Moorthy
14 [GO] Chicago Fed Letter 2020―May―29 What is business interruption insurance and how is it related to the Covid-19 pandemic? Shanti Ramnath

14 Results       Page 1


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