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1 [GO] Equilibrium 2023―Jul―26 Google and Apple mobility data as predictors for European tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic: A neural network approach Benedek Nagy, Manuela Rozalia Gabor, Ioan Bogdan Bacoș, Moaaz Kabil, Kai Zhu, Lóránt Dénes Dávid
2 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2023―Apr―24 The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on cybersecurity in electronic banking in Poland Wiesław Łukasz Macierzyński, Wojciech Boczoń
3 [GO] Journal of Civil Engineering and Transport 2023―Feb―10 The impact of policy response to Covid-19 on the transportation and storage sector in Visegrad Countries (V4) Tomasz Tyc, Aleksandra Firek
4 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2023―Feb―10 Identification of social innovations in e-learning education of students during the COVID-19 pandemic Magdalena Borowska, Izabela Kołodziej
5 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2023―Feb―10 Risk and uncertainty in supply chains as a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic Iwona Pisz, Sabina Kauf
6 [GO] Journal of Civil Engineering and Transport 2023―Jan―04 Selected Rescue Problems including means of transport during Pandemic of the Covid-19 Gabriel Nowacki, Mateusz Krawczyk
7 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2022―Nov―10 Public debt marriage with R&D management in the V4 and EU-27 countries in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Katarzyna Brożek, Beata Poteralska, Joanna Łabędzka
8 [GO] Catallaxy 2022―Oct―17 Walmart Inc. in light of COVID-19 pandemic: the financial assessment Michał Mrozek
9 [GO] Equilibrium 2022―Oct―03 Hybrid demand forecasting models: pre-pandemic and pandemic use studies Andrea Kolkova, Petr Rozehnal
10 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2022―Jul―08 Economic growth and labour market in the European Union: lessons from COVID-19 Andrej Privara
11 [GO] Equilibrium 2022―Jun―30 Impacts of the Covid-19 crisis on unemployment in Slovakia: a statistically created counterfactual approach using the time series analysis Katarina Kramarova, Lucia Švábová, Barbora Gabrikova
12 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2022―Jun―06 The use of Estimated Values to Implement yhe "Big Bath" Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Exanple of Selected Enterprise Małgorzata Białas
13 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2022―Apr―25 The renewable energy labor market including Covid-19 Konrad Rojek
14 [GO] Equilibrium 2022―Mar―27 Did the COVID-19 pandemic amplify the positive impact of income diversification on the profitability of European banks? Sylwester Kozak, Agata Wierzbowska
15 [GO] Central European Review of Economics & Finance 2022―Jan―03 The conditions of development of innovative business undertakings at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic Katarzyna Sieradzka
16 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Dec―21 New trends in codes of ethics: Czech business ethics preferences by the dawn of COVID-19 Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Robert Kenyon MacGregor, Martin Černek
17 [GO] Equilibrium 2021―Oct―05 Comparative analysis of Poland and selected countries in terms of household financial behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic Krzysztof Waliszewski, Anna Warchlewska
18 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Sep―27 The use of the dynamic time warping (DTW) method to describe the COVID-19 dynamics in Poland Joanna Landmesser
19 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Sep―27 What affects employment by NGOs? Counteraction to precarious employment in the Polish non-profit sector in the perspective of COVID-19 pandemic crises Paweł Mikołajczak
20 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Jul―14 The research on COVID-19 and economy from 2019 to 2020: analysis from the perspective of bibliometrics Nana Liu, Zeshui Xu, Marinko Skare
21 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Jul―14 The banking sector as the absorber of the COVID-19 crisis? economic consequences: perception of WSE investors Michał Bernardelli, Zbigniew Korzeb, Paweł Niedziółka
22 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Jul―14 The nonlinear relationship between financial flexibility and enterprise risk-taking during the COVID-19 pandemic in Taiwan?s semiconductor industry Bao-Guang Chang, Kun-Shan Wu
23 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2021―Jul―14 Exhaustion while teleworking during COVID-19: a moderated-mediation model of role clarity, self-efficacy, and task interdependence Loredana Mihalca, Lucia Lucia Ratiu, Gabriela Brendea, Daniel Metz, Mihaela Dragan, Florin Dobre
24 [GO] Equilibrium 2021―Jul―06 Evaluation of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the development of the unemployment rate in Slovakia: counterfactual before-after comparison Lucia Svabova, Eva Nahalkova Tesarova, Marek Durica, Lenka Strakova
25 [GO] Equilibrium 2021―Jul―06 How the 2020 pandemic affected tax revenues in Russian regions? Marina Yu. Malkina
26 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2020―Dec―30 Random walks and market efficiency tests: evidence on US, Chinese and European capital markets within the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic Rui Dias, Nuno Teixeira, Veronika Machova, Pedro Pardal, Jakub Horak, Marek Vochozka
27 [GO] Equilibrium 2020―Dec―20 Integration in Central European capital markets in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic Pedro Pardal, Rui Dias, Petr Šuleř, Nuno Teixeira, Tomáš Krulický
28 [GO] Oeconomia Copernicana 2020―Sep―17 COVID-19 and digital deprivation in Poland Marta Kuc-Czarnecka
29 [GO] Equilibrium 2020―Jun―24 ARIMA-based forecasting of the dynamics of confirmed Covid-19 cases for selected European countries Tadeusz Kufel
30 [GO] Equilibrium 2020―Jun―24 Resistance of commercial banks to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Poland Zbigniew Korzeb, Paweł Niedziółka

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