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Publishing House: Stellenbosch University -SA Heart Journal

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1 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Mar―26 Evolving concepts of myocardial phenotypes, myocardial injury, cardiovascular consequences and management in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection Ntobeko Ntusi, Anna Herrey
2 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Hypercoagulability in COVID-19 Pieter Wessels
3 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Supplemental oxygen therapy in COVID-19 FE Smit, AN Oelofse, AL Linegar, L Botes, EW Turton
4 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and cardiothoracic surgery: A risk-adjusted approach in the context of a global pandemic Darshan Reddy, Robert Kleinloog, Jacques Janson, Rogers Manganyi, Johan Brink, Peter Zilla
5 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 SA Heart® Statement on COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease David Jankelow, Pravin Manga, Mpiko Ntsekhe, Sajidah Khan, Blanche Cupido, Hopewell Ntsinjana, et al. (+2)
6 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and cardiovascular imaging: a guide for the practising clinician Ruchika Meel, Blanche Cupido, Alfonso Pecoraro, Anton Doubell, Wayne Lubbe, Ntobeko Ntusi
7 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and heart failure Nqoba Tsabedze, Sarah Kraus, Jens Hitzeroth, Mpiko Ntsekhe, Martin Mpe, Makoali Makotoko
8 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and impact of psychological stress on cardiovascular disease Tasnim Bana, Jacqueline Hoare, Pheletso Letuka, Ntobeko Ntusi
9 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and myocardial injury AS Herrey, SA Mohiddin, p Letuka, NAB Ntusi
10 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 COVID-19 and the cardiovascular system in pregnancy AS Herrey, A Osman, P Soma-Pillay, K Sliwa, NAB Ntusi
11 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Interventional cardiology during the COVID-19 epidemic Hellmuth Weich, Jens Hitzeroth, Sajidah Khan, David Kettles, Ahmed Vachiat, Mpiko Ntsekhe
12 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Arrhythmias and COVID-19 infection Ashley Chin, Jane Moses, Andrew Thornton
13 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Decline in acute coronary syndrome hospitalisation rates during COVID-19 lockdown in private hospitals in South Africa R Delport, A Vachiat, A Snyders, D. Kettles, H Weich
14 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on children with cardiovascular disease Liesl Zühlke, Stephen Brown, Antoinette Cilliers, Ebrahim Hoosen, John Lawrenson, Hopewell Ntsinjana
15 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Radiology of COVID-19 pneumonia Qonita Said-Hartley, Sulaiman Moosa
16 [GO] SA Heart 2021―Feb―19 Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists and SARS-CoV-2 infection Pratiksha Valera, Pheletso Letuka, Nontobeko Mathenjwa, Ntobeko Ntusi
17 [GO] SA Heart 2020―Jun―30 Overview of cardiovascular manifestations of COVID-19 and echocardiographic features Ruchika Meel, Ricardo Gonçalves

17 Results       Page 1


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