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1 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Sep―06 Military Family Medicine Readiness for National Pandemic Hospital Support Dana R. Nguyen, Michael J. Arnold, John P. Barrett, Paul F. Crawford, Matthew K. Hawks
2 [GO] PRiMER 2022―Aug―24 Creating Virtual Learning for 3-Year Accelerated MD Students During the COVID Pandemic Shou Ling Leong, Jessica A. Parascando, Erika VanDyke, Alyssa Anderson, Lawrence Kass, Jennifer Grana, Eric Messner
3 [GO] PRiMER 2022―Jul―22 COVID-19 Vaccination Among Environmental Service Workers Using Agents of Change Christine Ortiz, Jana Shaw, Sue Murphy, Yobel Gonzalez Milian, John Kolh, Jason Rupert, et al. (+2)
4 [GO] PRiMER 2022―Jun―22 Rapid Antigen Test Sensitivity for Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Alyssa M. Indelicato, Zacharia H. Mohamed, Mantosh J. Dewan, Christopher P. Morley
5 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Jun―06 Risk of COVID-19 and Psychological Impact of the Pandemic in Swiss Primary Care Physicians Paul Sebo, Barbara Broers, Amir Moussa, Christine Cohidon, Thierry Favrod-Coune
6 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Jun―06 Navigating and Transforming Medical Education During the Pandemic: 55-Word Stories Jo Marie Reilly
7 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Jun―06 Insights for Teaching During a Pandemic: Lessons From a Pre-COVID-19 International Synchronous Hybrid Learning Experience Charo Rodríguez, Vasiliki Rahimzadeh, Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant, Tamara Carver
8 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―May―05 Delays in Children’s Preventive Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic Kimberley H. Nguyen, Kimchi Nguyen, Devika Lekshmi, Laura Corlin, Richard W. Niska
9 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―May―05 Training Family Medicine Residents to Address the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Survey of Program Directors Mechelle Sanders, Colleen T. Fogarty, Christopher P. Morley, Stephen Schultz, Mathew Devine, Soumya B. Sridhar, Kevin Fiscella
10 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Mar―01 COVID-19 Exposure Risk, Burnout, and Shifts in Family Medicine Faculty’s Efforts: A National Survey Megan Ferriby Ferber, Max Zubatsky, Christine K. Jacobs, Peter F. Cronholm
11 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Mar―01 The Myth of Closure: Ambiguous Loss in a Time of Pandemic and Change Holly Salzman
12 [GO] PRiMER 2022―Feb―14 Brief Mindfulness Intervention for Emotional Distress, Resilience, and Compassion in Family Physicians During COVID-19: A Pilot Study Ruth Nutting, Samuel Ofei-Dodoo, Katherine Rose-Borcherding, Grace Strella
13 [GO] Family Medicine 2022―Feb―02 Faculty Engagement and Productivity During the COVID-19 Pandemic Christine K. Jacobs, Megan Ferriby Ferber, Max Zubatsky, Peter F. Cronholm
14 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Oct―28 Family Medicine Residency Virtual Adaptations for Applicants During COVID-19 Monica S. Pasala, Nadia M. Anabtawi, Rex L. Farris, Jayci V. Hamrick, Nikhi P. Singh, Soroush Rais-Bahrami, Kimberly A. Smith
15 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Oct―28 Rural Family Medicine Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ryuichi Ohta, Chiaki Sano
16 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Oct―28 How Life Can Return to Normal: Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic Robert E. Post
17 [GO] PRiMER 2021―Sep―29 Relationship Between COVID-19 Cases and Vaccination Rates in New York State Counties Halle Cerio, Laura A. Schad, Telisa M. Stewart, Christopher P. Morley
18 [GO] PRiMER 2021―Jun―14 Family Medicine Residents’ Experience During Early Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic Dean A. Seehusen, Amanda Kost, Wendy B. Barr, Mary Theobald, Diane M. Harper, Aimee R. Eden
19 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Jun―02 Mandating Clinician COVID-19 Vaccination May Hinder Population-Level Uptake Aimee R. Eden, Anastasia J. Coutinho
20 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―May―05 Helping Patients Flourish in the Midst of COVID-19 Velyn Wu, Ronald I. Shorr
21 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Apr―06 COVID-19 and World Order: The Future of Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation Victor S. Sierpina
22 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Apr―06 Changes in Family Medicine Clerkship Teaching Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Kelly M. Everard, Kimberly Zoberi Schiel
23 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Mar―04 Video Visits: Family Physician Experiences With Uptake During the COVID-19 Pandemic Katherine J. Gold, Anna R. Laurie, Devon R. Kinney, Kathryn M. Harmes, David C. Serlin
24 [GO] PRiMER 2021―Feb―24 A Student Telephone Intervention for Primary Care Patient Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Joanne E. Wilkinson, Garrett Bowen, Jeanette Gonzalez-Wright
25 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Feb―03 Workplace Communication in the Midst of COVID-19: Making Sense of Uncertainty, Preparing for the Future Stephen Sorsby, Elizabeth Schmit, William Ventres
26 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Feb―03 The Heavy Burden of Our Pandemic Ryan Sarver
27 [GO] Family Medicine 2021―Jan―08 Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Urgent Need to Expand Primary Care and Family Medicine John P. Geyman
28 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Oct―15 Development of a Health Policy Elective for Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study Rebecca Walton, Alexandra Greenberg, Daniel Ehlke, Orlando Solá
29 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Oct―14 Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into Clinical Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic Orlando Solá, Crystal Marquez
30 [GO] Family Medicine 2020―Oct―01 Something Old, Something New: The Syndemic of Racism and COVID-19 and Its Implications for Medical Education Joshua Freeman
31 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Sep―16 Student-Led Adaptation of Improvement Science Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Sherry Liang, Linh Nhat Taylor, Reem Hasan
32 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Sep―15 Transforming Rural Family Medicine Curriculum From Experiential to Virtual: A Response to COVID-19 Limitations James G. Boulger, Emily Onello
33 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Aug―14 The Impact of Obesity on COVID-19 Disease Severity Joshua D. Long, Caitlin A. Ward, Arshia Khorasani-Zadeh
34 [GO] PRiMER 2020―Aug―14 Virtual Noon Conferences: Providing Resident Education and Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic Thomas W. Hahn
35 [GO] Family Medicine 2020―May―05 A Towering Babel of Risk Information in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Trust and Credibility in Risk Perception and Positive Public Health Behaviors Arch G. Mainous
36 [GO] Family Medicine 2020―Apr―03 COVID-19 and Family Doctors Frederick M. Chen

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