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1 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2024―Apr―22 Parents Home Learning Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Colaizzi Method Wardah D. Guimba, Berthylyn Y. Navarez, Jumelee P. Pintac, Adelyn S. Nalla, Lotis B. Daguisonan, Cherrilyn N. Mojica
2 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2024―Apr―22 Positive and Negative Experiences of Meranao Adolescent Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Narrative Method Analysis Wardah D. Guimba, Moamerah K. Yusoph, Janessa A. Mocali, Cherrilyn N. Mojica, Lotis B. Daguisonan
3 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2024―Mar―04 Impacts of Inequality and Poverty on COVID-19 in Indonesia Nur Setyowati, Nur Sabila Soraya Amalina
4 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2023―Oct―11 Social Media and Early Marriage During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Dewi Novianti, Siti Fatonah, Medi Trilaksono Dwi Abadi, Mochammad Fauzul Haq, Virginia Ayu Sagita
5 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2023―Sep―13 Has the Experience of Online Study under COVID-19 Improved Outcomes of Study in Universities? Yutaka Kurihara
6 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2023―Sep―13 Challenges and Strategies on Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Ensuring Safe Use of Blood and Blood Products Glenlyd Helmut A. Romanillos, Brian M. Denney, Emmalyn B. Cutamora
7 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2023―Aug―08 Analysis of Transition Odds and Inequalities in the Brazilian Labor Market Before and During Covid-19 Fabiano Roberto Santos de Lima
8 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2023―Jul―23 The Sustainable Factors of the East Priangan Micro and Small Entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 Pandemic Zainal Abidin Sahabuddin, Edy Sulistyadi, Panji Suwarno, Supandi Halim, Mochamad Ramza Rapier Gussa
9 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2023―Jun―21 Comparison of the Effectiveness in Nasopharyngeal, Throat, Saliva, and Nasal Swab Sample Media of Detection SARS-Cov-2 using RT-PCR Raka Rajendra, Syed Azhar, Syed Sulaiman, Syahrul Tuba
10 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2023―Jun―12 Cultural and Religious Resilience as Community Negotiations in the Era of COVID-19 to Post in Indonesia Sulkhan Chakim, Umi Solikhah, Rindha Widyaningsih
11 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2023―Apr―14 Gender Responsivity of Family Planning Cadres in Family Resilience Counseling during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ajibarang Subdistrict Dyah Retna Puspita, Slamet Rosyadi, Alizar Isna
12 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2023―Mar―21 Troops on the Front Line of a Health Battle: Filipino Nurses’ Lived Experiences in the Pandemic Ricardo Bunghanoy, Henry Lemana
13 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2023―Mar―06 Acute Transverse Myelitis as a Neurologic Complication in an Asymptomatic COVID-19 patient Philip Rico P. Mejia, Valmarie S. Estrada
14 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2023―Mar―06 Investigation of Trait Anxiety and Death Anxiety Experienced in the Covid 19 Pandemic in Terms of Physical Activity Status Deniz Bedir, Sevinc Namli
15 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2023―Feb―07 An Analysis of Social Studies Teachers' Opinions on Distance Education After Covid-19 Pandemic Murat Tartuk
16 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2023―Jan―28 Student Retention in Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Crisis in Indonesia: Are We Disappointing Them? Nevy Farista Aristin, Agus Purnomo, Joko Sayono, Muhammad Aliman
17 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2023―Jan―16 Vertical Fiscal Imbalance and Public Service Expenditure: Effects on Economic Growth Before and During Covid-19 Pandemic Suyanto .
18 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2023―Jan―08 Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression Among the Undergraduate Students Learning Online During the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Gender-Based Analysis Ana Mariana, Bram Hadianto, Nur Nur, Karen Karen
19 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Dec―13 Turkish Primary School Students' Knowledge, Behavior, and Awareness of "Healthy Living": Reflections on the COVID-19 Epidemic Process in the Context of Life Science Course Mehmet Fatih Kaya, Oktay Ağır
20 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Nov―29 The Impact of Online Learning Process During the Covid 19 Pandemic: Possibly Leading to Learning Loss? Fanny Septiani Farhan, Lismandasari Lismandasari
21 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2022―Nov―24 The COVID-19 Infodemic: Women and Digital (Health) Literacy Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, Ikma Citra Ranteallo
22 [GO] Law and Humanities Quarterly Reviews 2022―Nov―09 Reconstruction of the People's Economic Model: Development of Micro, Small and Medium Businesses Based on Digital Transformation as a Strengthening Economy Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Elli Ruslina, Tuti Rastuti, Zakki Abdilah Sjam
23 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Nov―06 Online Learning Participation after the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sikka Regency, Eastern Indonesia Marianus Yufrinalis, Sri Sulistyaningsih Natalia Daeng Tiring
24 [GO] Law and Humanities Quarterly Reviews 2022―Oct―17 The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Legal Concept of Visas in Indonesia Koesmoyo Ponco Aji, Anindito Rizki Wiraputra, Sri Kuncoro Bawono
25 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2022―Oct―14 Joko Widodo Views on Women's Interests Before and During the Pandemic Based on Social-Media Machya Astuti Dewi, Iva Rachmawati
26 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2022―Sep―21 Guillain-Barré Syndrome: A Case Report of Post Covid-19 Vaccination in the Philippines Paul Nichol G. Gonzales, Steven G. Villaraza, Aubrey M. Punzalan-Sotelo
27 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Sep―06 Online Learning Impacts on General Foundation Program (GFP) Students` English Language Academic Performance during the Covid-19 Ibtisam Alrusheidi
28 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Sep―06 Students’ Views Studying in Arabic Preparatory Class on Distance Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic Halil Ibrahim Sanverdi
29 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2022―Aug―29 Outcomes of COVID-19 in Children After Wide Distribution of COVID Vaccine, Albaha, Saudi Arabia Abdulmajid Mustafa Almawazini, Ahmed Obaidalla Alghamdi, Ali Alsharkawy, Matar Ahmed Al Sehemi, Mohammed Ahmed Alghamdi, Njood Abdulaziz Alghamdi, et al. (+5)
30 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Aug―29 Education Services for Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic Shinta Prastyanti, Tri Nugroho Adi, Adhi Iman Sulaiman, Rili Windiasih
31 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Aug―05 Exploring Problems of Moms with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder during COVID-19 Hasan Hüseyin Yıldırım, Atajan Rovshenov
32 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jul―24 Predicting Household Resilience Before and During Pandemic with Classifier Algorithms Ndari Surjaningsih, Hesti Werdaningtyas, Faizal Rahman, Romadhon Falaqh
33 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jul―07 Implementation of Syndicated Credit Agreements by Conventional Commercial Banks during the COVID-19 Pandemic Hilda Yunita Sabrie, Ananda Amalia Tasya, Harven Filippo Taufik, Anita Maharani Tanusaputri, Yusuf Arif Utomo
34 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Jul―07 Teachers’ Views on Guidance and Counseling Services at Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities Metin Kuş, Mehmet Kemal Aydin
35 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2022―Jul―04 Assessment of Reproductive Health Status and Quality of Life of Female Adolescents Living in the Slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh During COVID-19 Pandemic Situation: A Mixed-Method Study Hridi Hridi, Fariha Haseen, Tamanna Sharmin, Syfunnahar Bristy, Nurjahan Akter, Umme Haney, et al. (+4)
36 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jul―04 The Popularity of Milk Tea Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic: Perspectives of Selected Entrepreneurs in Minglanilla, Cebu Philippines Kriszia Dimpsy S. Bastasa, Vicente S. Jr Maravilla, Simplicio R. Jr Espellita, Ritchell Dela Calzada, Jessalyn M. Alqueza
37 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Jun―23 Analysis of Physical Activity Levels of Physical Education Teachers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Mert Aydoğmuş, Yılmaz Yüksel, Serkan Revan
38 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jun―19 Corruption and Demography during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Prima Naomi, Iqbal Akbar, Faris Budiman Annas
39 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jun―09 Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Online Shopping Behavior in Iran Reza Ghaffari, Kequn Cheng
40 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jun―05 Adaptation Level of Small Enterprises to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Lebak Regency, Banten Province, Indonesia Suherna Suherna, Gugun Gunawan
41 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―May―27 The Trends of Education after the COVID-19 Situation in Thailand Phramaha Suphachai Suphakicco
42 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―May―13 Psychological Issues on Family Caregivers of Stroke Patients in Brunei Darussalam: In the Era of Pandemic Covid-19 Salwa Mahalle, Nordiyana Yahya, Fifi Faulina Zailani
43 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―May―09 Investigation of Life Skill Levels of University Students in the Covid-19 Pandemic Burak Tozoğlu, Bora Okdan, Öner Gülbahçe
44 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2022―May―03 COVID-19 Pandemic vs. Pre-Pandemic Period: Changes in Hospital Admission Rates, Length of Stay, and In-Hospital Mortality of Common Neurologic Conditions Alessandra R. De Leon, Criscely L. Go
45 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Apr―29 Lombok Teachers and Principals Building Resilience in Facing Earthquakes and Covid-19 Pandemic Sahala Harahap, Diajeng Herika Hermanu, Tanti Sugiharti, Ruslaini Ruslaini
46 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Apr―29 Student-Student Interaction in Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study Amrullah Amrullah, Sahuddin Sahuddin, Lalu Nurtaat Lalu Nurtaat, Sribagus Sribagus, Muhammad Fadjri, Zahratun Nanzah
47 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Apr―14 Investigating Lexical Concept and Semantic Representation of Covid-19 in Coronavirus Corpus: A Corpus-Based Study Elvi Citraresmana, Erlina ., Inu Isnaeni Sidiq
48 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Apr―09 Impact of News Related to Covid-19 on Stock Market Returns in Five Major ASEAN Countries Dadan Rahadian, Wina Nurfitriani
49 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2022―Apr―06 Crisis Management of Disaster Communication in Mitigation of Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Dwinarko ., Erita Riski Putri
50 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Mar―16 Distance Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of Both Sides of Accountability: Opinions of Teachers and Parents Züleyha Ertan Kantos, Aslı Yurttaş, Murat Taşdan, Zuhal Topcu
51 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2022―Mar―06 Review of COVID-19 in Children Admitted to King Fahad Hospital, Albaha, Saudi Arabia in 2020 Abdulmajid Almawazini
52 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2022―Mar―02 Mindfulness, Resilience, Perceived Social Support, and Emotional Well-being for Santri During the Covid-19 Pandemic Ahmad Hanif Nur Yahya, Funsu Andiarna, Mei Lina Fitri Kumalasari, Abdul Muhid
53 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Feb―05 International Tourism Revenue Projections for Guilin in the Context of COVID-19 Jingming Jiang, Guangming Deng
54 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jan―24 Self-Employment among Graduates during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Necessity or Opportunity Entrepreneurship Driven Noor Fzlinda Fabeil, Juliana Langgat, Khairul Hanim Pazim, Roslinah Mahmud
55 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2022―Jan―17 The Indonesian Government's Defense Economic Program for the Small Business Economy During the Covid-19 Pandemic for Economic Resilience Ivan Yulivan
56 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Dec―28 Architecture Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic Triyatni Martosenjoyo
57 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Dec―28 Indonesian Economic Policy Universal Basic Income During the Covid-19 Pandemic for National Defense Ivan Yulivan
58 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Dec―18 The Impact of the Pandemic on the Maintaining Happiness at Work Nona Karkuzashvili
59 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Nov―28 Strategies of University Students to Cope with COVID-19 and the Role of Psychological Flexibility Zekavet Kabasakal, Özge Akkoç
60 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2021―Nov―16 COVID-19 Testing: Perceived Barriers Among the Urban Slum Dwellers of Dhaka, Bangladesh Robaiyat Sharmin, Shahrin Emdad Rayna, Md Khalequzzaman, K M Thouhidur Rahman, Syed Shariful Islam
61 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Nov―08 Examination of Classroom Teacher’s Experiences Regarding Mathematics Courses Taught through Distance Education throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic Period Kemal Altıparmak, Şeyma Can, Ezgi Dur
62 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2021―Nov―08 Mask Using Practice among Bangladeshi Population During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Video-Based Observational Study Chowdhury Farheen, Md Maruf Haque Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid, Sabrina Mousum, Anika Tasnim, Afifa Anjum, et al. (+2)
63 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Oct―26 Impacts of Online Education on Teaching Quality and Satisfaction of Medical Students During Covid-19: A Case Study in a Private University in Vietnam Phi Nguyen Tran Ngoc, Phuong Nguyen Thi Thuy, Nhan Pham Nguyen Trong, Ta Duc Luan, To Dinh Khuong, Nguyen Huu Vinh
64 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Oct―10 Impact of Macroeconomic Variables, American Stock Market Index and Covid-19 Pandemic on Indonesia Capital Market Development (Time Series Study 1990-2020) Almira Rizqia, Pudji Astuty, Heru Subiyantoro
65 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Oct―10 The Relationship Between the Digital Game Addiction Levels of Secondary and High School Students and Their Motivation for Participation in Physical Activity During the Pandemic Process Burçak KESKİN, Burcu GÜVENDİ, Bilal KARAKOÇ, Selman KAYA, Onat ÇETİN
66 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Sep―26 Opinions of Primary School Teachers about Mathematics Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period Esma Kilinc, Sumeyra Akkaya, Metin Kapidere
67 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Sep―18 Experiences and Challenges of Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic From Educators’ Point of View: A Review Lia Faridah, Hesti Lina Wiraswati, Nisa Fauziah,, Jenifer Kiem Aviani, Robyansyah Robyansyah, et al. (+2)
68 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Sep―18 Senior High School Teacher Readiness in the Implementation of Learning From Home in Covid-19 Adaptation Period Lia Yuliana, Sabar Budi Raharjo
69 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Sep―10 Determinants of Indonesian MSME Exports and Their Performance during the Covid-19 Pandemic M. Noor Salim, Darwati Susilastuti, Pudji Astuty
70 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2021―Sep―03 Pulmonary Embolism Detection in COVID-19 Patients Priyancaa Jeyabaladevan, Sharenja Jeyabaladevan
71 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Aug―26 Teaching in the Aftermath of a Pandemic: Must an Employer Provide an Accommodation for Commuting for a Disabled Employee? Richard J. Hunter, Jr., Hector R. Lozada, John H. Shannon
72 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2021―Jul―25 Comparison of Perceived Covid-19 Related Mental Health Stress in SMI and Non-SMI Psychiatric Populations William Walker Jr.
73 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Jul―25 Meranao ESL Students’ Experiences in Online Learning in Time of COVID19 Pandemic Junaisah M. Hadji Omar, Wardah D. Guimba, Roseniya G. Tamano, Fernando R. Sequete, Jr., Adelyn S. Nalla, Cherrilyn N. Mojica
74 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Jun―20 Emergency Remote Teaching during COVID-19: A Comparison of Student Perceptions Kevin Fuchs
75 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2021―Jun―10 The Impact of Personality and Situational Factors on Perceived Stress: An Investigation During COVID-19 Pandemic Ngoc Do
76 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2021―May―23 Online Donation for Covid-19 as Connective Action in Indonesia and Vietnam Tonny Dian Effendi, Nong Thi Xuan
77 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―May―23 Investigation of Mathematics Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Teaching Mathematics in the COVID-19 Pandemic Process Mithat TAKUNYACI
78 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Apr―28 Examination of Individuals’ Level of Fear of COVID-19, Fear of Missing Out (FoMO), and Ruminative Thought Style Ümit Bayın, Samet Makas, Eyüp Çelik, Eda Biçener
79 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Apr―28 The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown Process on Dietary Behaviours and Physical Activity Habits of High School Students Nevzat Demirci, Pervin Toptaş Demirci, Hakan Koz
80 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Apr―28 English Teachers’ Views on Distance Education in the COVID-19 Pandemic Process Önder Şanli
81 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Apr―12 Constraints of Online Learning Using Google Classroom During Covid-19 Edy Susanto, Rambat Nur Sasongko, Muhammad Kristiawan, Nipriansyah Nipriansyah, Purdiyanto Purdiyanto
82 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Apr―12 COVID-19 Pandemic, Stimulus Packages and Stock Returns in Vietnam Son T. Vu, Tam T. Le, Chi N. L. Nguyen, Duong T. Le, Phuc H. Le, Ha K. Truong
83 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2021―Apr―05 The Strategy of The Republic of Indonesian Government in Dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic from the Perspective of Total War Strategy Budi Budi, Syaiful Anwar
84 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2021―Apr―05 Application of the Zoom Meeting Application in Online Learning During the Pandemic Guntur Gunawan, Muhammad Kristiawan, Eko Risdianto, Ririn Eka Monicha
85 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2021―Jan―13 The Socio-Economic Ramifications of the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Case of Ghana Richmond Sam Quarm, Rosemond Sam-Quarm, Richmond Sam-Quarm
86 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2020―Dec―27 Enhancing EFL Students’ Autonomous Learning of English Conversation During COVID-19 Via Language-in-talk Log Assignments Chimi Dema, Kemtong Sinwongsuwat
87 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―Dec―22 The Ramifications of the Treasury Single Account, the Ifmis Platform, and Government Cash Management in Developing Economies in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Ghana’s Empirical Example Richmond Sam Quarm, Rosemond Sam-Quarm, Richmond Sam-Quarm
88 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―Dec―13 Exorcising the “Ghosts” from the Government Payroll in Developing Countries in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic: Ghana’s Empirical Example Richmond Sam Quarm, Rosemond Sam-Quarm, Richmond Sam-Quarm
89 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2020―Nov―29 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Students towards COVID-19 Pandemic in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution Hope O Nwoga, Miriam O Ajuba, Uche E Ezeoke
90 [GO] Education Quarterly Reviews 2020―Oct―15 Comparative Analysis on the Impact of Distance Learning Between Russian and Japanese University Students, During the Pandemic of COVID-19 Vovk Viktoria, Mammadova Aida
91 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―Oct―03 Unemployment and Midlife Suicide Rates in Australia, 2001-2015: Implications During the COVID-19 Pandemic Louise Rawlings, Pauline O’Shaughnessy, Jeffrey C. L. Looi, Stephen J. Robson
92 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―Sep―06 The Impact of COVID-19 on Entrepreneurship Globally Inshan Meahjohn, Prakash Persad
93 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―Aug―12 The Effect of WHO COVID-19 Announcement on Asian Stock Markets Returns: An Event Study Analysis Musaed Sulaiman AlAli
94 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2020―Jul―22 Assessment of Government Response to Socioeconomic Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria Olu Awofeso, Paul A. Irabor
95 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―May―28 The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis on Micro-Enterprises: Entrepreneurs’ Perspective on Business Continuity and Recovery Strategy Noor Fzlinda Fabeil, Khairul Hanim Pazim, Juliana Langgat
96 [GO] Journal of Economics and Business 2020―May―12 Coronavirus (COVID-19): Effect and Survival Strategy for Businesses Ahmed Abubakar
97 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2020―Apr―30 Current Research Status of SARS-CoV-2 as a Pathogen of COVID-19 Satoru Nakamura
98 [GO] Journal of Social and Political Sciences 2020―Apr―21 Where is the Church in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: Preferring the Poor via G. Gutierrez’ “Liberation” and the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching in the Philippine Setting Jabin J. Deguma, Melona C. Deguma, Jemima N. Tandag, Harlene Marie B. Acebes
99 [GO] Journal of Health and Medical Sciences 2020―Apr―16 Emerging Mental Health Issues from the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Jeavana Sritharan, Ashvinie Sritharan

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