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1 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Aug―04 Tranquility rooms for team member well-being: Implementation during COVID-19 pandemic Julie A. Kennedy Oehlert, Christina M. Bowen, Holly Wei, Wendy Leutgens
2 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Aug―04 Patient and provider experiences with virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed methods study Mars Zhao, Hisham Elshoni, Jennifer O'Brien, Erin Barbour-Tuck, Mary Ellen Walker, Heather Dyck, et al. (+11)
3 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Aug―04 Caring for the caregiver during COVID-19 suspended visitation Melissa D. Rouse, Lorie K. Shoemaker, Priscilla Kyle, Chris Tenold, Whitney Anthony, Jordan White
4 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Aug―04 Dyad rounding on inpatients admitted from Emergency Department: Rehumanizing the patient & clinician experience in a post pandemic world Julie Oehlert, Christine Walden, Leigh Patterson
5 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 Adapting and responding to a pandemic: Patient and family advisory councils in children's hospitals during COVID-19 Pam Dardess, Deborah L Dokken, Ndidi I Unaka, Jesse Hsu, Mindy Hoang, Andrew F Beck, Beverley H Johnson
6 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 The quantitative assessment of patient satisfaction in the COVID-19 epidemic compared to the epidemic-free period Vesna Zupančič, Ajda Rogelj
7 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 An exploration of psychological trauma and positive adaptation in adults with congenital heart disease during the COVID-19 pandemic Liza Morton, Calum Calderwood, Nicola Cogan, Claire Murphy, Evan Nix, Jacek Kolacz
8 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 Virtual cardiac rehabilitation: A rapid shift in care delivery in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Clare Koning, Brigitte Friesen, Justin Daigle, Anita Ytsma
9 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 Assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on a children's hospital: The point of view of patients and families Maria D Navarro-Rubio, Ana Bosque, Arian Tarbal, Paula Cañal, David Nadal, Mercedes Jabalera
10 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 Understanding patient experiences before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A quasi-experimental comparison of in-person and virtual cancer care Linda Watson, Claire Link, Siwei Qi, Eclair Photitai, Lindsi Chmielewski, Diane Fode, Andrea DeIure
11 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2022―Apr―28 Consumer experience of mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from an Australian mental health system Sarah Kelshaw, Jason Boyd, Irene Gallagher, Grant Sara
12 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Nov―05 How to address fear: A patient’s perspective of seeking care during COVID-19 Rosie Bartel, Sydney Hoel, Nasia Safdar, Mary Jo Knobloch
13 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Nov―05 The “wreckage” left by the COVID-19 passage: Thoughts of a palliative care nurse Angela Simões
14 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Aug―05 The experience, satisfaction, and Emergency Department utilization of pediatric patients with sickle cell disease during the Covid-19 pandemic Alexandra E Kirsch, Nataly Apollonsky
15 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Apr―29 Surveying pediatric caregivers’ readiness for dyad isolation in the hospital during COVID-19 Shanqing Yin, Mei Zi Quek, Celestine Mun Ting Yeo, Sylvia Mun, Ronghui Li, Derrick Chan
16 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Apr―29 An evaluation of the effectiveness of a unique patient experience response program that provided virtual, visual and emotional connectivity to patients and families during the COVID-19 crisis Diane Burshtein, Donna Powers
17 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Apr―29 The influence of COVID-19 visitation restrictions on patient experience and safety outcomes: A critical role for subjective advocates Geoffrey A. Silvera, Jason A Wolf, Anthony Stanowski, Quint Studer
18 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2021―Apr―29 No visitors allowed: How health systems can better engage patients’ families during a pandemic Jennifer Schlimgen, Amy Frye
19 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Nov―12 Patient-centric culture and implications for patient engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic Umair Majid, Aghna Wasim
20 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Nov―12 Cancer patient perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic: A thematic analysis of cancer blog posts Matthew A Hintermayer, Mark Sorin, Joan M Romero, Sarah M Maritan, Owen J Chen, Surabhi Rawal
21 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Nov―12 Solitude and fear during the great coronavirus war Chiara Catania, Ester Del Signore, letizia gianoncelli
22 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Flattening the curve of distress: A public-facing webinar for psychoeducation during COVID-19 Grant Smith, Stephanie Harman, Keri Brenner
23 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Leveraging the agility of the care experience dyad partnership model during COVID-19 Vanessa Mona, Rana Awdish
24 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Out of sight, but not out of mind: Keeping connections alive during COVID-19 Katie Braun
25 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 How University of Chicago Medicine designed virtual rounding to maintain human connections during COVID-19 Susan M Murphy
26 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 The rapid increase in telemedicine visits during COVID-19 Chelsea Johnson, Kathryn Taff, Brian R Lee, Amanda Montalbano
27 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Patient experience in a pediatric emergency department during COVID-19 Beth L Emerson, Erika Setzer
28 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Insights from individuals with chronic conditions in the context of COVID-19 B. Stephen Burton, Jonathan Patterson, Mackenzie Robinson, Dhiren Patel, Matt Allison, Kelly J Brassil
29 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Chronic pain, vulnerability and human spirit while living under the umbrella of COVID-19 Richard B. Hovey, Delane Linkiewich, Mary Brachaniec
30 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Caring for kids in the time of COVID-19 Laurie S Strongin
31 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Patients and families strengthen COVID-19 communication across Los Angeles County Lindsey Galli, Libby Hoy
32 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Focusing on positivity during the COVID-19 crisis: A New York health system strategy Sven Gierlinger, Agnes Barden
33 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Maintaining a positive patient experience during COVID-19 in a rehabilitation and complex care setting Sarah Benn Orava, Kim Cook, Amanda Brown
34 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Micro-volunteering at scale can help health systems respond to emergencies, such as the Covid-19 pandemic Neil Churchill
35 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Cards from the community: Engagement of the local community to enhance patient and staff experience during the COVID-19 pandemic Brittany Branson
36 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Caring for our caregivers in body, mind and spirit during the COVID-19 pandemic Rick Evans, Philip J. Wilner, Kristen Spillane
37 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Family Connect: Keeping families informed during the COVID-19 pandemic Brittany Branson, Anne K. Wilkinson, Jaya Sondhi, Irma Dadic, Devin M Giguere, Rachel Ramsey, et al. (+2)
38 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 A COVID-19 patient’s experience: Engagement in disease management, interactions with care teams and implications on health policies and managerial practices Lihua Dishman, Vicki Schroeder
39 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Positive patient experience in eye care during COVID-19: A case from Eye Hospital Sistina Oftalmologija Vesna Cado
40 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Johns Hopkins Medicine responds to COVID-19: Adjusting patient- family- and staff-centered care Stacy L. C. Colimore, Lisa Allen, Zach Lawrence, Nicole Iarrobino, Sylvia Kavouriou, Adey Betre, et al. (+11)
41 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Nursing leadership during COVID-19: Enhancing patient, family and workforce experience Anne Aquilia, Karen Grimley, Barbara Jacobs, Maryellen Kosturko, Jerry Mansfield, Charlotte Mathers, et al. (+3)
42 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Is this really happening? Family-centered care during COVID-19: People before policy Terri Savino, Karri Crispino
43 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 A comprehensive call center supporting safe, efficient operations during a pandemic Janice P. Finder, Ashlyn Proske, Judy Overton, Elizabeth Comcowich Garcia, Michael Frumovitz
44 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Thoughts of a palliative care nurse in times of pandemic Angela L. Simões
45 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Aug―05 Treading water: Coping with uncertainty during a novel pandemic Sachin Patel
46 [GO] Patient Experience Journal 2020―Apr―29 Special Issue - July/August 2020: Sustaining a Focus on Human Experience in the Face of COVID-19 Patient Experience Journal

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