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1 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2022―Dec―05 COVID-19 in Patients with Asthma: Review and Implications for Care of Adult Patients with an Osteopathic Component Daniel J. Frasca, Samantha Wolf
2 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2022―Dec―05 COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Cardiac Concerns Bryan Cusack, Puneet Tung, Katie McHale, Brandt Groh
3 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2022―Nov―28 Identifying Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children After COVID-19 Infection Anthony McKeiver, Gautam Desai, W. Joshua Cox
4 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2022―Nov―28 Leveraging Primary Care, Public Health and Social Context During the COVID-19 Response Within a University Setting: Considerations for the Osteopathic Family Physician Anne Jones, Kanad Mukherjee, Todd Schachter
5 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2022―May―24 Assessment and management of adult patients with an acute asthma exacerbation during the COVID-19 pandemic Aisha A. Shamsi, Altamash T. Iftikhar
6 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2021―Sep―01 SARS-CoV-2 epidemiology, prevention, risk factors, evaluation, diagnosis, management and vaccines Moneer Al-Nabolsi, Dalia Alhusein, Tiffany Marchewka, Molly Kucera, Ali Daher, Rohan Venida, et al. (+4)
7 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2021―Jul―08 A Review of COVID-19 Recovery and the Benefits of an Osteopathic Approach Taryn Haney, MikaelAnn Worsham-Frye, Natasha Bray, DO, MSEd, FACOI, FACP
8 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2021―May―16 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Infant with Negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR and Antibodies Hanna Sahhar, Karly Derwitz, Erica Rubin
9 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2021―Feb―28 Rapid Development and Deployment of Respiratory Evaluation Clinics in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to Keep Staff and Patients Safe Charles Haddad, Christopher Scuderi, Judelle Haddad-Lacle, Reetu Grewal, Jeffrey Jacqmein, Pradeep Kadambi
10 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2021―Jan―01 Implications of False Positive SARS-CoV-2 by PCR Test in the Health Care Work Force Julie Kim, Javier Romero, Amanda Frugoli, Graal Diaz, Janet Hobbs
11 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2020―Sep―01 Direct to Consumer Care in COVID-19 and Other Public Health Crises Janel Johnson, Ashley Watson Watson, Leah Bailey
12 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2020―Sep―01 COVID-19 Treatment Experiences in the ICU George Mychaskiw II, Harish Siddaiah, Shilpadevi S. Patil
14 [GO] Osteopathic Family Physician 2020―Jun―29 SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: A Brief Review for Family Physicians Bindu Mayi, Aarti Raja, Gina Foster-Moumoutjis, Pamela Moran-Walcutt, Mayur Parmar, Patricia Rose, Shahnaz Fatteh

14 Results       Page 1


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