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1 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2024―Apr―12 Outpatient lipid-lowering therapy in patients at very high cardiovascular risk during the COVID-19 pandemic V.A. Sergeeva, T.E. Lipatova
2 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2024―Mar―19 Severe COVID-19 course outcome in a child with morbid obesity D.A. Kartashova, T.A. Bokova, I.V. Razheva, A.S. Bevz, S.V. Vorontsova
3 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Dec―21 Antiviral therapy for COVID-19 Yu.A. Larchenko, O.Yu. Agapova, G.G. Mar'in, O.E. Vakhrushkina, M.V. Kukharenok, S.Yu. Nistor, et al. (+3)
4 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Dec―21 Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the psychological well-being of students and teachers of medical higher education institutions G.G. Mar'in, E.A. Medvedeva, N.I. Usol'ceva, G.A. Gorbeshko, O.A. Svitich, K.A. Zykov, et al. (+5)
5 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Dec―21 SARS-CоV-2: what allowed the virus to cause a long-term pandemic? D.V. Pechkurov, A.A. Romanova, O.A. Savvateev, A.A. Tyazheva, A.V. Gorelov
6 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2023―Oct―18 Gastrointestinal tract in children with novel coronavirus infection and post-COVID-19 syndrome. The role of synbiotics for improving clinical symptoms, gut microbiota, and intestinal permeability V.P. Novikova, A.V. Polunina, S.L. Bannova, A.L. Balashov, V.V. Dudurich, L.G. Danilov, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2023―Oct―18 Monoclonal antibodies for coronavirus infection in pregnant and puerperal women O.V. Polikarpova, Yu.E. Dobrokhotova, N.A. Shevchenko, V.M. Grabovskiy, M.A. Lysenko
8 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Jun―30 Risk factors of COVID-19: immunological aspects T.V. Glazanova, E.R. Shilova, I.E. Pavlova
9 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Jun―30 Problems of mental disorder in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic P.I. Litvinenko, O.V. Tsygankova, L.D. Khidirova, A.A. Starichkova
10 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―Jun―19 Coronavirus disease and dyslipidemia - is there an association? V.A. Akhmedov
11 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2023―May―31 Takayasu's arteritis after coronavirus disease in young woman: case report I.G. Gordeev, V.I. Vechorko, S.M. Otarova, V.P. Rauzheva, A.R. Yunyaev
12 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2023―Mar―15 Clinical and morphological symptoms of gangrenous appendicitis in children with laboratory-confirmed novel coronavirus infection L.V. Feklisova, I.M. Rasstrigina, E.B. Olkhova, I.S. Allakhverdie, E.E. Tselipanova, S.I. Zavarokhin
13 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2023―Jan―10 Management of anxiety disorders in children who survived the novel coronavirus infection G.R. Sagitova, V.A. Shuldais, N.V. Klyueva, E.M. Shaforostova, I.B. Konotopova
14 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Dec―26 Evolution of the clinical and pathogenetic characteristics of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 A.V. Gorelov, A.A. Ploskireva, A.D. Muzyka
15 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Dec―26 Experience with the use of Azoximer bromide for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and COVID-19 in adults from the group with a higher risk of contracting the infection ("red zone" healthcare workers): meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials Kh.G. Omarova, A.A. Ploskireva, I.A. Agarkova, A.V. Gorelov
16 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Dec―26 Clinical characteristics of the novel coronavirus infection in HIV-positive patient with underlying chronic hepatitis C I.A. Matyazh, E.V. Ivakhnenko, A.V. Grokhotova
17 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Nov―16 Pulmonary surfactant in the complex treatment of severe pneumonia associated with COVID-19. Efficacy markers E.V. Volchkova, Yu.Sh. Alexandrovich, O.N. Titova, N.A. Kuzubova, V.A. Volchkov, D.P. Piskunov, et al. (+2)
18 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Nov―16 Long-term effects of COVID-19 in patients according to the functional lung imaging in radiation therapy V.P. Zolotnitskaya, A.A. Speranskaya, N.A. Kuzubova, O.N. Titova, O.V. Amosova
19 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Nov―16 Postcovid syndrome: risk factors, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of patients with respiratory damage after COVID-19 (overview) T.N. Bilichenko
20 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2022―Jun―14 Effect of the COVID-19 infection on the menstrual function in women of reproductive age A.N. Mal’tseva
21 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2022―Apr―11 COVID-19-associated myocarditis: clinical pattern and medical treatment V.A. Sergeeva, T.E. Lipatova
22 [GO] Russian Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology 2022―Mar―02 COVID-19 is a risk factor for retinal vein occlusion in younger patients? A.G. Shchuko, M.V. Akulenko, T.N. Yur’eva
23 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2022―Jan―12 SARS-CoV-2-associated multisystem inflammatory syndrome in a child N.M. Nagovitsyna
24 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Dec―21 Case series of secondary thrombotic microangiopathy in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19 D.V. Novikov, T.S. Sabinina, T.V. Shalbarova, O.L. Chugunova, E.V. Melekhina
25 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Dec―21 Preliminary results of an adaptive randomized open-label controlled study on the efficacy and safety of enisamium iodide for outpatient treatment of the COVID-19 infection N.Yu. Pshenichnaya, K.V. Zhdanov
26 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Dec―21 Acute respiratory infections and flu during the COVID-19 pandemic. What to expect in 2021-2022? D.V. Usenko, N.Kh. Tkhakushinova, T.T. Shaturina, L.A. Ledenko, O.V. Bevzenko
27 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Dec―21 Cetylpyridinium chloride as a part of a combined medication for adults and children during the COVID-19 pandemic: established and perspective use E.V. Melekhina, A.D. Muzyka, Zh.B. Ponezheva, A.V. A.V. Gorelov
28 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Dec―21 COVID-19 vaccination of pregnant women: state-of-the-art A.A. Girina, A.L. Zaplatnikov, V.I. Svintsitskaya, S.D. Izhogina
29 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Nov―19 Asthenic and cognitive disorders after the COVID-19 infection P.R. Kamchatnov, E.Yu. Solov’eva, D.R. Khasanova, V.V. Fateeva
30 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Nov―11 Effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the endocrine system N.A. Petunina, A.S. Shkoda, M.E. Telnova, E.V. Goncharova, I.A. Kuzina, Y.А. El-Taravi, N.S. Martirosian
31 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―19 Pulmonary fibrosis associated with COVID-19 N.A. Kuzubova, O.N. Titova, E.S. Lebedeva, E.V. Volchkova
32 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―19 Therapeutic possibilities of using an expectorant mucolytic agent with antioxidant properties in COVID-19 infection G.L. Ignatova, V.N. Antonov, E.V. Sheklanova, M.A. Korotkaya, M.V. Domracheva, S.O. Zotov
33 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―19 Possibilities of immunocorrection in COVID-19 therapy of patients on an outpatient basis L.R. Mukhamadieva, G.A. Mavzyutova, G.Kh. Mirsayeva, G.M. Khasanova, G.A. Galieva, G.M. Abdrakhmanova, A.A. Safina
34 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―12 Diarrhea syndrome: new accents of patient curation during COVID-19 pandemic O.V. Gaus, M.A. Livzan
35 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―12 Risk factors, immunological mechanisms and biological markers of severe COVID-19 course (study overview) T.N. Bilichenko
36 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―12 Characteristics of complex therapy of immuno-inflammatory rheumatic diseases in COVID-19 pandemic conditions R.R. Samigullina, V.I. Mazurov, E.A. Trofimov
37 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―Oct―12 Electrolyte deficiency after the novel coronavirus infection and post-COVID asthenia E.Yu. Ebzeeva, O.D. Ostroumova, I.F. Krotkova, E.V. Mironova, R.R. Romanovskiy
38 [GO] Russian Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology 2021―Sep―06 Glaucoma progression during the COVID-19 pandemics V.E. Korelina, I.R. Gazizova, A.V. Kuroyedov, M.D. Didur
39 [GO] Russian Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology 2021―May―27 New avenues of preoperative evaluation before corneal refractive surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic S.N. Sakhnov, O.A. Klokova, A.V. Piskunov, R.O. Damashauskas, M.S. Geidenrich, E.I. Dyakonova
40 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2021―May―13 Patterns of the rheumatic disease course in the setting of a new coronavirus infection V.V. Vakhlevskiy, V.V. Tyrenko, I.S. Svintsitskaya, E.V. Kryukov
41 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2021―Mar―24 Diagnosis and antibacterial treatment for community-acquired pneumonia in children during the COVID-19 pandemic S.V. Zaitseva, O.V. Zaitseva, E.E. Lokshina
42 [GO] Russian Journal of Woman and Child Health 2021―Mar―24 Childhood vaccination as a part of the National Immunization Schedule during the COVID-19: problems and potential solutions A.A. Girina, A.L. Zaplatnikov, F.I. Petrovskiy, L.P. Tandalova
43 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2020―Dec―23 Seasonal flu shot and the COVID-19 pandemic: don’t miss the last chance A.L. Zaplatnikov, A.A. Girina, E.I. Burtseva, V.I. Svintsitskaya
44 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2020―Nov―30 Prospects for the use of micronutrients in the treatment of coronavirus infection in patients with comorbid pathology O.A. Gromova, I.Yu. Torshin, A.M. Lila, A.V. Naumov, S.I. Malyavskaya
45 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2020―Oct―19 Acute respiratory infections in outpatient care in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic: the role and position of antibacterial therapy R.F. Khamitov
46 [GO] Russian Medical Inquiry 2020―Oct―19 Pathogenetically-oriented therapy for novel coronavirus infection L.R. Mukhamadieva, G.A. Mavzyutova, E.B. Tyurina, O.Z. Kuzovkina
47 [GO] Russian Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology 2020―Jun―11 The prevalence of conjunctivitis in patients with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and preventive measures I.R. Gazizova, Yu.A. Desheva, T.V. Gavrilova, V.A. Chereshnev

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