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1 [GO] Социодинамика 2022―May―13 Some aspects of self-preservation behavior of students during the coronavirus pandemic Natalia Sterliadeva, Tat'yana Viktorovna Chukanova
2 [GO] Финансы и управление 2022―Apr―06 Venture investments as a factor in the development of the Russian economy in a pandemic Vladimir Lebedev, Anastasia Avdeeva, Tural Mamedov
3 [GO] Litera 2022―Apr―03 The image of Serbia in the Russian media in terms of language techniques and its impact on bilateral relations between the two states in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic (2020-2022) Zvjezdan Kunic, Valerii Leonidovich Muzykant
4 [GO] SENTENTIA European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2022―Feb―19 Vaccine diplomacy during the COVID-19 pandemic on the example of the Republic of Serbia Aleksa Filipović
5 [GO] Финансы и управление 2022―Jan―27 The peculiarities of development of consumer lending in the conditions of pandemic on the example of ZENITH Bank Yuliya Ashumovna Vlasova, Zhanneta Ilijasovna Gerzelieva, Tatyana Mikhailovna Rogova
6 [GO] Финансы и управление 2021―Nov―27 Capabilities of business intelligence for improving the efficiency of economic analysis in stressful economic conditions caused by pandemic Stanislav Mitrovic, Viktor Paulevich Suits
7 [GO] SENTENTIA European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2021―Nov―16 Юридические исследования, 2020-9Criminal law characteristics of medical sorting (triage): COVID-19 and shortage of resources Kirill Alekseevich Berchanskiy
8 [GO] Социодинамика 2021―Sep―29 On the advent of the Reformation: COVID-19 pandemic as a predictor of social and value transformations Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Golovushkin
9 [GO] Мировая политика 2021―Jun―10 Analysis of the effectiveness of cooperation between China and the African Union within the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic Evgeniya Mikhailovna Rogozhina, Natal'ya Mikhailovna Morozova, Anna Nikolaevna Solodovnikova
10 [GO] Социодинамика 2021―May―27 The impact of COVID-19 pandemic upon changes of temporality and sociality: socio-philosophical analysis Nikita Nikolaevich Ravochkin, Rinat Shamilevich Gilyazov, Vladimir Petrovich Shchennikov
11 [GO] Социодинамика 2021―May―20 Employment situation of persons with disabilities in Russia during the the pre-pandemic and pandemic periods Anton Aleksandrovich Trinadtsatko
12 [GO] Полицейская и следственная деятельность 2021―Apr―26 COVID-19 and criminality in Russia Akhmat Seit-Umarovich Teunaev, Anastasiya Maksimovna Cherkasova
13 [GO] Философская мысль 2021―Mar―31 Image of digital future of the society through the prism of pandemic Daria Sergeevna Bylieva, Victoria Valerevna Lobatyuk
14 [GO] Социодинамика 2021―Mar―15 Media virus of fear: the peculiarities of representation of COVID-19 pandemic by the Russian media during the first wave (January - June 2020) Dmitrii Nikolaevich Barinov
15 [GO] Мировая политика 2021―Jan―12 Euroscepticism in France. The threat of Frexit against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic Aleksandr Terebov
16 [GO] Мировая политика 2021―Jan―04 Adaptive management methods (the case-study of China’s immigration policy during the COVID-19 pandemic period) Andrey Aleksandrovich Yanik
17 [GO] Юридические исследования 2020―Nov―23 Criminal law characteristics of medical sorting (triage): COVID-19 and shortage of resources Kirill Alekseevich Berchanskiy
18 [GO] Психолог 2020―Sep―06 Psychological-pedagogical analysis of the problems caused by pandemic: Ukraine’s perspective Andrei Aleksandrovich Ostapenko
19 [GO] Социодинамика 2020―Aug―04 Color in visual representations of COVID-19 pandemic: content analysis of publications in the Russian-language digital mass media Yulia Alexandrovna Griber, Elena Evgenjevna Suchova
20 [GO] Социодинамика 2020―Aug―04 Social stigmatization during pandemic Svetlana Evgenievna Turkulets, Aleksei Vladimirovich Turkuletc, Evgeniya Vyacheslavovna Listopadova, Marina Vyacheslavovna Sokol'skaya
21 [GO] Психолог 2020―Jun―29 Metacognitive model of coping behavior of a subject during the COVID-19 pandemic Natalia Viktorovna Chistiakova, Tatiana Petrovna Aisuvakova

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