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1 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2024―Jan―01 Morphea caused by COVID-19 infection, first polish case report Hanna Cisoń, Rafał Białynicki-Birula
2 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Oct―18 Peculiar cutaneous manifestation in a Japanese patient with COVID-19 infection Misaki Kusano, Mayu Sato, Toshiyuki Yamamoto
3 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Oct―18 Zoster eruption in COVID-19 multiple-shot vaccinated patients: A report of two cases Laurent Dupoirieux
4 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Oct―18 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on monitoring people living with HIV in Dakar, Senegal Bo뫊r Ahy Diatta, Chaymae Yousfi, Pie Nibirantije, Patrice Mendy, Niare Ndour, Ndiague Fall, et al. (+9)
5 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Apr―18 Psoriasis worsening related to COVID-19 vaccination: Report from a single-center Ibtissame Boubnane, Soumaya Faras, Maryam Aboudourib
6 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Jan―10 Cutaneous manifestations associated with COVID-19 in 24 cases from Fez, Morocco Sokaina Chhiti, Hanane Baybay, Fatima Zahra Hashas, Zakia Douhi, Sara Elloudi, Fatima Zahra Mernissi
7 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Jan―10 Topical steroid menace: A case series of severe debilitating infections during the COVID-19 pandemic Deena Patil, Kanakapura Nanjundaswam Shivaswam, Namitha Subramani Reddy, Tharayil Kunnet Sumathy
8 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2023―Jan―10 Erythrodermic psoriasis eruption following COVID-19 vaccination Khadija Oujennane, Ouafa Hocar, Said Amal, Maryem Aboudourib
9 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Oct―10 Teledermatology and COVID-19 in a resource-limited country such as Nepal Jha Krishna, Jha Anil Kumar
10 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jul―29 The impact of masks on the condition of facial skin in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic Katarzyna Śliwakowska, Julia Radwańska, Joanna Czuwara
11 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jun―28 Reactive infectious mucocutaneous eruption in a young-adult with COVID-19 Liat Bainvoll, Melanie Miller, Scott Worswick
12 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jun―28 Acral purpura and pityriasis rosea-like eruption following COVID-19 infection Eleni Klimi, Dionysia Vasdeki
13 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jun―28 A case of Blaschkoid pityriasis rosea following COVID-19 vaccination: A rare exceptional occurrence Aakanksha Arora, Alpana Mohta, Prasoon Soni
14 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 Kawasaki-like disease in children with COVID-19 Hasna Kerrouch, Meryem Khalidi, Rachid Frikh, Naoufal Hjira, Mohammed Boui
15 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 A singular emplastrum containing Amni majus flowers and firebird extract is able to fight the odd adverse reactions involved in the variant/subvariant Omicron of COVID-19 Lorenzo Martini, Piotr Brzeziński
16 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 COVID-19 and pemphigus: A descriptive series of twelve cases Zoubida Mehsas, Soukaina Sektaoui, Meriem Meziane, Nadia Ismaili, Leila Benzekri, Karima Senouci
17 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 The red half-moon nail sign in a COVID-19 patient Esranur Üna Ünal, Seray Külcü Çakmak, Ahu Yorulmaz
18 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 Pressure ulcers from prone positioning in COVID-19 patients: Developing clinical indicators in evidence-based practice: A retrospective study Hassiel Aurelio Ramírez-Marín, Adrian Soto-Mota, Jorge Alanis-Mendizabal, Juan Manuel Escobar-Valderrama, Judith Guadalupe Domínguez-Cherit
19 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 A facial ulcer secondary to a non-invasive ventilation mask in COVID-19 pneumonia Dassouli Ryme, Zakia Douhi, Ghita Sqalli Houssaini, Sara Elloudi, Hanane Baybay, Fatima Zahra Mernissi
20 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 Symmetric periorbital edema after mRNA COVID-19 vaccine Veselina Belyova, Razvigor Darlenski
21 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 Neutrophilic urticaria with systemic inflammation (NUSI) following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine Javaria Mustafa, Rashi Malesu, Gabor Major
22 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―May―05 Active vitiligo vulgaris following the administration of the Oxford-AstraZeneca (AZD1222) vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 Ahmed Abdul-Aziz Ahmed, Ghusoon Nazar Jaber
23 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Mar―20 Face mask induced dermatological problems in healthcare providers during COVID-19 pandemic: A questionnaire based study Ganiger Veena, Nagesha C. Parvathi, Rangaswamy H. Umadevi, Nirvanappa K. Vinay, Ittigi Vivekananda
24 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Mar―19 Pressure ulcers from prone positioning in COVID-19 patients: Developing clinical indicators in evidence-based practice: A retrospective study Hassiel Aurelio Ramírez-Marín, Adrian Soto-Mota, Jorge Alanis-Mendizabal, Juan Manuel Escobar-Valderrama, Judith Guadalupe Domínguez-Cherit
25 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jan―11 A multi-center, cross-sectional study on the prevalence of facial dermatoses induced by mask use in the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic Tanreet Kaur, Simplepreet Kaur
26 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jan―11 Zoster infection after vaccination with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: A case report Laurent Dupoirieux
27 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jan―11 Urticarial eruption in COVID-19-positive children: A report of two cases Shikhar Ganjoo, Resham Vasani
28 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jan―11 Recurrent herpes zoster with IgD deposits, multinucleated keratinocytes and overexpression of galectin and glypican 3 in a patient with SARS-COVID-19 infection Ana Maria Abreu Velez, Amanda Bortle Thomason, Billie L. Jackson, Michael S. Howard
29 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2022―Jan―10 Appreciable antagonism Bistorta, Potentilla and calamine manifests towards bruises in COVID-19 μ variant Lorenzo Martini
30 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Dec―09 The majestic echolalia of variants: the impasse of scientists in trying to recognize one from another. Proposal of TCM to treat skin disorders in epsilon and lambda variants (COVID-19) Lorenzo Martini, Piotr Brzezinski
31 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Oct―21 Eosinopenia: An early diagnostic marker of COVID-19 Farhana Tahseen Taj, S. Devipriya
32 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Oct―21 Feasibility of learning dermatology among undergraduates through online means: the impact of COVID-19 Sagar Pokhrel, Neelam Dahal, Dhan Kesar Khadka
33 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Oct―21 Challenges and impact of COVID-19 on teledermatology practice in providing continued care to patients in a time of disarray Ghazala Butt, Mahwash Rana, Muhammad Uzair
34 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Oct―21 A pilot study assessing the various dermatoses associated with the use of a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic Nagaria Nishi, Uday Kumar Sonappa, Talari Srinivas Rajashekar
35 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Oct―21 Herpes zoster following mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccination Alex Drohan, Glenn Kolansky, Zachary Kolansky
36 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―May―04 Pityriasis rosea following COVID-19 flu vaccination Lorenzo Martini
37 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Apr―06 A febrile exanthem revealing COVID-19 Younes Oujidi, Brahim Housni
38 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Apr―06 Erythema multiforme-like lesion: A COVID-19 manifestation? Mainali Priyanka, Deeptara Pathak Thapa
39 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Apr―06 The experience of mobile teledermatology during the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal: A feasible alternative even in the developing world Suchana Marahatta
40 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2021―Jan―27 Infection à COVID-19 révélée par une poussée de psoriasis chez un Camerounais âgé : à propos d’un cas Odette Berline Sigha, Emmanuel Armand Kouotou
41 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Nov―29 Unmasking the mask: COVID-19 manifestations of PPE kits Santhanakrishnaan Soundarya, Srinivasan Sundaramoorthy
42 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 COVID-19 and skin: Analysis of the available data Martina Yaneva, Zdravka Demerdjieva, Razvigor Darlenski, Nikolay Tsankov
43 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Vampirism and drakulism: A both cosmetic and curative syncretic approach to avoid future COVID-19 contacts Lorenzo Martini
44 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 “COVID toes” as an exceptional indicator of asymptomatic COVID-19 contracted during a forced lockdown or before a quarantine Piotr Brzeziński, Lorenzo Martini
45 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Overwhelmed healthcare services and the prevailing threat of COVID-19 infection among healthcare workers: Implications on dermatology residency programs Shivam Goyal, Shibani Bhatia, Smitha Prabhu
46 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Irritant hand dermatitis during the COVID-19 outbreak Gita Faghihi, Yalda Radan, Mohammad Reza Radan
47 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 HSV infections during the COVID-19 pandemic Piotr Brzeziński, Uwe Wollina
48 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Profile of teledermatology consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic - An observational study Mrinal Gupta, Shashank Bhargava
49 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 The unfolding public health crisis of transitional homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic in India: A psychodermatologic perspective Bishurul Hafi, NA Uvais, Muhammed T Razmi, TP Afra, KS Silah
50 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Summer in time of Coronavirus disease 2019: How to use hand sanitizers? Farah Marraha, Ibtissam Al Faker, Najlaa Rahmani, Younes enyamna, Salim Gallouj
51 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Purpuric rash in a girl with a positive SARS-CoV-2 IgA result Piotr Brzeziński, Uwe Wollina, Anca Chiriac
52 [GO] Our Dermatology Online 2020―Sep―19 Quality od life in patients with psoriasis vulgaris during the COVID 19 pandemic Mirela Vasileva, Vesna Brishkoska Boshkovski, Mila Majhosheva, Stojka Vasileva, Simon Vasilev, Blagoja Vasilev, Elena Drakalska Sersemova

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