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1 [GO] The Journal of Derivatives 2022―Sep―01 Zero Black-Derman-Toy Model in Catastrophic Events: COVID-19 Performance Analysis Grzegorz Krzyżanowski, Andrés Sosa
2 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2022―Aug―03 Global Equity Market Volatility during the Initial Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Drivers and Policy Responses Nazli Sila Alan, Robert F. Engle, Ahmet K. Karagozoglu
3 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2022―Jun―10 The COVID-19 Impact On Emerging Markets Rwan El-Khatib, Anis Samet
4 [GO] The Journal of Impact and ESG Investing 2022―Apr―18 ESG Score, Stock Valuation, and Stock Performance during the 2020 COVID-19 Stock Market Crash Mary Besem Frambo, Cornelis Johannes Kok
5 [GO] The Journal of Investing 2022―Apr―15 The Effect of Tripping the US Equity Market-Wide Circuit Breaker on Liquidity: Evidence from the Coronavirus Selloff Charles Favreau, Ryan Garvey
6 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2022―Mar―25 Aftershock: The Effect of the Pandemic on Mortgage Securitization Frank E. Nothaft, Patrick H. Kiser, Molly Boesel
7 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2022―Mar―19 eMortgage Adoption: Acceleration Through the Pandemic Mike Fratantoni
8 [GO] The Journal of Investing 2021―Oct―08 Research Unbundling and COVID-19: Will Europe’s Capital Markets Recovery Package Help? Micha Bender, Tino Cestonaro, Peter Gomber, Jascha-Alexander Koch
9 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2021―Sep―03 Socially Responsible Investing Strategies under Pressure: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Adrien Desroziers, Olivier David Zerbib
10 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2021―Aug―07 The Implications of Contemporary Research on COVID-19 for Volatility and Portfolio Management Dominique Outlaw, Aimee Hoffmann Smith, Na Wang
11 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2021―Jul―29 Investment Management Post Pandemic, Post Global Warming, Post Resource Depletion Frank J. Fabozzi, Sergio Focardi, Zenu Sharma
12 [GO] The Journal of Fixed Income 2021―Jul―13 Credit Risk in a Pandemic Hans Byström
13 [GO] The Journal of Wealth Management 2021―May―15 Structuring Asset Pricing During Pandemic Times and Market Events Raj Kumar, Manu Sharma
14 [GO] The Journal of Financial Data Science 2021―Mar―20 Inside the Mind of Investors During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the StockTwits Data Hasan Fallahgoul
15 [GO] The Journal of Portfolio Management 2021―Mar―12 Beta Instability and Implications for Hedging Systematic Risk: Takeaways from the COVID-19 Crisis Arik Ben Dor, Stephan Florig, Jingling Guan, Xiaming Zeng
16 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2021―Mar―10 COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearances: Drivers and Payment Behavior Douglas McManus, Elias Yannopoulos
17 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2021―Feb―01 Observation on How COVID-19 Affected the Securitization Market in Japan Yukio Egawa
18 [GO] The Journal of Alternative Investments 2020―Nov―30 Post COVID-19: Rising from the Ashes Jason Garick
19 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2020―Oct―28 US House Price Projections from the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Jiawei “David” Zhang, Yihai Yu, Joy Zhang
20 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2020―Oct―19 COVID-19 and Structured Finance Litigation: CMBS and CLO Disputes on the Horizon Manisha M. Sheth, Toby E. Futter
21 [GO] The Journal of Index Investing 2020―Oct―02 Pricing and Liquidity of Fixed Income ETFs in the Covid-19 Virus Crisis of 2020 Stephen Laipply, Ananth Madhavan
22 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2020―Sep―21 COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Servicer Access to a Government Backed Liquidity Facility Laurie S. Goodman, Karan Kaul, Ted Tozer
23 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2020―Sep―21 The Pandemic’s Effect on the Housing Market and Mortgage Delinquency Frank E. Nothaft
24 [GO] The Journal of Structured Finance 2020―Sep―08 Forbearance During the Pandemic: What Do We Know Thus Far? Mike Fratantoni
25 [GO] The Journal of Wealth Management 2020―Aug―03 Behavioral Finance and the Coronavirus Bear Market Michael M. Pompian

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