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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Bulletin of Applied Economics 2022―Jul―20 Do COVID-19 Incidence and Government Intervention Influence Media Indices? Steven Buigut, Burcu Kapar
2 [GO] Bulletin of Applied Economics 2022―Jul―19 Cointegration Analysis of Financial Market Indices During Financial Shocks Focus on Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19 Рandemic Crisis Roko Pedisic
3 [GO] Advances in Management and Applied Economics 2022―Mar―25 A Discussion on University Students’ Online Shopping Behaviors Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Jui-Lung Chen, Siriwat Prommetta
4 [GO] Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods 2022―Mar―11 An Econometric Panel Data Model of the COVID-19 Pandemic Antoine Djogbenou, Christian Gouriéroux, Joann Jasiak, Paul Rilstone
5 [GO] Advances in Management and Applied Economics 2021―Sep―23 A Study on Job Control Occupational Self-Efficacy and Job Performance: After the Covid-19 Pandemic Ayşe Gönül Demirel, Dilek Sağlık Özçam, Cihan Karamık
6 [GO] Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021―Aug―29 Impacts of Stock Indices, Oil and Twitter Sentiment on Major Cryptocurrencies during the COVID-19 First Wave Νikolaos Kyriazis
7 [GO] Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods 2021―Aug―12 A Modeling Study on the Estimation of COVID-19 Daily and Weekly Cases and Reproduction Number Using the Adaptive Kalman Filter: The Example of Ziraat Bank, Turkey İlker Met, Levent Özbek, Himmet Aksoy, Ayfer Erkoç
8 [GO] Journal of Applied Finance & Banking 2021―Jun―30 Role of Digital Financial Services in Confronting Covid-19 Crisis in Bangladesh Johir Rayhan, Jahir Uddin
9 [GO] Advances in Management and Applied Economics 2021―Mar―23 COVID-19 Crisis and Resilience: Challenges for the Insurance Sector Susanna Levantesi, Gabriella Piscopo
10 [GO] Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021―Mar―20 The Impact of SARS Epidemic and Financial Crisis on China’s Economy Structure Referenced to the Potential Impact of COVID-19 Hai Long, Jianzhi Zhao
11 [GO] Journal of Applied Medical Sciences 2021―Mar―09 Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine (AZD1222), an Approved, Non-Replicating Chimpanzee Adenovirus-Vectored Vaccine for the COVID-19 Pandemic Chuchu Guo
12 [GO] International Journal Of Occupational Health and Public Health Nursing 2021―Jan―12 Research of Interdisciplinary Cooperation in the Management of Cardiovascular Emergencies through the Covid-19 Pandemic; A Review of Literature Foteini Kaskani, Alexandros Mihopoulos
13 [GO] Journal of Applied Finance & Banking 2021―Jan―04 Covid-19 and the Technology Bubble 2.0: Evidence from DCC-MGARCH and Wavelet Approaches Caner Özdurak, Cengiz Karataş
14 [GO] Journal of Applied Finance & Banking 2020―Dec―15 The Analysis of COVID-19 Prevention Experience Using DEMATEL-Based ANP Cheng-Wen Lee, Yi Tang Hu
15 [GO] Advances in Management and Applied Economics 2020―Nov―18 A Case Study of Factors Affecting the Performance of the Hotel Industry of Chiang Mai in Thailand and the Impact of Covid-19: Taking De Chai Hotel Group as an Example Jui-Lung Chen, Kusumalee Kitingern
16 [GO] Journal of Applied Finance & Banking 2020―Oct―15 The Stability of Retail Banks’ Deposit at the Early Stages of Covid-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Evidence from Euro Area Paolo Agnese, Gianfranco A. Gianfranco
17 [GO] Bulletin of Applied Economics 2020―Sep―25 Have Stock Markets across the Globe Been Kidnapped by the Covid-19 Pandemic? Yu Huaibing

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