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1 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2023―Jun―24 Assessing the Awareness and Preparedness of Students and Teachers regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic in Higher Education institutions of Pakistan (A case study of Kohat University of Science and Technology) Shah Jehan, Muhammad Naseer Ud Din, Faridullah Khan
2 [GO] Global Language Review 2023―Jun―20 Attitude to English Learning: A Study of Peer Group Influences during the COVID-19 Pandemic Muhammad Qasim Ali, Rashid Minas Wattoo, Fakhar ul Zaman
3 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2023―May―25 The Well-being of Healthcare Workers Psychological State Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Syeda Aqsa Waseem, Syed Asim Hussain, Zulaikha Karim
4 [GO] Global Digital & Print Media Review 2023―May―09 Media Representation of the Pandemic: A Study of News Blogs on Coronavirus Saba Siddique, Irfan Ullah
5 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2023―May―05 Online Teaching, University Teachers and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Exploration of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Hafiz Muhammad Nouraiz Anwar, Abdul Basit
6 [GO] Global Economics Review 2023―May―03 The Consumer behaviour towards Digital Inclusion in Banking System during COVID-19 Sarmad Soomro, Arifa Bano Talpur
7 [GO] Global Regional Review 2023―May―02 Faculty Preparedness to Adopt Technological Change during COVID-19 at Higher Education Samia Zaheer, Saira Nudrat, Farkhanda Tabassum
8 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2023―May―01 Leaders' Strategies for Managing Difficult Emotions During Peak Waves of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study on Senior Managers of Textile Industry in Pakistan Qurat ul Ain, Tayyeb Ali, Aisha Rizwan
9 [GO] Global Language Review 2023―Feb―03 Vaccine Inequality and Hesitancy in Pakistan: a Multi-modal Analysis of Covid-19 Cartoons in Pakistani Newspapers Arooj Rana, Tahir Ayoub, Shazia Akbar Ghilzai
10 [GO] Global Sociological Review 2023―Feb―01 A Review of COVID-19 Pandemic and Pakistan Public Social Sector Services Combating Capacity Bahadar Sher, Usman Ghani, Dilkash Sapna
11 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2023―Jan―30 Thanatophobia and Psychological Distress among Health Care Workers during COVID-19 Najia Zulfiqar, Alveera Habib, Muhammad Hassan
12 [GO] Global Drug Design & Development Review 2023―Jan―05 Role Of Probiotics And Microbiota In Covid-19 Afia Arshad, Alia Eum, Ume Ruqia Tulain, Nadia Shamshad Malik, Shafa Arshad
13 [GO] Global Digital & Print Media Review 2023―Jan―05 Role Of Social Media: Spreading Information Or Panic During Covid-19 Crisis In Pakistan Assad Ullah, Bin Yamin Khan, Rooh ul Amin Khan
14 [GO] Global Language Review 2023―Jan―02 Perceptions of English Language Learners about E-Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic at Kohat University of Science and Technology Shabnam Parveen
15 [GO] Global Regional Review 2023―Jan―02 Social Media and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Pakistan Mahnoor Gillani, Bin Yamin Khan, Abobakr Khan
16 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Dec―31 Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Socio-economically Vulnerable People of Pakistan Muhammad Kaleem, Bahadar Sher, Dilkash Sapna
17 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2022―Nov―07 A Review on the Continually Occurring Mutations in COVID-19 Arfa Tehzeeb, Maham Asif, Raisa Iqbal
18 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Sep―21 Is FinTech a Savior in COVID-19? Evidence from an Emerging Economy Khurram Ashfaq, Adil Riaz, Usman Haider
19 [GO] Global Sociological Review 2022―Sep―20 Levelling Hard Pitch of Work-Family Conflict During Pandemic: Lived Experience of Female Nurses Noreen Saher, Tayyaba Khalid, Hadiba Kanwal
20 [GO] Global Sociological Review 2022―Sep―06 Elite Official Sources and the Coverage of the First Wave of COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Dawn and The News Madeeha Naz, Amir Hamza Marwan, Ayesha Anwar
21 [GO] Global Language Review 2022―Sep―05 Students' Attitude and English Online Teaching during COVID-19 at Secondary School Level Muhammad Asif Shahzad, Namra Munir, Navid Jamil Malik
22 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―Sep―05 Towards Sustainable Learning during Suspension of Universities: Investigating Students Manners of Studying during Covid-19 in Pakistan Noor ul Ain, Abdul Razzaq Khan
23 [GO] Global Language Review 2022―Sep―05 Challenges Faced by English Language Teachers During Covid-19 Pandemic Ayesha Saman, Ayesha Butt, Shaista Irshad Khan
24 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―Sep―05 Exploration of Faculty Attitude towards Integration of Web 2.0 into Instructional Practices at University Level during Pandemic Farah Rashid, Aisha Bibi
25 [GO] Global Regional Review 2022―Sep―02 Comparison of Students' Learning through Face-to-Face and Online Classes during Covid-19 Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Pervaiz, Farheen Malik
26 [GO] Global Political Review 2022―Sep―02 Political Language Use against Corona Virus Spread in Pakistan during Covid-19 Pandemic Ali Siddiqui, Tania Shabir Shaikh, Inayatuallah Kakepoto
27 [GO] Global Regional Review 2022―Sep―02 Primary Students' Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic: Perspective of Mothers Maman Sharjeel, Yaar Muhammad, Yasira Waqar
28 [GO] Global Regional Review 2022―Sep―01 Exploring the Impact of Online Learning on Youngsters during Covid-19: From the Knowledge Gap Theory Perspective Ishrat Fatima, Aasima Safdar
29 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2022―May―19 Management of COVID-19 in Different Countries Aiman Noor Haideri, Amber Sani, Aymen Azhar, Muhammad Khalil, Ihsan Ul Haq
30 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2022―May―18 A Review of Updates on Vaccines and Treatment Options for Covid-19 Naiha Tahir, Ayema Rehman, Muhammad Zain, Mubashir Rehman
31 [GO] Global Pharmaceutical Sciences Review 2022―May―18 Is Essential Oils Considers New Paradigm’s Shift as Treatment Goal for Covid-19:Review Based Approach Study Sidra Ashraf, Maria Hassan Kiani, Hadiqa Nazish, Gul Shahnaz
32 [GO] Global Anthropological Studies Review 2022―May―17 Corona Pandemic: Fear and Challenges in Gujrat, Pakistan Ansa Riaz, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed
33 [GO] Global Strategic and Securities Review 2022―May―13 New Great Power Competition And Covid-19 Noor Fatima, Tayyaba Zaman Janjua, Syed Qandil Abbas
34 [GO] Global Sociological Review 2022―May―13 Psycho-Social Impact of Covid-19 on Healthcare Workers of Gujranwala Anam Shafquat Aujla, Madieha Akram, Shadab Iqbal
35 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―May―12 Satisfying and Dissatisfying Determinants of Online Education during Covid-19 Pandemic Inayatullah Kakepoto, Muhammad Saeed Akhter, Abdullah Laghari
36 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―May―10 Online Learning Challenges During Pandemic Covid-19 at Higher Education in Pakistan. Marium Mehmood Ansari, Shahid Raza, Shabiha Anjum
37 [GO] Global Language Review 2022―May―10 Teachers' and Learners' Perceptions of Online Teaching amid COVID-19 in Lahore, Pakistan Mohsin Tajammul, Nimra Rafiq, Namra Fazal
38 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―May―10 Learning Losses during Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan: A Critical Assessment of Online Education System Ahmad Ali
39 [GO] Global Management Sciences Review 2022―May―10 Challenges Faced by Teachers while Adopting Digital Pedagogy during Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistani Universities Niamat Ullah, Qayyam Dashti
40 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Apr―29 Examining the Motivation Level of L2 Students in e-Learning during Pandemic (Covid-19) Maria Nisar, Javeria Bano, Rana Imran Ali
41 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Apr―29 The Psychological Effects of Online Classes on Students: A Study of Pakistan in Covid-19 Pandemic Faiza Anjum, Madieha Akram, Raja Shaharyar
42 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Mar―11 Exploring the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations during COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan Madieha Akram, Nazia Hamid, Aamir Hayat
43 [GO] Global Legal Studies Review 2022―Mar―01 Impact of COVID-19 on Legal Education Sector of Pakistan and Online Education as an Alternative Learning System Muhammad Fahad Anwar, Mehran Idris Khan, Faiz Bakhsh
44 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Jan―15 The Perceptions of Veterinary University Students towards Online English Learning Classes during COVID-19 Abdul Khaliq, Rasheed Ahmad
45 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Jan―15 Teaching of English to Veterinary University Students: A Study to Examine Learner’s Intentions towards Online Learning during Different Waves of COVID-19 in Pakistan Abdul Khaliq, Farzana Iqbal, Rasheed Ahmad
46 [GO] Global Strategic and Securities Review 2022―Jan―15 Migrants and Growing Global Health Security Challenges after COVID-19 Outbreak Muhammad Ijaz Latif, Rubina Ali, Inamullah Jan
47 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2022―Jan―15 Impact of Technology-based Teaching on Learners during Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown Abdul Khaliq, Rasheed Ahmad, Asma Asif
48 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2022―Jan―15 The Impact of different Waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Stock Markets in South Asian Countries Muhammad Ishtiaq, Aisha Imtiaz, Hina Mushtaq
49 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Nov―12 Challenges to Private School Teachers in Remote Areas of Pakistan During Pandemic: An Exploratory Study Bushra Noor
50 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Sep―25 Experiences of Students Regarding Online Education during COVID-19 Pandemic in Baluchistan Erum Hussain, Saman Noor, Sahar Arshad
51 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Aug―16 Virtual Studies - Academic Revolution of COVID-19: A Case Study of Department of Anthropology, University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed, Mahwish Zeeshan
52 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Aug―09 The Traumatic Impact of Online Teaching of ELT in Universities of South Punjab due to MCO during COVID-19: The Post Humanist Paradigm for New Pedagogical Practices Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Riaz khan, Raabia Yaseen
53 [GO] Global Language Review 2021―Aug―02 Covid-19 and Media Representation: A Multimodal Study of Positive Discourse in Pakistani Television Commercials Muhammad Haseeb Nasir, Ejaz Mirza
54 [GO] Global Mass Communication Review 2021―Jul―19 The Effect of News TV Channels Coverage During Pandemic Covid -19 on Youth in Pakistan Aemen Khalid, Muhammad Bilal Nawaz, Javeria Nazeer
55 [GO] Global Anthropological Studies Review 2021―Jul―16 Normative Orders in Everyday-Life: Being Expatriate in Times of COVID-19 Pandemic and Crisis in Frankfurt am Main Syed Imran Haider, Homayun Alam, Muhammad Ali
56 [GO] Global Foreign Policies Review 2021―Jul―15 Corona Pandemic: Analyzing the Response of US, China, Russia, India and Pakistan Saad Kausar, Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Fiza Siddiq
57 [GO] Global International Relations Review 2021―Jul―14 Covid-19 and its Impact on South Asia: A Case Study of Pakistan Zahid Yaseen, Iqra Jathol, Muhammad Muzaffar
58 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2021―Jul―07 A Review on the Continually Occurring Mutations in COVID-19 Arfa Tehzeeb, Maham Asif, Raisa Iqbal, Warda Arooj Kausar, Mubashar Rehman
59 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2021―Jul―07 A Review of Updates on Vaccines and Treatment Options for Covid-19 Naiha Tahir, Ayema Rehman, Muhammad Zain, Mubashir Rehman
60 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2021―Jul―07 Management of COVID-19 in Different Countries Aiman Noor Haideri, Amber Sani, Aymen Azhar, Muhammad Khalil, Ihsan Ul Haq
61 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2021―Jul―07 A Review on the Advancements in COVID-19 Treatments and Vaccines Development Duaa Aslam Chaudhry, Kainat Waqar
62 [GO] Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review 2021―Jul―07 An Overview on the Ongoing Clinical Trials of COVID-19 Vaccines Syeda Komal Fatima, Ameena Tur Rasool, Ayesha Sabir, Gul Shahnaz
63 [GO] Global Drug Design & Development Review 2021―Jul―07 Conventional and Novel Treatment Strategies to Combat COVID-19 along with Review of most Affected Countries Rana Muhammad Awais Khan, Amjad Khan
64 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2021―Jul―05 Challenges to Fitness and Coaching During Covid-19 Raheela Anjum, Maheen Hashim Khan Burki, Muhammad Adnan Jahangir
65 [GO] Global Mass Communication Review 2021―Jun―28 The Negative Role of Social Media to Create Anxiety in University Students Amidst COVID-19 Humaira Irfan
66 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2021―Jun―16 Information Communication Technologies Hauling Out University Students' Effective Learning during COVID-19: A Qualitative Study Rashid Minas Wattoo, Muhammad Latif, Namra Munir
67 [GO] Global Strategic and Securities Review 2021―Jun―15 Post Covid-19 Comparison between Chinese and North American Film Industry: A Systematic Review of the Year 2020 Cinema Mudassar Hussain Shah, Muhammad Yaqoub, Zhang Jingwu
68 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Jun―11 Perceptions of Pakistani Students on Online Classes During COVID-19 Ayesha Butt, Fareeha Javed, Sameera Ayub Bhatti
69 [GO] Global Language Review 2021―Jun―07 An Ecolinguistic Analysis of Metafunctions of Language in Pakistani COVID-19 Advertorials Rabia Gul, Saddam Hussain, Shaukat Ali
70 [GO] Global Mass Communication Review 2021―Jun―07 Newspapers in Peril: Rationalizing the Economic Challenges of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) upon Regional Journalists in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan Farheen Qasim Nizamani, Muhammad Qasim Nizamani, Sikandar Hussain Soomro
71 [GO] Global Economics Review 2021―Jun―05 Impact of COVID-19 and Coping Policies Implemented by Higher Education Institutions in South-Asian Countries: Systematic Review Shaheen Fatima, Nisar Ahmad, Samreen Fatima
72 [GO] Global Economics Review 2021―Jun―05 COVID-19: Socio-Economic Implications for Pakistan Ijaz Khalid, Aneela Akbar, Hina Malik
73 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Jun―03 E-Learning Resources for Effective Teaching Learning Practices at University Level during COVID-19 Rashid Minas Wattoo, Navid Jamil Malik, Muhammad Asif Shahzad
74 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Jun―03 Study Habits of Allama Iqbal Open University Learners during COVID-19: Advantages and Dis-Advantages Aqsa Saleem, Shafaq Arif, Muhammad Shahid Tufail
75 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2021―May―25 Global Diagnostic Trends of Coronavirus Sidra Afzal, Tania Naveel, Mahira Afzal
76 [GO] Global Regional Review 2021―Mar―17 Least-Square Models with Structural Breaks for Price-Demand Relationship of Prevention-Commodities to Covid-19 Disease: Evidence from Pooled Weekly Data of Hand Sanitizers, Face-Masks and Vitamin-C Supplements Aziz Ahmed, Nagina Gul, Muhammad Shakeel
77 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2021―Feb―09 21st Century Leadership Skills Practiced by School Leaders in Pakistan During COVID-19 Pandemic Mehr Bakht, Salma Nazar Khan, Gerardo L Blanco
78 [GO] Global Legal Studies Review 2021―Feb―08 The Smokescreen of Media during COVID-19 and Its Perpetual Resolutions: A Thick Description Malik Adnan, Irem Sultana, Muhammad Basharat Hameed
79 [GO] Global Mass Communication Review 2021―Feb―08 Role of Print Media During COVID-19: A Content Analysis of Daily Mashriq and Daily Aaj in Pakistan Muhammad Shahid, Amna Istimraj, Umair Nawaz
80 [GO] Global Educational Studies Review 2021―Feb―06 Online Learning at University Level amid COVID-19 Outbreak: A Survey of UMT Students Tanveer Hussain, Shanawer Rafique, Abdul Basit
81 [GO] Global Regional Review 2021―Feb―05 Interplay of COVID-19 induced Stress and Psychological Effects on Students' Language Learning: A Mixed Approach Mamona Yasmin Khan, Fariha Chaudhary, Aqsa Choudhry
82 [GO] Global Regional Review 2021―Jan―16 Urban Women Household Experiences during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Turbat Kech Baluchistan Nooral Barkat, Sadia Saeed, Rahat Shah
83 [GO] Global Regional Review 2021―Jan―02 COVID-19 Pandemic: Implications of Public Health Emergency on Migration and Repatriation in Pakistan Mahwish Zeeshan, Aneela Sultana, Sohima Anzuk
84 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2020―Dec―31 Empowering Online Methods of Student-Teacher Communication: The Opportunities and Challenges of Web-Based Technologies and Social Media During COVID-19 Lockdown Nasrin Akhter, Muhammad Naseer Ud Din, Muhammad Imran
85 [GO] Global Language Review 2020―Oct―27 An Investigation into the Effectiveness of MALL during COVID-19 at the Higher Education in Pakistani EFL Classrooms Mamona Yasmin Khan, Huda Tufail
86 [GO] Global Economics Review 2020―Aug―17 Our Current Misunderstanding of COVID-19 and the Valid Approach to Research: Should We Reopen the World Economy? Robert C Sinclair, Rajeev Kumar
87 [GO] Global Social Sciences Review 2020―Aug―05 Covid-19: Studying Policy Gap in Relation to Role of Primary Health Care in Pakistan Shaheer Ellahi Khan, Abid Ghafoor Chaudhry, Mahwish Zeeshan
88 [GO] Global Political Review 2020―Jul―29 Question of US Hegemony and COVID-19 Pandemic Shabana Fayyaz, Salma Malik

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