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1 [GO] Primary Health Care 2023―Jun―21 Use of video group consultations by general practice staff during the COVID-19 pandemic Eleanor Scott, Laura Swaithes, Gwenllian Wynne-Jones, Andrew Finney
2 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2023―May―22 Stress and loneliness: exploring adolescents’ use of social media as a coping strategy during COVID-19 Jalal Kayed Damra, Mutasem Mohammad Akour, Omar Al Omari
3 [GO] Nursing Standard 2023―May―09 Researching nurses’ use of digital technology during the COVID-19 pandemic Dawn Dowding, Sarah Skyrme, Rebecca Randell, Louise Newbould, Muhammad Faisal, Nick Hardiker
4 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2023―Mar―20 Virtual and online learning during COVID-19: the experience of community children’s nursing students Mark Whiting, Lisa Whiting, Karen Roberts-Edema, Caroline Boyle, Heather Lane, Mark Millar, Theresa Titchener
5 [GO] Nursing Management 2023―Jan―24 The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on front-line nurses’ professional quality of life Moayed Khamees Shaheen, Nidal Fareed Eshah, Mohammad Mahmoud Suliman, Mohammed Sa’d ALBashtawy
6 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2023―Jan―23 Prosopagnosia (face blindness) and child health during the COVID-19 pandemic Rachel Abraham Joseph, Beth Carter
7 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2023―Jan―10 Reflecting on professional self-disclosure and supportive relationships with foster carers during the COVID-19 pandemic Philip John Archard, Isobel Moore, Michelle O’Reilly, Pallab Majumder, Dan Warrender, Tina Adkins, Emma Tilbury
8 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2023―Jan―03 Cancer nurses face ‘perfect storm’ after COVID pandemic
9 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2023―Jan―03 Cancer nurses have experienced ‘moral injury’ due to the pandemic Jennifer Sprinks
10 [GO] Nurse Researcher 2022―Dec―21 Managing the elephant in the room: responding to COVID-19’s impact on data collection Elizabeth Flannery, Kath Peters, Gillian Murphy, Elizabeth Halcomb, Lucie M Ramjan
11 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2022―Dec―08 Supporting staff at a low secure mental health setting during the COVID-19 pandemic Hannah Neyton, Ruth Hagan, Claire Nagi
12 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Nov―02 Flu vaccines: how COVID-19 has influenced nurses’ attitudes Erin Dean
13 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Nov―01 Supporting person-centred dementia care following the COVID-19 pandemic Christopher Jon Waters
14 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2022―Oct―13 Supporting the mental health of children and young people with learning disabilities during COVID-19 Jacqui Wood, Tracey Ann Hartley-Smith
15 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Oct―05 Student attrition: what’s happening with the COVID-19 cohort? Alison Stacey
16 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Oct―05 Reviewing evidence for COVID-19 guidance Dinah Gould, Edward Purssell
17 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Sep―29 Moral distress in advanced practice nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic Emily Wood, Rachel King, Bethany Taylor, Steve Robertson, Michaela Senek, Angela Tod, Tony Ryan
18 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2022―Sep―22 Effect of COVID-19 on cancer research nursing services Ben Hood, Ruth Boyd, Tracey Crowe, Karen Turner, Sandy Wellman, Hannah Brown, Alice Johnson
19 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2022―Jun―23 COVID-19: intellectual disability nurses and the role of networking during a pandemic Liz Hartnett, Martin McNamara
20 [GO] Nurse Researcher 2022―Jun―07 The impact of COVID-19 on doctoral research: adapting to the challenges and the opportunities of disruption Karen Evans
21 [GO] Nurse Researcher 2022―Jun―07 What have we learned from the pandemic? Liz Halcomb
22 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―Jun―06 Role of retrieval nurse practitioners in safely transferring critically ill adults and children during COVID-19 Joanna Davies, Karen Starkie, Shelley Riphagen
23 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―May―30 Transforming staff training at an acute trust in response to COVID-19 Amy Louise Clark-Maxwell
24 [GO] Nursing Older People 2022―May―18 Effects of social isolation and restrictions on older people during the COVID-19 pandemic Sandra Dunford, Joanne Brooke
25 [GO] Nurse Researcher 2022―May―12 The changing paradigm of research delivery during a pandemic - a reflective account Claire L Whitehouse, Clair Harris, Paul Charlton, Naomi Hare
26 [GO] Primary Health Care 2022―May―11 COVID-19 and diabetes: onset and challenges in management Val Wilson
27 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―May―05 Why we still need to be alert to COVID-19 in children Christine Walker
28 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―May―03 Readers’ panel: What effect would mandatory COVID-19 vaccination have on the nurse workforce?
29 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―May―03 Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for front-line nurses ‘highly likely’ Petra Kendall-Raynor
30 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―May―03 Nurse’s photos show pandemic realities
31 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―Apr―29 COVID-19 and children: the vital role of school nurses in the vaccination of young people Nick Evans
32 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―Apr―29 Will - and should - children and young people receive the COVID-19 vaccine? Christine Walker
33 [GO] Nursing Older People 2022―Apr―29 How can I support rehabilitation of care home residents after COVID-19? Fernanda Patrocinio, Helena Talbot-Rice
34 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Apr―28 COVID-19 underlines our need for an ethical code Howard Catton
35 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2022―Apr―05 Young people’s views on specialist mental healthcare and remote delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic Philip John Archard, Leanne Kulik, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Sewanu Awhangansi, Isobel Moore, Emma Giles, et al. (+2)
36 [GO] Nursing Older People 2022―Apr―05 What will older people’s care be like after the pandemic? Nicky Hayes
37 [GO] Primary Health Care 2022―Apr―04 What are the COVID-19 antiviral treatment options for vulnerable people? Kat Keogh
38 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2022―Mar―31 How one acute hospital responded to COVID-19 in people with learning disabilities Serena Jones
39 [GO] Nursing Management 2022―Mar―15 Supporting the well-being of nursing students and student midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic Monica Donovan, Barry Gerard Quinn, Clare Hughes, Deirdre O’Neill
40 [GO] Primary Health Care 2022―Mar―09 Restarting spirometry testing: considering and minimising the risks posed by COVID-19 Debbie Duncan
41 [GO] Nursing Older People 2022―Mar―09 Implementing COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures in long-term care settings Jennie Walker
42 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―Mar―03 Child obesity and the pandemic effect: how nurses can help Nick Evans
43 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2022―Feb―28 Treating vulnerable people with COVID-19 antivirals Kat Keogh
44 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2022―Feb―24 Evaluating the written information about COVID-19 provided to people with learning disabilities Kimya Yausaman Toussi, Kumaresan Cithambaram
45 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2022―Feb―07 Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on the work of a children’s clinical research facility Allyson Gray
46 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2022―Feb―03 More students: another COVID-19 booster Christine Walker
47 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2022―Jan―25 Exploring nursing students’ experiences as paid employees during the COVID-19 pandemic Anita Jane Green, Alice Jane Blunden
48 [GO] Nursing Standard 2022―Jan―05 New year’s honours recognise efforts during COVID-19 and beyond
49 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2022―Jan―04 Using vital signs measurements to identify patients with COVID-19 who require early continuous positive airway pressure Chiara Colombo, Andrea Albani, Francesco Banfi, Maria Antonietta Maltana, Luca Meroni, Paolo Villa, Anna Maria Brambilla
50 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Dec―16 COVID-19-related stressors and coping strategies of support staff working with people with learning disabilities Alan Nuttall, Emma Douglass, Kris Deering
51 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Dec―08 Nutritional interventions in older people with COVID-19: an overview of the evidence Stacey Jones, Elizabeth Archer, Dilek Ongan, Cecilia Morais, Robert Speer, Amalia Tsagari, et al. (+2)
52 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Dec―01 Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and what it means for your role Andrea Downey
53 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Dec―01 COVID-19 vaccine to be mandatory for NHS staff in England
54 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Nov―30 Care home team made family visits possible despite pandemic Elaine Cole
55 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Nov―29 Evaluation of an emotional well-being at work programme for supporting health visiting teams during COVID-19 Sharin Baldwin, Rachel Stephen, Patricia Kelly, Philippa Bishop
56 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Nov―09 Applying public health theory to practice in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Patricia Owen
57 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Nov―04 Malaria vaccine: why we should keep some perspective with children and COVID-19 Doreen Crawford
58 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Nov―04 COVID-19 vaccine rollout for children aged 12-15 Kat Keogh
59 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Nov―03 The facts about the COVID-19 booster jab Helen Donovan
60 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Nov―03 Refusal to have coronavirus jab ‘not a fitness to practise issue’
61 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Sep―01 COVID-19 and acute kidney injury: identifying patients at risk Erin Dean
62 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Sep―01 Understanding the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on nurses from ethnic minority backgrounds Irtiza Qureshi, Rebecca Garcia, Nasreen Ali, Gurch Randhawa
63 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Sep―01 Learning to rise to the pandemic’s challenges Lenka Huntley
64 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―Aug―31 Suicide prevention resource helps nurses cope with pandemic and mental health
65 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2021―Aug―10 Role and needs of nurses in managing the mental health effects of COVID-19 Satwant Singh
66 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Aug―05 Exploring the role of effective nurse leadership during COVID-19 Barry Gerard Quinn, Catherine McLaughlin, Anna Bunting, Lynsey McLaughlin, Susanna Scales, Stephanie Craig, Shannon Copeland
67 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Aug―05 Supporting the well-being of nurses working during COVID-19 Debbie Duncan, Alison Smart
68 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Aug―05 What happens now? The state of nursing after the COVID-19 pandemic Nick Evans
69 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Aug―05 Gloves: a COVID-19-driven habit nurses need to break Dinah Gould
70 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Aug―05 COVID-19: experiences and contributions of learning disability nurses during the first wave of the pandemic Carmel Bond, Gemma Stacey, Ellie Gordon, David Harling
71 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Aug―05 More than 200 nurses report suicide attempts in pandemic Kimberley Hackett
72 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Aug―02 COVID-19, acute kidney injury and the risk of long-term renal damage Erin Dean
73 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Aug―02 Should there be a COVID-19 vaccine roll-out for children - and could school nurses be key? Nick Evans
74 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―30 Readers’ panel: Should free public parking for nurses remain after COVID-19 restrictions end?
75 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―30 COVID-19 vaccinations to be mandatory for care home staff
76 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―30 Could coronavirus vaccination become compulsory for all nurses? Erin Dean
77 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―30 Queen’s birthday honours: pandemic ‘shines a light’ on nurses’ achievements
78 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―Jun―29 NMC says COVID-19 vaccination messages need to be more inclusive and appropriate
79 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jun―28 How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health Elaine Tomlins, Alison Farmer
80 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jun―28 Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with mesothelioma and their carers Bethany Taylor, Angela Tod, Clare Gardiner, Lorraine Creech, Faye Forde, Liz Darlison
81 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jun―28 COVID-19: diary of a cancer nurse specialist John Robertson
82 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jun―28 Cancer and COVID-19: the psychological effects Nikki Morris
83 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jun―28 After pandemic restrictions end, nurses will need to hit the reset button Jennifer Sprinks
84 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Jun―03 NMC says COVID-19 vaccination messages need to be more inclusive and appropriate
85 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Jun―03 When the pandemic ends we will need to find ways to improve staff morale Sophie Blakemore
86 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―02 How we rose to the leadership challenges of COVID-19
87 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―02 Demoralised and considering leaving: the toll of COVID-19 and a pay offer ‘insult’ Erin Dean
88 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jun―02 Readers’ panel: Would better flexible working options help nurses recover from the pandemic?
89 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Jun―01 When it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations, should nurses have a choice? Nicky Hayes
90 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Jun―01 Early implementation of the Enhanced Health in Care Homes model due to COVID-19: a service review Sharon Louise Riverol, Rosie McCarthy
91 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Jun―01 How can further deconditioning be prevented in older people after COVID-19? Emma Swinnerton
92 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2021―May―06 How nurses can support children and young people’s mental health during COVID-19 Nick Evans
93 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―May―05 COVID-19: where to find support for emotional and financial hardship Daniel Allen
94 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―May―05 What we know so far about the risks of coronavirus reinfection Daniel Allen
95 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 Encouraging minority staff to vaccinate for COVID-19 Angela Little
96 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―May―04 Counting the long-term cost of COVID-19 cardiac complications Nick Evans
97 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 COVID-19 may prompt us to reassess our work-life balance Jennifer Sprinks
98 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 Services may be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patient backlog Melinda Gillen
99 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 COVID-19: Six strategies for cancer nursing care Nikki Morris
100 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 Lung cancer or COVID-19? How to differentiate between similar presentations Lynne Pearce
101 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―May―04 Women are at risk during pandemic
102 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Apr―22 Understanding effective nurse leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic Anne Harrington
103 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Apr―07 Managing malnutrition in older adults in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic Sue Baic
104 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Apr―01 Implications and advice on getting COVID-19 vaccine consent Jonathan Beebee
105 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Apr―01 COVID-19: nurses’ distress higher than for colleagues Kimberley Hackett
106 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Mar―31 COVID-19 one year on: how nurses rose to the challenge Nick Evans
107 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Mar―30 As the threat of COVID-19 reduces, it’s time to look after yourselves Nicky Hayes
108 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Mar―29 What it is like working in the UK’s biggest clinic during the mass COVID-19 vaccination roll-out Clare Henderson
109 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Mar―08 Moving from face-to-face to telephone assessments with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic Ruth Burgess
110 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Mar―04 How will the new strains of COVID-19 affect children and young people? Erin Dean
111 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Mar―04 COVID-19 and mental health: the fallout for children and young people Christine Walker
112 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2021―Mar―04 COVID-19 and mental health: why nurses will have a key role in people’s recovery and support Daniel Allen
113 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Mar―03 COVID-19 vaccination: your guide to consent Erin Dean
114 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Mar―03 Readers’ panel: How can nurses address patient and staff concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine?
115 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Mar―03 A baby, a pandemic - and the final year of a nursing degree Alex Richardson
116 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Mar―01 COVID-19 vaccination and cancer: what you need to know Daniel Allen
117 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Mar―01 COVID-19 vaccine and chemotherapy: advice and guidance Daniel Allen
118 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Mar―01 Nurses have an important role in health awareness during the pandemic Carole Farrell
119 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Feb―22 Managing malnutrition in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic Sue Baic
120 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Feb―15 Supporting nurses’ recovery during and following the COVID-19 pandemic Jennifer Jackson
121 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Feb―04 How to ensure service users with needle phobia get vaccinated during COVID-19 Wendy Johnson
122 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Feb―04 Managing an outbreak of COVID-19 in a learning disability setting Kirsty Rodgers, Seana McAliskey, Patricia McKinney, Kelly Anderson, Chloe Jade McDonald, Mary Hanrahan
123 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Feb―04 Nurses recognised for COVID-19 response
124 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Feb―04 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: what to say to allay patients’ concerns Erin Dean
125 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2021―Feb―04 COVID-19 vaccine: why people with learning disabilities should be a priority group Lynne Pearce
126 [GO] Nursing Management 2021―Feb―04 How we’re handling abuse of staff during the pandemic Beverley Geary
127 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Feb―03 Fears grow over COVID-19 and damage to the heart Nick Evans
128 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Feb―03 COVID-19 vaccination: have you had yours? Nick Evans
129 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Feb―03 Readers’ panel: Should nursing students be paid for clinical placements beyond COVID-19?
130 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Feb―02 Visiting care homes during COVID-19 Lynne Pearce
131 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Feb―02 COVID-19 vaccine consent and dementia: implications and advice Sarah Russell, Kerry Lyons, Mutsai Hove Bird
132 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Feb―02 How do I manage delirium in older people with COVID-19? Angeline Price
133 [GO] Nursing Older People 2021―Feb―02 During the pandemic care home nurses have proven there is more than one front line Jennifer Trueland
134 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Feb―01 What to say to allay your patients’ concerns over the COVID-19 vaccine Erin Dean
135 [GO] Primary Health Care 2021―Feb―01 Giving the COVID-19 vaccine to people living with dementia Sarah Russell, Kerry Lyons, Mutsai Hove Bird
136 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jan―13 What to do when COVID-19 and anxiety collide Daniel Allen
137 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jan―13 New year’s honours recognise care and dedication in COVID-19 response John Ely, Kimberley Hackett
138 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jan―13 COVID-19 results need to be given with care Sam Mabey Puttock
139 [GO] Nursing Standard 2021―Jan―13 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: what to say to allay patients’ concerns Erin Dean
140 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Jan―07 COVID-19: when will we return to some sort of normality? Carli Whittaker
141 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2021―Jan―07 Will you get vaccinated against COVID-19? Neil Brimblecombe
142 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2021―Jan―07 Managing bronchiolitis during the pandemic: prepare for a winter surge Erin Dean
143 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―Jan―06 Portrait sums up nurses’ commitment during COVID-19 Jo Stephenson
144 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―Jan―06 Preparing for a winter surge of bronchiolitis during the COVID-19 pandemic Erin Dean
145 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2021―Jan―06 Emergency measures revise nurse-to-patient ratio in pandemic
146 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jan―05 How cancer services have adapted to the challenges of COVID-19 Nick Evans
147 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jan―05 COVID-19: ‘even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise’ Jennifer Sprinks
148 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jan―05 Lung cancer and COVID-19: ensuring patients stay safe Lavinia Magee
149 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2021―Jan―05 A safe place for cancer care during the pandemic Dame Laura Lee
150 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Dec―02 COVID-19 and smoking: what you need to know to help Martin Dockrell, Jamie Waterall
151 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Dec―02 Readers’ panel - Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory for front-line staff?
152 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Dec―02 Picture a pandemic - giving voice to the nursing students of 2020 Jennifer Trueland
153 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Nov―26 All at sea during COVID-19 - anyone got a bilge pump? Wendy Johnson
154 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Nov―26 Nurses contribute to book about COVID-19 experiences Christine Walker
155 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Nov―26 COVID-19: how to lead and support your team in the second wave Daniel Allen
156 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Nov―26 Will service users fare better during the second wave of COVID-19? Christine Walker
157 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Nov―26 New matrons: stepping up during the pandemic Katie Haywood, Louise Duce
158 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Nov―26 During the pandemic the executive nurse director role will be vital Barry Quinn
159 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Nov―24 Leading nurse urges against redeployment of stroke specialist during the pandemic
160 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Nov―24 Care home nurses’ survey reveals a sector facing difficult decisions during the pandemic Jennifer Trueland
161 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Nov―11 How I survived COVID-19 shielding in the first wave Linda Young
162 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Nov―11 College backs review of resuscitation use during pandemic
163 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Nov―10 Marcus Rashford and the long-term effects of COVID-19 Christine Walker
164 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Nov―09 COVID-19 deaths: what we need in the next phase Julie Pearce
165 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Nov―09 Care for people bereaved during the pandemic Debbie Critoph, Stephanie Smith
166 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Nov―04 Trial tests BCG vaccine against COVID-19
167 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Nov―04 The emotional cost of COVID-19 care Flavia Munn
168 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Nov―04 Coping with future COVID-19 deaths Julie Pearce
169 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Nov―04 Queen recognises nurses’ professionalism during the pandemic
170 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Nov―04 Readers’ panel - Is enough being done to support nurses’ mental health during the pandemic?
171 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Oct―05 Reflecting on nursing practice during the COVID-19 pandemic Jane Brindley
172 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Sep―30 COVID-19 and sepsis: what do the similarities mean for nurses and patients? Jennifer Trueland
173 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Sep―30 Has your COVID-19 experience made you rethink your nursing role? Erin Dean
174 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Sep―24 We should all connect with the vulnerable during COVID-19 Paula Hopes
175 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Sep―24 When COVID-19 started, CPD almost stopped Erin Dean
176 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Sep―23 Managing recovery from COVID-19 Kat Keogh
177 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Sep―23 Coronavirus in the community: the innovations helping nursing services keep up Jennifer Trueland
178 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Sep―23 Keeping anticoagulant services flowing during the pandemic Daniel Allen
179 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Sep―22 Care home staff put at risk of COVID-19 infection John Ely
180 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Sep―22 What innovations in care for older people have emerged during the pandemic? Lynne Pearce
181 [GO] Nurse Researcher 2020―Sep―16 Research students need support during the COVID-19 pandemic Liz Halcomb
182 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―Sep―09 Managing recovery from COVID-19 Kat Keogh
183 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―Sep―09 How survivor’s guilt affects COVID-19 patients Gwendolyn Saalmink, Heather Iles-Smith
184 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 Vital signs that point to links between COVID-19 and sepsis Sophie Blakemore
185 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 What do the similarities between COVID-19 and sepsis mean for nurses and patients? Jennifer Trueland
186 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 Infection prevention and control in emergency departments during the COVID-19 pandemic Lynne Pearce
187 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 Front-line healthcare staff at greater risk of COVID-19 than public
188 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 Toe discolouration possible symptom of coronavirus
189 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Sep―08 Reliance on early warning scores may have caused delays in care during the pandemic
190 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Sep―07 Can survivors of COVID-19 later experience guilt? Gwendolyn Saalmink, Heather Iles-Smith
191 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Sep―07 COVID-19-friendly treatments prove successful
192 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Sep―07 Pandemic has caused delays in cancer care, survey reveals Stephanie Jones-Berry
193 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Sep―02 Facing the psychological fall out of COVID-19 Nick Evans
194 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Sep―02 When COVID-19 started, the CPD almost stopped Erin Dean
195 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Sep―02 Readers’ panel - How prepared is the NHS for a second wave of COVID-19?
196 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Aug―05 How nutrition can aid recovery from COVID-19 Nick Evans
197 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Aug―05 Nutritional advice during and after COVID-19 Erin Dean
198 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Jul―30 How to make PPE less daunting for service users during COVID-19 Lynne Pearce
199 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jul―30 COVID-19 has taught us not to wait for help with grief Debbie Ripley
200 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jul―30 Redeployed staff and better teamwork: how COVID-19 has transformed nursing Peter Forbes, Alison Finch
201 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jul―30 COVID-19: how nurse managers are dealing with the psychological toll of the pandemic Alison Moore
202 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Jul―30 What will the ‘new normal’ be for nurses post COVID-19? Helen Laverty
203 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jul―30 Nurse managers must be prepared for the aftermath of the pandemic Sophie Blakemore
204 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Jul―30 Lecturers’ rousing video lifts spirits in pandemic
205 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jul―29 Safety issues nurses need to consider during COVID-19 Marie Therese Massey
206 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jul―29 Capitalising on the astonishing work of community nurses during COVID-19 Julie Green
207 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jul―29 COVID-19: school nursing guidance Petra Kendall Raynor
208 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jul―29 We should not overlook women’s sexual health during the pandemic Sharne Bellia, Leah East
209 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jul―22 The role of the nurse in supporting patients with asthma during the COVID-19 pandemic Deborah Louise Duncan
210 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Jul―14 COVID-19 and severe asthma: what to advise patients Erin Dean
211 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―Jul―14 How COVID-19 complicates existing mental health conditions Lynne Pearce
212 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Jul―14 COVID-19 has pushed children’s safeguarding issues under the radar Doreen Crawford
213 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Jul―14 Guidance on school nursing during the COVID-19 pandemic Petra Kendall-Raynor
214 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Jul―14 COVID-19: study indicates racism contributes to higher risk of death for BAME nursing staff
215 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―Jul―14 What’s next for mental health nursing after COVID-19? Neil Brimblecombe
216 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Jul―13 Essential training is still possible during COVID-19 Jen Wilkins
217 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Jul―13 COVID-19 link to new inflammatory syndrome
218 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Jul―13 How the COVID-19 lockdown affects children’s risk of injury at home Erin Dean
219 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Jul―13 ‘Exhausted’ nurses will need support to restart services after the pandemic
220 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Jul―09 COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on oncology patients and staff Carole Farrell
221 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Jul―09 COVID-19: guiding people with advanced cancer Mary van Zyl
222 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―Jul―09 Attendance drops during pandemic
223 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 Diabetes and care homes: how to manage risk related to COVID-19 Erin Dean
224 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 Nurses on the front line of COVID-19 research trials Nick Evans
225 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 COVID-19: Empowering patients with advance care Hazel Ridgers
226 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 How to approach ethical dilemmas in a pandemic Duncan Hamilton, Ann Gallagher
227 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 NMC softens sanctions during pandemic
228 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jul―08 Readers’ panel - Should FtP sanctions have been lifted for some nurses amid the pandemic?
229 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 Community nursing will be transformed as a result of COVID-19 Rosy Watson
230 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 How can we protect BAME nurses during the COVID-19 crisis? Erin Dean
231 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 How to harness your COVID-19 experience for reflective practice Erin Dean
232 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 COVID-19: diary of an emergency nurse
233 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 COVID-19: how to avoid skin damage while wearing PPE Erin Dean
234 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 COVID-19: NICE guidance on community and end of life care Erin Dean
235 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 COVID-19: when you can refuse to treat a patient due to inadequate PPE Erin Dean
236 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 How the pandemic complicates existing mental health conditions Lynne Pearce
237 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Jun―03 Care in a pandemic: the new realities of nursing in the community
238 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 How COVID-19 can affect nurses’ mental health and what to do about it Lynne Pearce
239 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 Has the COVID-19 crisis changed community nursing in the UK forever? Julie Penfold
240 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 How COVID-19 is reshaping social care nursing Joanne Bosanquet, Richard Adams
241 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 Exceptional community nursing care during the COVID-19 pandemic Crystal Oldman
242 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 A community nurse reflects on changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic Clare Mechen
243 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 All the information on COVID-19 you need
244 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 Community nursing and COVID-19: ‘Things won’t go back to how they were’ Rosy Watson
245 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 COVID-19: NICE guidance on end of life care Erin Dean
246 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 COVID-19: the steps to take when your shift ends to stay safe at home Erin Dean
247 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Jun―02 COVID-19: when you can refuse to treat a patient due to inadequate PPE Erin Dean
248 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 COVID-19: when you can refuse to treat a patient due to inadequate PPE Erin Dean
249 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Jun―02 Pandemic poses new tests of nursing leadership Sally Bassett, Helen Stanley
250 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Jun―01 Infection Prevention Society issues guidelines on managing COVID-19 in care home sector
251 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Jun―01 Some care homes may not survive the pandemic Anita Astle
252 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Jun―01 Forgotten nurses of the pandemic Jennifer Trueland
253 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 Concerns over COVID-19 deaths data Christine Walker
254 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 Lead nurse demands details of COVID-19 fatalities Stephanie Jones-Berry
255 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for learning disability nurses Erin Dean
256 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 What’s new about our COVID-19 world? Wendy Johnson
257 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 COVID-19: infection prevention and control advice for all healthcare settings Erin Dean
258 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 COVID-19: when you can refuse to treat a patient due to inadequate PPE Erin Dean
259 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―May―28 Pandemic signals a sea change for nursing students Sam Abdulla
260 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―May―13 What the COVID-19 pandemic tells us about the need to develop resilience in the nursing workforce Deborah Louise Duncan
261 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―May―07 Service users offered online help during COVID-19 crisis Nick Lipley
262 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―May―07 Remembering to be kind during the COVID-19 pandemic Nick Lipley
263 [GO] Mental Health Practice 2020―May―07 Coronavirus not a ‘mental health crisis,’ healthcare experts warn
264 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 New picture book informs children about COVID-19
265 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 COVID-19 and children: what nurses can do to help Imelda Coyne
266 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 Children’s nurses will face new challenges when the COVID-19 pandemic ends Carli Whittaker
267 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 Thousands of nursing students and former nurses join the COVID-19 temporary register
268 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 COVID-19: charity advises on treating seriously ill children Kimberley Hackett
269 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 COVID-19: how redeployment is affecting children’s services Nick Evans
270 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―May―06 COVID-19: infection prevention and control advice for all healthcare settings Erin Dean
271 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―May―05 ED attendances tumble during COVID-19 outbreak
272 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―May―05 COVID-19: diary of an emergency nurse
273 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―May―05 COVID-19: how we prepared for the surge to come Roisin Devlin
274 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―May―05 COVID-19: infection prevention and control advice for all healthcare settings Erin Dean
275 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―May―05 Online tool will track effects of pandemic on child health services
276 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 Despite COVID-19 cancer nurses continue to do all they can for their patients Daniel Allen
277 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 Marie Curie launches appeal to continue front-line service during the COVID-19 crisis
278 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 COVID-19 helpline opens for nurses
279 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 COVID-19: implications for people receiving cancer treatment Erin Dean
280 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 COVID-19: infection prevention and control advice for all healthcare settings Erin Dean
281 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 COVID-19: staff well-being initiatives are vital Sara Lister
282 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 Charities issue coronavirus advice for people with cancer Kat Keogh
283 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 Charities cut funding during pandemic
284 [GO] Cancer Nursing Practice 2020―May―04 We need a plan for the pandemic’s aftermath Nikki Morris
285 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health - and what to do about it Lynne Pearce
286 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 Readers’ panel - Has the COVID-19 pandemic changed public perceptions of nursing?
287 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 Nurse recovering from COVID-19 praises hospital colleagues for saving her life
288 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 Review will assess whether ethnicity is a COVID-19 risk factor
289 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 COVID-19: the steps to take when your shift ends to stay safe at home Erin Dean
290 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 COVID-19: your guide to the big issues Daniel Allen
291 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―29 Practice in a pandemic: how nurses stepped up Erin Dean
292 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―06 COVID-19: infection prevention and control advice for all healthcare settings Erin Dean
293 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―06 COVID-19: working within the limits of your competence Mandy Day-Calder
294 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―06 Should nursing students go into practice early to help tackle COVID-19?
295 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Apr―06 Coronavirus and the human factors in hand hygiene Richard Hatchett
296 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Mar―26 Coronavirus: how to spot suspected cases of COVID-19 Erin Dean
297 [GO] Nursing Management 2020―Mar―26 Coronavirus ‘challenge of a generation’, says chief nurse Kimberley Hackett
298 [GO] Learning Disability Practice 2020―Mar―26 Coronavirus: advice is available for you and your client Christine Walker
299 [GO] Primary Health Care 2020―Mar―25 QNI raises concerns over home testing of coronavirus Stephanie Jones-Berry
300 [GO] Nursing Older People 2020―Mar―24 Coronavirus comment ‘taken out of context’, says dementia nurse
301 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Mar―12 Coronavirus: how to spot suspected cases of Covid-19 Erin Dean
302 [GO] Nursing Children and Young People 2020―Mar―12 RCN publishes Covid-19 resource
303 [GO] Emergency Nurse 2020―Mar―10 Coronavirus: how to spot suspected cases of Covid-19 Erin Dean
304 [GO] Nursing Standard 2020―Feb―05 Wuhan novel coronavirus Erin Dean

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