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1 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2023―May―30 Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and Associated Factors Among Health Care Workers at the Departmental and Teaching Hospital of Borgou (Republic of Benin) in 2022 Cossi Angelo Attinsounon, Cossi Angelo Attinsounon, Alidjinou Kazali, Vodounou Amos, Acakpo Jocelyn, Dovonou Albert, Dovonou Albert
2 [GO] Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 2023―May―30 Stochastic Model for Pricing Normal Bonds when Maturity Periods Cross Over to Pandemic Period Sulaiman Sani, Siphelele Lushaba
3 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2023―May―29 Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19 Management: A Systematic Review Samaneh Mohammadi, Samaneh Mohammadi, SeyedAhmad SeyedAlinaghi, Mohammad Heydari, Zahra Pashaei, Zahra Pashaei, et al. (+16)
4 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2023―Mar―24 Computer Users Sitting Posture Classification Using Distinct Feature Points and Small Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Humana Computer Intelligent Interactive System During COVID-19 Jheanel Estrada, Jheanel Estrada, Jheanel Estrada, Larry Vea
5 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2023―Mar―24 Knowledge Practice Gap Among Nurses Towards COVID-19 Patients’ Dead Body Care in a Tertiary Care Hospital Girraj Saini, Mahendra Singh, Prasan Kumar Panda, Maneesh Sharma, Pankaj Punjot, Raviprakash Meshram, Puneet Kumar Gupta
6 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2023―Mar―24 Socio-Demographic Depletion Due to COVID-19 Impact and Government Intervention: A Review in Bangladesh Mahmuda Khatun, Mashrat Jahan, Sumaya Siddika Kanta, Joyosre Rani Das
7 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2023―Mar―01 User Experiences and Usability Evaluation of COVID-19 Application Shimaa Abdullah Nagro
8 [GO] International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research 2023―Feb―28 Probabilistic Mechanics of Glass Suggests a Model for COVID-19 Epidemics Gabriele Pisano, Antonio Bonati, Gianni Royer Carfagni, Gianni Royer Carfagni
9 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2023―Feb―25 COVID-19 and Cause-Seeking. An Exploratory Study in Italy Maurizio Norcia, Elisa Colì
10 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2023―Feb―25 COVID-19 Pandemic and Religious Attributions. An Exploratory Study in Italy Maurizio Norcia, Elisa Colì
11 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2023―Feb―23 An Analytical Survey of Difficulty Faced in an Online Lecture During COVID-19 Pandemic Using CRISP-DM Manmohan Singh, Vinod Patidar, Shaheen Ayyub, Anita Soni, Monika Vyas, Dharmendra Sharma, Amol Ranadive
12 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2023―Feb―23 COV19-Dijkstra: A COVID-19 Propagation Model Based on Dijkstra’s Algorithm Arnaud Watusadisi Mavakala, Wilfried Yves Hamilton Adoni, Najib Ben Aoun, Najib Ben Aoun, Tarik Nahhal, Moez Krichen, et al. (+3)
13 [GO] American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 2022―Nov―29 Drug Repositioning in Response to COVID-19 and other Challenging Diseases Hyellavala Joseph Fomnya, Saidu Ibrahim Ngulde, Sarah Malgwi Gana, Garleya Bilbonga, Kazabu Ahmed Amshi, Chahari Alfred Midala, Kabiru Alhaji Garba
14 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2022―Oct―13 Prediction and Analysis of COVID-19 Cases using Regression Models: A Descriptive Case Study of India Ismail Keshta
15 [GO] American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences 2022―Sep―03 Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Smallholder Farmers on Corona Virus Pandemic in Nigeria Obot Akaninyene, Ozor Maurice, Nwankwo Temple, Obiekwe Ngozi
16 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2022―Aug―23 Factors Influencing Intention to use the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Application Vinh T. Nguyen, Chuyen T. H. Nguyen
17 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2022―Aug―23 Child Engagement with Digital Devices During the COVID-19 Epidemic in the Global South: Are our Parents and Children Equipped to Make the Best use of these? Rumel M. Saifur Rahman Pir, Md Forhad Rabbi, Jahirul Islam
18 [GO] Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 2022―Aug―23 A Mathematical Model and Analysis for the COVID-19 Infection Jonathan Tsetimi, Marcus Ifeanyi Ossaiugbo, Augustine Atonuje
19 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2022―Aug―23 Challenges and Opportunities of Growing Performance of Online Animal Selling in Bangladesh During COVID-19 Situation Md. Shahnur Azad Chowdhury, Md. Shahidul Islam, A. M. Shahabuddin, Mustafa Manir Chowdhury, Mohammad Shyfur Rahman Chowdhury, Farah Israt Tania, Mohammad Nazmul Hoq
20 [GO] American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology 2022―Aug―23 Association of Remdesivir with Poor Clinical Outcomes in COVID-19-A Single Center Experience Rajat Ranka, Prasan Kumar Panda, Yogesh Arvind Bahurupi, Disha Agarwal, Gaurav Chikara
21 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2022―Aug―23 Rhinovirus and SARS-COV-2 Co-Circulation: A Unique Insight on the Pandemic Pallavi Upadhyay, Vijay Singh
22 [GO] American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2022―May―25 Improving Social Responsibility of Intelligent Engineering under COVID-19 Weiwei Zhao, Zhou Jiang, Xia Liu, Jingshu Zhang, Xiongfei Ji, Ning Gan
23 [GO] American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences 2022―Mar―31 Perception, Frequency and Preference in Livestock-Origin Food Consumption During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Endang Sulastri, Annisa’ Qurrotun A’yun
24 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2022―Mar―18 Identity Based Motivation: The Impact on Student Identity During COVID-19 at a Small Midwestern University Renee Ann Just, Joel E. Lynch
25 [GO] American Journal of Environmental Sciences 2022―Mar―18 Challenges in Healthcare Waste Management of the UN 2030 Agenda in the COVID-19 Era Gabriella Marfe, Stefania Perna, Arturo Hermann
26 [GO] American Journal of Immunology 2022―Jan―20 Release of Endogenous Chondroitin Sulfate and Heparin as Consequence of Dysregulated Proteolysis in COVID-19 Marco Ruggiero
27 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2022―Jan―20 Social Sciences and Social Justice in the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Measures Against COVID-19 - the Case Study of France in 2020 Maria Verykiou, Laurent Denis, Cyril Pervilhac
28 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2022―Jan―20 Characteristics and Incidence of Candidemia in Hospitalized Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Patients Naana A Boachie, Jackie P. Johnston, Simi A. Philip, Kaede V. Sullivan, Maria Heaney
29 [GO] International Journal of Research in Nursing 2022―Jan―20 Nursing Leadership Challenges and Opportunities During COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Pandemic Response in Zambia Annette Mwansa Nkowane, Lonia Mwape, Peggy S. Chibuye, Clara Tembo
30 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2021―Dec―13 Distress About Covid-19 in Panama: Psychometric Structure Ericka Matus, Lorena Matus, Ana Florez, Ana Toriz, Alfredo Cuevas, Jay Molino
31 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Dec―13 SARS-CoV-2-Induced Damage on the Cardiovascular System: Molecular Mechanisms Mel·lina Pinsach-Abuin, Ramon Brugada Terradellas
32 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2021―Oct―18 Hoax Classification Corona Virus (COVID-19) News in Indonesian using the Support Vector Machine (SVM) Method Wiranto Herry Utomo, Karno Juni Prayoga
33 [GO] American Journal of Applied Sciences 2021―Sep―16 An Econometric Analysis of Home Field Advantage in the World’s Largest Sports: Pre and Post COVID-19 Outbreak Nazmul Islam, Peter LeRoux, Nicholas Correia
34 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2021―Sep―16 Impact and Control of Drug Therapy Guidelines for Tumor Patients During the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Razi Ahmed, Shafiza Mohd Shariff, Shahrinaz Ismail, Anwer Irshad Burney, Nawaf Waqas
35 [GO] American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 2021―Sep―16 Time-Resolution of Climate Change Monitoring Volcanic Cycles, Stromboli, Ocean Floor Biota and Pandemics (?) Giovanni Pietro Gregori, Gabriele Paparo
36 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2021―Jul―01 Detection and Diagnostic Approach of COVID-19 Based on Cough Sound Analysis Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani, Thabit Sultan Mohammed, Awni Ismail Sultan, Hasan Ismail Sultan, Khattab M. Ali Alheeti, Karim Mohammed Aljebory
37 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Jul―01 Prevalence and Clinical Correlates of COVID-19 Outbreak Among Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Level Hospital in Delhi Ankit Khurana, GP Kaushal, Rishi Gupta, Vansh Verma, Kabir Sharma, PM Kohli
38 [GO] Current Research in Dentistry 2021―Jul―01 Suspension of Certain Dental Procedures Due to COVID-19: A Source of Over-Prescription? Gowri Sivaramakrishnan, Fatema Al Sulaiti, Muneera Alsobaiei, Kannan Sridharan
39 [GO] Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 2021―Jul―01 Robust Modelling of Coronavirus Cases in Egypt: Poisson INARCH and Negative Binomial INARCH Hanan Elsaied
40 [GO] American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences 2021―Jun―04 Feline Infectious Peritonitis and Feline Coronavirus Interest During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Google Trends Analysis Mohammad Jokar, Vahid Rahmanian, Nader Sharifi, Narges Rahmanian, Hekmatollah Khoubfekr
41 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―03 COVID-19 Diagnosis in Asymptomatic: RT-qPCR or any other Cost-Effective Method? Mayank Agarwal, Yogesh Arvind Bahurupi, Prasan Kumar Panda
42 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Jun―03 Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients: Experience and Lessons from a Developing Country Sylvie Kolani, Houda Alami, El Harch ibtissam, Said Boujraf, Meryem Haloua, Youssef Alaoui Lamrani, et al. (+6)
43 [GO] American Journal of Agricultural and Biological Sciences 2021―May―20 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Implications on the Livelihoods of the Farmers Brivery Siamabele, Yunike Phiri
44 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―May―20 A Case of Leptospira Ards- “Obsession with COVID-19 Leading to Delayed Diagnosis of Common Disease Prakash Tendulkar, Divanshee Sharma, Mukesh Bairwa, Ravi Kant
45 [GO] Neuroscience International 2021―May―20 Thought Stopping Therapy to Anxiety Level on COVID-19 Pandemic ERA Shinta Dewi Kasih Bratha, Imron Rosyadi, Dewi Eka Putri
46 [GO] American Journal of Applied Sciences 2021―Apr―24 COVID-19 Reinfection and its Diagnostic Approach Ashish William, Ravinder Kaur
47 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Apr―24 COVID-19: A Review of Current Evidence on Phylogenetics and Etiopathogenesis Rafiq Shajahan, Naganathan K. Pillai
48 [GO] Journal of Social Sciences 2021―Apr―24 Social Distancing; Meaning, Adoption, Barriers and Social Implications as a Coronavirus Spread Mitigation Strategy in Kenya Keith Kiswili Julius
49 [GO] Neuroscience International 2021―Mar―30 Ischemic Stroke in the COVID-19 Patient Ivan Lozada-Martinez, Daniela M. Torres-Llin�s, Luis R. Moscote-Salazar, Sabrina Rahman, AHM Ataullah, Nazmul Huda Ridoy, Moshiur Rahman
50 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2021―Mar―17 First-Degree Polynomial Gradient Approach to Reveal the Severity of COVID-19 Pandemic in Affected Countries Dedy Rahman Wijaya, Anak Agung Gde Agung, Tora Fahrudin
51 [GO] American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology 2021―Mar―11 Variants Within over a Hundred Complete COVID-19 Genomes and the Impact on Health Security Sayed A.M. Amer
52 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021―Mar―11 Retrospective Observational Study of the Environmental Impact in SARS-CoV-2 Virus Transmission based on Exclusion Criteria Claudio Giorlandino, Alvaro Mesoraca, Marina Cupellaro, Marco Fabiani, Katia Margiotti
53 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020―Dec―18 Stochastic and Deterministic Mathematical Modeling and Simulation to Evaluate the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic Control Measures Eva Gupta, Nand Jee Kanu, Amartya Munot, Venkateshwara Sutar, Umesh Kumar Vates, Gyanendra Kumar Singh
54 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2020―Nov―19 Mining of Social Media on Covid-19 Big Data Infodemic in Indonesia Faisal Binsar, Tuga Mauritsius
55 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2020―Nov―19 An Enhanced Dynamic Source Routing Algorithm for the Mobile Ad-Hoc Network using Reinforcement learning under the COVID-19 Conditions Ehsan Moqimi, Amir Najafi, Mojtaba Ajami
56 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2020―Oct―03 Covid-19 Global Spread Analyzer: An ML-Based Attempt Rana Husni Al Mahmoud, Eman Omar, Khaled Taha, Mahmoud Al-Sharif, Abdullah Aref
57 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2020―Oct―03 A Time Series Forecasting for the Cumulative Confirmed and Critical Cases of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Model Samer H. Atawneh, Osamah A.M. Ghaleb, Ahmad MohdAziz Hussein, Mohammad Al-Madi, Bilal Shehabat
58 [GO] American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences 2020―Oct―03 Serological and Molecular Investigation of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus and Equine Herpesviruses in Horses at Southwestern Saudi Arabia Ali S. Alqahtani
59 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020―Aug―03 Is Hydroxychloroquine a Safe and Effective Choice for Covid-19 Prophylaxis Rodrigo Mois�s de Almeida-Leite, Tais Rondello Bonatti, Carolina Rodrigues Ponzoni, Ana Cristina da Cunha Korndorfer, Solange Bifani Tavares da Silva
60 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020―Jul―21 An Insight into the Simplified RP Transmission Network, Concise Baseline and SIR Models for Simulating the Transmissibility of the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak Eva Gupta, Nand Jee Kanu
61 [GO] Journal of Computer Science 2020―Jul―21 Prediction of Covid-19 Outbreak in India by Employing Epidemiological Models Sudheer Reddy K, Anji Reddy V, Mamatha K, Santhosh Kumar C
62 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020―Jun―25 COVID-19 Masquerading as Chikungunya Fever Waqas Ullah, Andrew Tran, Sohaib Roomi, Rehan Saeed, Usman Sarwar
63 [GO] American Journal of Infectious Diseases 2020―Jun―25 Evaluation of A Rapid IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Test for SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Single Italian Center Study Katia Margiotti, Marina Cupellaro, Sabrina Emili, Alvaro Mesoraca, Claudio Giorlandino

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