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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: University of Porto

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1 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2022―May―16 COVID-19 and Mobile Payment Diffusion: Lessons for Future Mass Diffusion and Continual Usage Cephas Paa Kwasi Coffie, Emmanuel Dortey Tetteh, Abraham Emuron, Joseph Asante Darkwah
2 [GO] Journal on Teaching Engineering 2022―Apr―07 Impact of COVID-19 on the Integrated Master of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Porto Tomás Freitas Rocha, João Soares, Jorge Miguel Paiva, Margarida Cruz, Lucas F. M. Da Silva
3 [GO] U Porto Journal of Engineering 2022―Feb―16 Teaching and Learning Sciences within the Covid-19 Pandemic Era in a Greek University Department Ioannis Rizos, Nikolaos Gkrekas
4 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2021―Aug―13 Big pharma’s search for a COVID-19 vaccine: Take It To The Limit! Jean-Pierre Segers, Elina Gaile-Sarkane
5 [GO] Educação Sociedade & Culturas 2021―Jul―22 “vírus” da exclusão socioeconômico-digital no ensino superior em tempos de COVID-19 Marinaide Freitas, Antonio Freitas, Andresso Torres, Ana Luísa Santos
6 [GO] Educação Sociedade & Culturas 2021―Jul―21 Tecnologias digitais e educação escolar em tempos de pandemia da COVID-19 Adriana Cavalcanti dos Santos, Nádson Araújo dos Santos, Wilton Petrus dos Santos
7 [GO] Educação Sociedade & Culturas 2021―Jul―21 Desigualdades e democracia na educação on-line durante a pandemia COVID-19 Stefano Schiavetto Amancio, Karoline Schnaider
8 [GO] Educação Sociedade & Culturas 2021―Jul―21 COVID-19 e desigualdades escolares Luana Muchacho, Carla Vilhena, Sandra T. Valadas
9 [GO] Educação Sociedade & Culturas 2021―Jul―21 Educação, tecnologias digitais e implicações da COVID-19 no sistema educacional brasileiro Flávia Marcele Cipriani, Antonio Flavio Barbosa Moreira
10 [GO] International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Safety 2021―Apr―30 COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2: Impact on healthcare workers in the pandemic’s initial months: Rapid review Rachel Malone
11 [GO] Revista Electrónica de Direito 2021―Mar―01 El acceso a las prestaciones sanitarias esenciales para hacer frente a la COVID-19 y los derechos de propiedad intelectual Maria Mercedes Curto Polo
12 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2021―Feb―15 Pneuma: entrepreneurial science in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic - a tale of industrialisation and international cooperation José Manuel Mendonça, Nuno Cruz, Daniel Vasconcelos, Carla Sá-Couto, António P. Moreira, Paulo Costa, et al. (+4)
13 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2020―Aug―18 On the structural barriers to public innovation support for SMEs and the opportunity COVID-19 can offer to overcome these barriers Matthias Deschryvere, Markku Mikkola, Steffen Conn
14 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2020―Apr―30 Analysing the Sentiments towards Work-From-Home Experience during COVID-19 Pandemic Akash Dutt Dubey, Shreya Tripathi
15 [GO] Journal of Innovation Management 2020―Apr―30 Coronavirus: a catalyst for change and innovation Anne-Laure Mention, João José Pinto Ferreira, Marko Torkkeli

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