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1 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Sep―29 Urban Running Activity Detected Using a Seismic Sensor during COVID-19 Pandemic Yumin Zhao, Yunyue Elita Li, Enhedelihai Nilot, Gang Fang
2 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Jul―21 Ambient Noise Level in Eastern North China from ChinArray and Its Response to COVID-19 Weilai Wang, Guangyao Cai, Guijuan Lai, Mingfei Chen, Long Zhang
3 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Jul―07 Learning in a Crisis: Online Skill Building Workshop Addresses Immediate Pandemic Needs and Offers Possibilities for Future Trainings Michael Brudzinski, Michael Hubenthal, Shannon Fasola, Em Schnorr
4 [GO] The Seismic Record 2021―Jun―29 Seismic Noise Recorded by Telecommunication Fiber Optics Reveals the Impact of COVID-19 Measures on Human Activity Junzhu Shen, Tieyuan Zhu
5 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Apr―28 Temporal Variation in Cultural Seismic Noise and Noise Correlation Functions during COVID-19 Lockdown in Canada Ayodeji Paul Kuponiyi, Honn Kao
6 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Apr―07 Monitoring Human Activity at a Very Local Scale with Ground-Motion Records: The Early Stage of COVID-19 Pandemic in California, U.S.A., New York City, U.S.A., and Mexicali, Mexico Baoning Wu, Roby Douilly, Heather A. Ford, Gareth Funning, Hsin-Yu Lee, Shankho Niyogi, et al. (+3)
7 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Mar―17 Comparing Short-Term Seismic and COVID-19 Fatality Risks in Italy Eugenio Chioccarelli, Iunio Iervolino
8 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Feb―06 Seismic Monitoring in Gujarat, India, during 2020 Coronavirus Lockdown and Lessons Learned Santosh Kumar, R. Chaitanya Kumar, Ketan Singha Roy, Sumer Chopra
9 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2021―Jan―20 The Silencing of U.S. Campuses Following the COVID-19 Response: Evaluating Root Mean Square Seismic Amplitudes Using Power Spectral Density Data David L. Guenaga, Omar E. Marcillo, Aaron A. Velasco, Chengping Chai, Monica Maceira
10 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Dec―10 Response of the Mexican National Seismological Service to Significant Earthquakes, under Normal and COVID-19 Pandemic Circumstances Xyoli Pérez-Campos, Víctor H. Espíndola, Jesús Pérez, Jorge A. Estrada, Caridad Cárdenas Monroy, Delia Bello, et al. (+19)
11 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Dec―02 The Iranian Seismological Center’s Performance during the COVID-19 Pandemic and after the Occurrence of Large Earthquakes Saeid Naserieh, Ehsan Karkooti, Mehdi Rahmati, Mohsen Dezvareh, Iraj Roohi
12 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Nov―25 A Critical Assessment of Canadian Earthquake Monitoring and Alerting Practice versus the Initial Challenges of the 2020 COVID-19 Experience David A. McCormack, Allison L. Bent, Reid Van Brabant, Lorne McKee
13 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Nov―11 The 23 June 2020 Mw 7.4 La Crucecita, Oaxaca, Mexico Earthquake and Tsunami: A Rapid Response Field Survey during COVID-19 Crisis María-Teresa Ramírez-Herrera, David Romero, Néstor Corona, Héctor Nava, Hamblet Torija, Felipe Hernández Maguey
14 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Nov―11 #IStayhome and Guarantee Seismic Surveillance and Tsunami Warning during the COVID-19 Emergency in Italy Lucia Margheriti, Matteo Quintiliani, Andrea Bono, Valentino Lauciani, Fabrizio Bernardi, Concetta Nostro, et al. (+10)
15 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Nov―11 Volcano Crisis Management at Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion) during the COVID-19 Lockdown Aline Peltier, Valérie Ferrazzini, Andrea Di Muro, Philippe Kowalski, Nicolas Villeneuve, Nicole Richter, et al. (+23)
16 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Nov―04 Responding to the 2020 Magna, Utah, Earthquake Sequence during the COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown Kristine L. Pankow, Jon Rusho, James C. Pechmann, J. Mark Hale, Katherine Whidden, Rebecca Sumsion, et al. (+4)
17 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Aug―05 COVID-19 Societal Response Captured by Seismic Noise in China and Italy Han Xiao, Zachary Cohen Eilon, Chen Ji, Toshiro Tanimoto
18 [GO] Seismological Research Letters 2020―Jul―08 Earthquakes and Coronavirus: How to Survive an Infodemic Zhigang Peng

18 Results       Page 1


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