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1 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2023―Jul―17 Remote workplaces as a determinant of working conditions in education during COVID-19 Vida Davidavićiene, Janusz Rymaniak, Katarzyna Lis
2 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2023―Jul―17 Viruses don't need a passport to affect labor markets - findings from a Polish-German study on combating unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic Steffen Flessa, Małgorzata Porada-Rochoń, Julia Kuntosch, Iga Rudawska
3 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2023―Jul―17 Adoption of corporate governance principles in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic: The case of Slovakia Zdenka Musová, Hussam Musa, Frederik Rech, Chen Yan
4 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2023―Jul―17 Grocery Shopping Behaviour in the Era of Covid-19: Panel Data Analysis from Convenience Store Sector in England, Scotland and Wales Maria Rybaczewska, Aneta Maria Kłopocka, Tomasz Kuszewski, Łukasz Sułkowski
5 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2023―Jul―15 Key Factors Affecting the Profitability of Commercial Banks During the Covid-19 in Vietnam Nga Phan Thi Hang
6 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2023―Jul―15 Does Risk Management and Intellectual Capital Improving Sme's Performance During Covid-19 Outbreak? Ni Wayan Rustiarini
7 [GO] Economics Management and Sustainability 2023―May―29 External sector indicators and Kosovo's economic development: A study from 2007-2019 and during the Covid-19 pandemic Albrim Salajdin Badallaj
8 [GO] Human Technology 2023―May―22 The impact of artificial intelligence on consumer behaviour and changes in business activity due to pandemic effects Tiago Dias, Rui Gonçalves, Renato Lopes da Costa, Leandro F. Pereira, Álvaro Dias
9 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2023―Jan―23 Economic development and income inequality: Role in country resistance to COVID-19 Tetiana Vasylieva, Alina Vysochyna, Bálint Filep
10 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2023―Jan―23 Social capital and spread of COVID-19 in Poland - do membership, trust, norms and values or shared narratives matter? Urszula Markowska-Przybyła, Alicja Grześkowiak
11 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2023―Jan―09 Asymmetric Effect of Investors Sentiments on Herding Behavior and Stock Returns: Pre and Post Covid-19 Analysis Tanveer Bagh, Muhammad Asif Khan, Veronika Fenyves, Judit Olah
12 [GO] Human Technology 2022―Dec―28 Technostress of students during COVID-19 - a sign of the time? Konrad Kulikowski, Sylwia Przytuła, Łukasz Sułkowski, Martina Rašticová
13 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Oct―10 Satisfaction with COVID-19 measures and financial expectations in Turkey Nihan Öksüz Narinç
14 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Oct―10 The influence of COVID-19 on sentiments of higher education students - prospects for the spread of distance learning Kevin Jackson, Márta Konczos Szombathelyi
15 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Oct―10 Strategic orientation of companies: The several strategic issues in times of COVID-19 pandemic Petra Lesníková, Jarmila Schmidtová, Andrea Novotná
16 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Oct―10 Impact of teleworking on shopping habits during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hungary Katalin Lipták, Zoltán Musinszki
17 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Oct―10 Ensuring sustainable human resource management during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of Lithuanian catering organisations Asta Savanevičienė, Rūta Salickaitė-Žukauskienė, Violeta Šilingienė, Svitlana Bilan
18 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Oct―10 Managing company value in times of COVID-19 turbulences: Winners and losers in Central Europe Joanna Lizińska, Leszek Czapiewski, Jarosław Kubiak
19 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Sep―02 Collective resilience to meet the challenge of the global pandemic of Covid-19 Angela Kim, Selina Shrestha, Irene Jaglowski, Ashley Dunning
20 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Sep―02 Effects of the pandemic crisis on social enterprise: A case study from Georgia Iza Gigauri, Ewa Bogacz-Wojtanowska
21 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2022―Sep―01 COVID-19 Crisis and Supply Side Bottlenecks in the EU. Shorter and Longer Term Prospects Peter Halmai
22 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2022―Sep―01 Factors Affecting Tax Compliance of Enterprises During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Vietnam Le Trung Dao, Nga Phan Thi Hang
23 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2022―Sep―01 Civilizational Cycles and Economic Development in the Context of Technological Transitions and Global Pandemics Serhii Kozlovskyi
24 [GO] Economics Management and Sustainability 2022―Jun―15 The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the hotel industry in Indonesia Septi Fahmi Choirisa
25 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Apr―09 Destinations, virtual reality and COVID-19. How isolation has shaped the behaviours and attitudes towards VR Magdalena Florek, Marcin Lewicki
26 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Apr―09 The importance of the leadership functions of a high-reliability health care organization in managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey Imran Sarihasan, Krisztina Dajnoki, Judit Oláh, Main Al-Dalahmeh
27 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Apr―07 Evaluation of the condition of social processes based on qualimetric methods: The COVID-19 case Romualdas Ginevičius, Roman Trišč, Rita Remeikienė, Anetta Zielińska, Goda Strikaitė-Latušinskaja
28 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Apr―07 Energy poverty and impact of Covid-19 pandemics in Visegrad (V4) countries Dalia Streimikiene
29 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Apr―07 The coronavirus’s effect on the decisions and habits of food purchases in Hungary Peter Huszka, Peter Karácsony, Timea Juhász
30 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2022―Jan―25 COVID-19 effect on energy poverty: Lithuanian case study Daliea Streimikiene
31 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Jan―10 Changes in the organization of work under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic and Industry 4.0 Jozef Habánik, Adriana Grenčíková, Martin Šrámka, Matej Húževka
32 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Jan―10 Impact of digitalization and the COVID-19 pandemic on the AML scenario: Data mining analysis for good governance Tetyana Vasilyeva, Anna Ziółko, Olha Kuzmenko, Anna Kapinos, Yuliia Humenna
33 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Jan―10 Control of the first wave of COVID-19: Some economic freedom-related success factors Juan Dempere
34 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2022―Jan―10 Impacts and implications of a pandemic on tourism demand in Indonesia Miguel Angel Esquivias, Lilik Sugiharti, Hilda Rohmawati, Narayan Sethi
35 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2022―Jan―10 Consumers’ response to pandemic threat: Purchase behaviour in convenience stores. Evidence from British panel data Maria Rybaczewska, Aneta Maria Kłopocka, Tomasz Kuszewski, Łukasz Sułkowski Sułkowski
36 [GO] Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics 2022―Jan―09 Customs duties due to COVID-19 extra shipping costs. A force majeure? Omer Wagner
37 [GO] Economics Management and Sustainability 2022―Jan―09 Comparative study: International chain and local chain hotel COVID-19 readiness strategies in Indonesia Yoanita Alexandra, Purnamaningsih Purnamaningsih, Septi Fahmi Choirisa
38 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2021―Oct―19 Does employment determine self-awareness of biases? Sociodemographic aspects of metacognitive self before and during COVID-19 Marcin Brycz, Hanna Brycz
39 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2021―Oct―19 A lost chance for what? COVID-19 and its repercussions on global public opinion of China’s development model and international leadership Thomas Ameyaw-Brobbey
40 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2021―Oct―19 The nexus between unemployment and the shadow economy in Lithuanian regions during the COVID-19 pandemic Rita Remeikiene, Ligita Gaspareniene
41 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2021―Oct―18 COVID-19 effects on frontline professionals: A psychological aspect Rita Remeikienė, Albinas Bagdonas
42 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2021―Oct―18 Does the COVID19 pandemic change the relationship between government expenditures and economic growth in Azerbaijan? Jeyhun Abbasov, Elchin Gulaliyev, Fariz Ahmadov, Ilkin Mammadov
43 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2021―Oct―14 Why Countries Differ Greatly in the Effects of COVID-19 Victor Dementiev
44 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2021―Oct―13 Neural network modeling of the economic and social development trajectory transformation due to quarantine restrictions during COVID-19 Tetyana Vasilyeva, Olha Kuzmenko, Mariusz Kuryłowicz, Nataliia Letunovska
45 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2021―Jul―03 Food Security in Times of Covid-19: Price Aspects in Ukraine and Neighboring EU Countries Natalia Vasylieva
46 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2021―Jul―03 Business Risk Management in Times of Crises and Pandemics Oksana Polinkevych, Inna Khovrak, Viktor Trynchuk, Yuriy Klapkiv, Iryna Volynets
47 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2021―Apr―27 Evaluation of the selected economic parameters of Czech companies and their potential for overcoming global crises during the Covid-19 pandemic Michal Kudej, Beata Gavurova, Zuzana Rowland
48 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2021―Apr―27 Pent-up demand’s realization in the hospitality sector in the context of COVID-19 Valeriia Kostynets, Iuliia Kostynets, Oleksandra Olshanska
49 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2021―Apr―11 New Challenges to Economy Security: the Convergence of Energy and Covid-19 Risks - The Demand for Cosmopolitan Politics Sergey Kravchenko, Nikolay Sidorov, Veselin Draskovic
50 [GO] Economics & Sociology 2021―Jan―25 Investigating top management preparedness for leading IT governance during the coronavirus crisis Ion Smeureanu, Bassel Diab
51 [GO] MONTENEGRIN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS 2021―Jan―13 Predicting Crude Oil Prices During a Pandemic: A Comparison of Arima and Garch Models Mohammad Haque, Abdul Shaik
52 [GO] Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics 2020―Nov―26 A study on the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on Nigerian seafarers Uka John Okeleke, Moses Olatunde Aponjolosun
53 [GO] Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics 2020―Nov―26 To what extent is air freight affected by the Corona virus pandemic? Soufyane Bouali, Selma Douha, Nadjib Khadri
54 [GO] JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 2020―Oct―13 The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the perception of business risk in the SME segment Martin Cepel, Beata Gavurova, Jan Dvorsky, Jaroslav Belas

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