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1 [GO] R-Economy 2024―Feb―01 The effect of COVID-19 restrictions (lockdown) on GDP growth in CIS countries Zarnigor Dzhuraeva, James Okrah, Gulbahor N. Naziri
2 [GO] R-Economy 2023―Nov―29 Socioeconomic Drivers and Risk Factors of Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria Ismail Hayatu Sanusi, Jamilu Said Babangida
3 [GO] Lurian Journal 2023―Sep―29 Digitalization of Personality Adaptations During COVID-19 Darlyne G. Nemeth, Cody Capps
4 [GO] Lurian Journal 2023―Sep―29 Online Therapy for Children: The Mediation in Cultural-Historical Psychotherapy with Children in a Pandemic Context Aline Muratore, Aline Guilherme de Melo
5 [GO] Lurian Journal 2023―Sep―29 The World after the Pandemic: Challenges and Prospects for Neuroscience (Based on the Materials of the II Summer International School named after A. R. Luria) Marina Klimenskikh, Sergey Kiselev, Ammar Basheer
6 [GO] Journal of Tax Reform 2023―Apr―18 MSMEs Tax Compliance in Indonesia During Pandemic COVID-19: The Role of Risk Preference as Moderation Y. M. Basri, R. Natariasari, B. Devitarika
7 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2023―Mar―06 Applying Financial Information to Manage Corporate Risks from the COVID-19 Pandemic M. S. D. Dahel, V. A. Koksharov, G. A. Agarkov
8 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2022―Nov―09 Short Learning Programmes for Skills Development Beyond COVID-19 Israel Kibirige
9 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2022―Sep―27 Ideas about vaccination and coping strategies among young people vaccinated against COVID-19 Yulia D. Yakshina, Irina O. Kuvaeva
10 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2022―Sep―27 Features of linear TV channels’ programming in context of COVID-19 pandemic (through examples of “Channel One” and STS) Vasilisa S. Mogilevskaia
11 [GO] Current Issues of Sports Psychology and Pedagogy 2022―Sep―19 Influence of self-isolation regime during covid-19 on motor activity and health of students of the institute of physical culture P. V. Prokhorov
12 [GO] University Management Practice and Analysis 2022―Jul―26 Transition to the Online Education in the Content of Pandemic: Initial Outcomes V. V. Radaev
13 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2022―Jul―05 Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Trends in Socio-Economic Development of an Industrial Region in Russia O. A. Golovanov, A. N. Tyrsin, E. V. Vasilyeva
14 [GO] Koinon 2022―Jul―04 Changing Forms of Sociality Caused by the Global Pandemic Challenge Svetlana V. Musatova
15 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2022―Jun―10 From Uncertainty to Trust: COVID-19 Pandemic Responses of South Korea and Sweden Andrey V. Rezaev, Natalia D. Tregubova, Anastasia A. Ivanova
16 [GO] R-Economy 2022―May―16 Scenario forecasting of the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Russian regions Ilya V. Naumov, Sergey S. Krasnykh, Yulia S. Otmakhova
17 [GO] R-Economy 2022―May―16 Trade credit promotes industrial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from the textile sector of Pakistan Faiza Shah, Yumin Liu, Yasir Shah, Fadia Shah
18 [GO] Current Issues of Sports Psychology and Pedagogy 2022―Apr―26 Difficulties of mental self-regulation of russian athletes during Сovid-19 pandemic I. K. Syrykh, A. E. Lovyagina
19 [GO] Current Issues of Sports Psychology and Pedagogy 2022―Apr―26 Review of studies of the effects of the pandemic on the psychological well-being and physical activity of students L. A. Boyarskaya, P. V. Prokhorov, Yitsun Yu, Yelong Wang
20 [GO] Quaestio Rossica 2022―Apr―11 COVID-19 and a Greek Catholic Hierarch’s Experience of Virtual Communication with Parishioners Anna Petrikova
21 [GO] Quaestio Rossica 2022―Apr―11 COVID-19: The Advertising Confrotation in Different Countries Liliya Nefedova, Elizaveta Sotnikova
22 [GO] Quaestio Rossica 2022―Apr―11 The National Peculiarities of Coronavirus-Related Social Advertising in Russia and China Irina Vepreva
23 [GO] Quaestio Rossica 2022―Apr―11 A Christmas Pastoral Visit during the Pandemic in Poland: Changing Discursive Strategies and Communicative Scripts Maria Wojtak
24 [GO] University Management Practice and Analysis 2022―Mar―25 Digitalization of Higher Education During the Pandemic: Advantages and Risks M. B. Bulanova, N. M. Velikaya
25 [GO] Koinon 2022―Mar―03 The Pandemic Challenge for the Middle East Vector of “One Belt-One Road”: A View from Beijing Gulnara N. Valiakhmetova, Maria A. German
26 [GO] Koinon 2022―Mar―03 The Pandemic: A Philosophical Diagnosis Mikhail N. Epstein
27 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2022―Feb―22 Surviving COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Social Media and Family Social Capital in Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle in Indonesia Rini Sudarmanti, Tri Wahyuti, Prima Naomi
28 [GO] R-Economy 2022―Feb―04 Excess mortality in Russian regions during the COVID-19 pandemic Maria N. Makarova, Olga A. Pyshmintseva
29 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2021―Dec―02 Psychological Features of Anxiety and Motivations of Medical Personnel During the Covid-19 Pandemic M. V. Zinnatova, M. S. Glushkova
30 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2021―Nov―03 Vandal Practices as a Psychological Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Olga V. Kruzhkova, Irina A. Simonova, Anastasia O. Ljovkina, Marina S. Krivoshchekova
31 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2021―Nov―03 Perceived Efficacy of Virtual Leadership in the Crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic Sanja Bizilj, Eva Boštjančič, Gregor Sočan
32 [GO] R-Economy 2021―Oct―26 Russian oil and gas regions during the COVID-19 crisis and their digital transformation Rustem R. Akhunov, Liaisan. R. Akhunova, Sergey G. Marichev, Rishat I. Nizamutdinov
33 [GO] R-Economy 2021―Oct―26 Prospects of China-Mongolia-Russia trade in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic Xiujie Zhang
34 [GO] R-Economy 2021―Oct―26 The economic and organizational model of the international admission campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic (the case of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) Anna D. Oykher
35 [GO] R-Economy 2021―Oct―26 Socio-economic consequences of the first and second waves of the pandemic in Russian regions Alexander A. Pobedin, Natalya R. Balynskaya, Dina Williams
36 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2021―Sep―30 The Role of ICT and Entrepreneurship in forming Sustainable Supply Chains: Before and After the Covid-19 Pandemic R. S. Rogulin
37 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2021―Sep―03 The Organization of Mental Representations of Pandemic Among Workers of the Socionomic Occupations I. O. Kuvaeva
38 [GO] University Management Practice and Analysis 2021―Aug―20 Transformation of the States’ Academic Attractiveness under the Pandemic L. D. Taradina, A. E. Shlentova, A. A. Ivashkevich
39 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2021―Jul―05 The Features of Coping with a Specific Challenging Situation (COVID-19 pandemic) I. O. Kuvaeva, A. M. Strelnikova
40 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2021―Jul―05 The Guiding Values of Russians in the Era of the Coronavirus Pandemic N. A. Kupina
41 [GO] Journal of Tax Reform 2021―Apr―28 Projected shortfall in personal income tax revenues of regional governments in Russia due to the COVID-19 pandemic M. O. Kakaulina
42 [GO] Changing Societies & Personalities 2021―Apr―21 Risk Perception, Self-Efficacy, Trust in Government, and the Moderating Role of Perceived Social Media Content During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mohmmed Salah Hassan, Hussam Al Halbusi, Ali Najem, Asbah Razali, Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah, Kent A. Williams
43 [GO] Izvestia of the Ural federal university Series 2 Humanities and Arts 2021―Mar―30 Carnivalisation of the Russian Language in the Era of the Coronavirus Pandemic Natalia A. Kupina
44 [GO] University Management Practice and Analysis 2021―Mar―25 Russian Higher Education as Influenced by COVID-19 Pandemic T. L. Klyachko, S. G. Sinelnikov-Murylev
45 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2021―Mar―22 Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Regulation Measures of the G20 Countries in the Era of the Coronavirus Crisis and in the Post-Coronavirus Perspective A. I. Pogorletskiy, N. V. Pokrovskaia
46 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2021―Mar―22 Drivers of the Economy in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic E. V. Popov
47 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2021―Mar―22 Attitude Towards Other Countries - Aggravation on the Background of Pandemic L. N. Fedotova
48 [GO] Lurian Journal 2021―Mar―04 Challenge of the Pandemic Elvira Symaniuk, Janna Glozman, Theophilus Lazarus
49 [GO] Journal of Tax Reform 2020―Dec―09 Anti-Crisis Fiscal Measures in the European Union during the COVID-19 Pandemic and their Impact on GDP V. V. Karpova, V. F. Tischenko, V. N. Ostapenko, Yu. B. Ivanov
50 [GO] Journal of Tax Reform 2020―Dec―09 Pandemics and Tax Innovations: What can we Learn from History? A. I. Pogorletskiy, F. Söllner
51 [GO] Quaestio Rossica 2020―Nov―27 Covid-19: A Disaster in the Linguistic Dimension of Different Countries Arto Mustajoki, Nadezjda Zorikhina Nilsson, Rafael Guzman Tirado, Anna Tous-Rovirosa, Daria Dergacheva, Irina Vepreva, Tatiana Itskovich
52 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Consequences of the pandemic and new development opportunities for Polish cities in the (post-)COVID-19 era Magdalena Szmytkowska
53 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 The analysis of COVID-19 impact on the internet and telecommunications service sector through modelling the dependence of shares of Russian companies on the American stock market Alina Urazbaeva, Valentin Voytenkov, Rogneda Groznykh
54 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 COVID-19 mortality rate in Russian regions: forecasts and reality Marina L. Lifshits, Natalia P. Neklyudova
55 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Challenges of small- and medium-sized businesses in Pakistan due to COVID-19 pandemic Yasir Shah, Yumin Liu, Faiza Shah, Fadia Shah
56 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Regional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses in Hungary Sándor Zsolt Kovács, Bálint Koós, Annamária Uzzoli, Balázs Páger, Ildikó Egyed
57 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Armenia Mariam Voskanyan
58 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Socio-economic factors in the spread of SARS-COV-2 across Russian regions Evgeny V. Sinitsyn, Alexander V. Tolmachev, Alexander S. Ovchinnikov
59 [GO] R-Economy 2020―Nov―11 Economic effects of pandemic-related restrictions in Russia and their spatial heterogeneity Evgeniya Kolomak
60 [GO] Izvestia Ural Federal University Journal Series 1 Issues in Education Science and Culture 2020―Sep―18 Coronavirus Pandemic: Metaphoric Diagnostics of Anxious Reality in the Media Texts N. A. Kupina
61 [GO] Journal of Applied Economic Research 2020―Aug―06 Historical Reconstruction of the Impact of Pandemics on the Development of Indirect Taxation A. I. Pogorletskiy

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