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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Cardiff University Press
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Martial Arts Studies 2021―Jul―16 Maintaining Close Contact from a Distance: Digital Aikido Training under Covid-19 Conditions - Reflections and Lessons from an Online Martial Arts Course Vasiliki Kantzara, Martina Margareta Loos
2 [GO] Martial Arts Studies 2021―Jul―16 Martial Arts in the Pandemic Martin J. Meyer, Andrea Molle, Benjamin N. Judkins, Paul Bowman
3 [GO] Welsh Economic Review 2021―Feb―24 Self-employment in Wales during the COVID-19 Pandemic Andrew Henley, Darja Reuschke, Elizabeth Daniel, Victoria Price
4 [GO] Martial Arts Studies 2020―Nov―17 Metamorphoses of Martial Arts: Meditations on Motivations and Motive Forces during the COVID-19 Pandemic Paul Bowman
5 [GO] The British Student Doctor Journal 2020―Jul―22 COVID-19 impact on medical education and the future post-pandemic era for medical students Samantha Barratt Ross, Maarisha Kumar, Anne Dillon, Danial Bahudin, Magnolia Cardona
6 [GO] The British Student Doctor Journal 2020―Jul―22 Editorial: Publishing in a pandemic Isabel Schulz, Eleni Panagoulas, Shivali Fulchand, James M. Kilgour


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