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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Jul―20 Teleworking and lost work during the pandemic: new evidence from the CPS Matthew Dey, Harley Frazis, David S. Piccone Jr, Mark A. Loewenstein
2 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Jul―09 As the COVID-19 pandemic affects the nation, hires and turnover reach record highs in 2020 Larry Akinyooye, Eric Nezamis
3 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Jun―11 COVID-19 ends longest employment expansion in CES history, causing unprecedented job losses in 2020 Ryan Ansell, John Mullins
4 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Jun―08 Unemployment rises in 2020, as the country battles the COVID-19 pandemic Sean M. Smith, Roxanna Edwards, Hao C. Duong
5 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Apr―23 Estimating state and local employment in recent disasters-from Hurricane Harvey to the COVID-19 pandemic Steven M. Mance
6 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Apr―22 Employee access to sick leave before and during the COVID-19 pandemic McLeod Brown
7 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2021―Feb―12 Employment projections in a pandemic environment Lindsey Ice, Michael Rieley, Samuel Rinde
8 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Dec―28 Employment recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic Elizabeth Handwerker, Peter Meyer, Joseph Piacentini, Michael Schultz, Leo Sveikauskas
9 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Dec―16 Changes in consumer behaviors and financial well-being during the coronavirus pandemic: results from the U.S. Household Pulse Survey Thesia Garner, Adam Safir, Jake Schild
10 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Nov―05 Employment changes by employer size during the COVID-19 pandemic: a look at the Current Employment Statistics survey microdata Michael Dalton, Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Mark A. Lowenstein
11 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Oct―30 From the barrel to the pump: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prices for petroleum products Kevin Camp, David Mead, Stephen Reed, Christopher Sitter, Derek Wasilewski
12 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Aug―10 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food price indexes and data collection Dave Mead, Karen Ransom, Stephen B. Reed, Scott Sager
13 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Aug―07 Geographic impact of COVID-19 in BLS surveys by industry Michael Dalton
14 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Jun―23 Ability to work from home: evidence from two surveys and implications for the labor market in the COVID-19 pandemic Matthew Dey, Harley Frazis, Mark Loewenstein, Hugette Sun
15 [GO] Monthly Labor Review 2020―Apr―15 How many workers are employed in sectors directly affected by COVID-19 shutdowns, where do they work, and how much do they earn? Matthew Dey, Mark Loewenstein


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