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Publishing House: Baishideng Publishing Group Co (World Journal of Diabetes)
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Sep―07 Diabetes and COVID-19: Role of insulin resistance as a risk factor for COVID-19 severity Charitha Gangadharan, Rupa Ahluwalia, Alben Sigamani
2 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Jul―12 Immunometabolic bases of type 2 diabetes in the severity of COVID-19 Rebeca Viurcos-Sanabria, Galileo Escobedo
3 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Jun―04 Effect of COVID-19 on management of type 1 diabetes: Pushing the boundaries of telemedical healthcare Ines Bilic Curcic, Maja Cigrovski Berkovic, Tomislav Kizivat, Silvija Canecki Varzic, Robert Smolic, Martina Smolic
4 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―May―06 COVID-19 and hyperglycemia/diabetes Konstantinos Michalakis, Ioannis Ilias
5 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―May―06 Telemedicine in the COVID-19 era: Taking care of children with obesity and diabetes mellitus Giuseppina Rosaria Umano, Anna Di Sessa, Stefano Guarino, Giuseppina Gaudino, Pierluigi Marzuillo, Emanuele Miraglia del Giudice
6 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―May―06 Advanced-glycation end-products axis: A contributor to the risk of severe illness from COVID-19 in diabetes patients Armando Rojas, Cristian Lindner, Ileana Gonzàlez, Miguel Angel Morales
7 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Apr―08 Alphabet strategy for diabetes care: A checklist approach in the time of COVID-19 and beyond Rajeev Upreti, James D Lee, Satyan Kotecha, Vinod Patel
8 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Mar―01 Diabetes and COVID-19: Diseases of racial, social and glucose intolerance Tahseen A Chowdhury
9 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2021―Mar―01 Bidirectional link between diabetes mellitus and coronavirus disease 2019 leading to cardiovascular disease: A narrative review Vijay Viswanathan, Anudeep Puvvula, Ankush D Jamthikar, Luca Saba, Amer M Johri, Vasilios Kotsis, et al. (+10)
10 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2020―Dec―13 Diabetic patients with COVID-19 need more attention and better glycemic control Ming Xu, Wen Yang, Tao Huang, Jun Zhou
11 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2020―Nov―13 New thoughts on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus in relation to coronavirus disease Xiao-Qian Lou, Da-Wei Wang, Jun-Feng Wang, Bing Du
12 [GO] World Journal of Diabetes 2020―Oct―14 Prevalence and impact of diabetes in patients with COVID-19 in China Min Du, Yu-Xin Lin, Wen-Xin Yan, Li-Yuan Tao, Min Liu, Jue Liu


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