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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Asian Society of Gynecologic Oncology; Korean Society of Gynecologic Oncology and Colposcopy

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1 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2022―Dec―01 Asian Young Doctors Session at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Gynecologic Oncology (JSGO): Educational Initiatives in the Next Generation for a New Era after the COVID-19 Pandemic Yusuke Kobayashi, Hiroaki Komatsu, Masanori Isobe, Jyoti Meena, Chia-Sui Weng, Se Ik Kim, et al. (+7)
2 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2022―Oct―07 Monitoring the activities of Italian colposcopy clinics before and during the COVID-19 pandemic Giovanni Delli Carpini, Paolo Giorgi Rossi, Luca Giannella, Jacopo Di Giuseppe, Nicolò Clemente, Francesco Sopracordevole, et al. (+18)
3 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2021―Nov―18 Characteristics and patterns of care of endometrial cancer before and during COVID-19 pandemic Giorgio Bogani, Giovanni Scambia, Chiara Cimmino, Francesco Fanfani, Barbara Costantini, Matteo Loverro, et al. (+65)
4 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2021―Nov―11 Impact of COVID-19 on gynecologic cancer treatment in Japan: a nationwide survey by the Japan Society of Gynecologic Oncology (JSGO) Yuya Nogami, Hiroaki Komatsu, Takeshi Makabe, Yuri Hasegawa, Yoshihito Yokoyama, Kei Kawana, et al. (+3)
5 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―Sep―07 Impact of COVID-19 in gynecologic oncology: a Nationwide Italian Survey of the SIGO and MITO groups Giorgio Bogani, Giovanni Apolone, Antonino Ditto, Giovanni Scambia, Pierluigi Benedetti Panici, Roberto Angioli, et al. (+32)
6 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―Jul―28 Erratum: Author Correction. Management of ovarian cancer patients in affected areas during COVID-19 pandemic: Japan and Korea Yusuke Kobayashi, Dong Hoon Suh, Kosuke Tsuji, Jin Young Kim, Sojin Shin, Daisuke Aoki, Jae-Weon Kim
7 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―Jul―14 Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic: early response of a gynecologic oncology unit in Singapore Yu Hui Lim, Wen Yee Chay, Wai Loong Wong
8 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―May―27 Gynecologic oncology at the time of COVID-19 outbreak Giorgio Bogani, Claudia Brusadelli, Rocco Guerrisi, Salvatore Lopez, Mauro Signorelli, Antonino Ditto, Francesco Raspagliesi
9 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―May―27 Recommendations on management of gynecological malignancies during the COVID-19 pandemic: perspectives from Chinese gynecological oncologists Yingmei Wang, Shiqian Zhang, Lihui Wei, Zhongqiu Lin, Xinyu Wang, Jianliu Wang, et al. (+12)
10 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―May―14 Letters to the Editor: Recommendations for gynecologic cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic
11 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―Apr―28 Management of ovarian cancer patients in affected areas during COVID-19 pandemic: Japan and Korea Yusuke Kobayashi, Dong Hoon Suh, Daisuke Aoki, Jae-Weon Kim
12 [GO] Journal of Gynecologic Oncology 2020―Apr―16 Robot assisted surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for gynecological cancer: a statement of the Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery (SERGS) Rainer Kimmig, René H.M. Verheijen, Martin Rudnicki

12 Results       Page 1


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