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1 [GO] Journal of Management and Research 2023―Jul―27 Examining the Relationship between Relational e-HRM and Organizational Performance: A Study of the Banks of Lahore during the COVID-19 Pandemic Muhammad Zeeshan Hanif, Ahmad Usman, Ayesha Hanif, Rabia Sabir
2 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2023―Jul―18 A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Visual Illustrations Related to COVID-19 Awareness in Nigeria Abideen David AMODU, Ayodeji Ebunoluwa OTESILE
3 [GO] Journal of Art Architecture and Built Environment 2023―Jul―06 Impacts of Pandemic on Urban Pedagogy, Research, and Practice: Online Studio Pre-Requisites, Opportunities, and Pitfalls Muhammad Fazal Noor, Humaira Nazir
4 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Prevalence of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Trends of COVID-19 and their Aggressiveness among Various Gender and Age Groups Due to Smoking Muhammad Bilal Habib, Naseer Ali Shah, Afreenish Amir, Numrah Safdar, Ghanwa Batool, Fahad Afzal
5 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Assessment of Health Issues and Online Working Ergonomics: A Case Study of the COVID-19 in Pakistan Zaima Naveed, Neha Ali, Kamran Muzammal, Azhar Ali, Zaghum Abbas
6 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Quantifying the Impact of Treatments on the Recovery of COVID-19 Patients in Twin Cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan Hashaam Akhtar, Amna Ishtiaq, Mahnoor Chaudhry, Hasnain Khalid, Madiha Ilyas, Fizza Maryam, et al. (+4)
7 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 The Disturbing COVID-19 Epidemiological Picture Emerging Worldwide and the Way Forward Bashar Haruna Gulumbe, Abdullahi Adamu Faggo, Nazeef Idris Usman
8 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 The Epidemiological and Clinical Manifestations of COVID-19 Variants in the Punjab Tertiary Care Hospitals Muhammad Saad Bin Tahir, Muhammad Waseem, Muhammad Salman Ullah, Nageen Hussain, Faiza Kazmi, Munaza Rasheed, Aman Qammar
9 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 A Comprehensive Review of COVID-19 Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management Zain Abbas, Roha Ahmad, Abdul Rafay Pirzada, Ayesha Ameen, Tabish Arif, Athar Hussain, Mahnoor Sohail
10 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 A Review of Veterinary and Economically Devastating Coronaviruses: Emphasising Poultry and Pigs Mohd Iswadi ISMAIL
11 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Molecular Basis of the Structure and Transmission of SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, and MERS: A Review Report Saima Naz, Ahmad Manan Mustafa Chatha, Aqsa Arshad
12 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 The Determining the Efficacy of Available Treatments and Containment Measures against SARS-CoV-2 Alizey Shahid, Humaira Yasmeen, Iram Asim, Ariba Nameen, Ayesha Khalid, Tehreem Ishtiaq
13 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Analyzing the Effectiveness of Different Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Retrospective Study from Lahore, Pakistan Syed Sib Tul hassan Shah, Iqra Naeem, Sumaira Naeem
14 [GO] BioScientific Review 2023―Jun―23 Re-emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant in Pakistan: Learning from the Past Munazza Qureshi, Noman Ahmed, Zeeshan Siddique, Musa Ali Irfani, Masood Ur Rehman, Adil Sanan, Usman Ayub Awan
15 [GO] Governance and Society Review 2023―Mar―29 Impact of Government Sustainable Development Programs during COVID-19: A Study of SMEs in Nigeria Yusufu Ojochenemi Sunday
16 [GO] Governance and Society Review 2023―Mar―29 Employee Creativity during COVID-19: Role of Psychological Capital and Employee Empowerment Azhar Manzoor, Albert John, Shafaq Arif
17 [GO] Applied Psychology Review 2023―Mar―25 COVID-19 Survivors’ Psychological Health: An Exploratory Study Nayab Yousafzai
18 [GO] Audit and Accounting Review 2023―Mar―10 Moderating Role of COVID-19 Crisis on Firm Leverage Speed of Adjustments: Evidence from Pakistan Muhammad Mazhar Hussain, Khalil Ullah Mohammad
19 [GO] UMT Artificial Intelligence Review 2023―Feb―27 Analyzing the Application of SIR Model to Study the Outbreak of COVID-19: A Case Study in Pakistan Ijaz Yusuf
20 [GO] Organization Theory Review 2023―Feb―03 Socio-Economic Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Nigerian Worker: An Empirical Analysis Faruk Abubakar, Tijani Amoto, Abdul Malik
21 [GO] Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 2022―Dec―14 The Islamic Perspective on the Effect of Religiosity, Anxiety and Belief regarding COVID-19 on Undisclosed Status of COVID-19 in the Muslim Youth Abu Rokhmad, Tri bayu Purnama, Putra Apriadi Siregar, Fitri Hayati
22 [GO] Clinical and Counselling Psychology Review 2022―Nov―11 Social Isolation, Mindfulness, and Mental Wellbeing among Covid-19 Survivor University Students Sana khan
23 [GO] Audit and Accounting Review 2022―Nov―10 Association of Temperature and Humidity with COVID-19 Transmission in Punjab, Pakistan Sadaf Mubeen, Muhammad Hassam Shahid, Hamid Haroon Ur Rashid
24 [GO] Current Trends in OMICS 2022―Nov―01 Interpretations of Heamatological Parameters in COVID-19 Patients with Diabetic Mellitus Comorbidity Dr. Zia Farooqi, Nimra Shaheen, Umair Waqas, Abid Ali, Waqar Mehmood Dar
25 [GO] UMT Artificial Intelligence Review 2022―Oct―26 Student's Behavior in Virtual Learning Environment- A Case Study of Pakistan during Pandemic Situation of COVID-19 Hammad Ghulam Mustafa
26 [GO] UMT Artificial Intelligence Review 2022―Oct―26 Consumer attitude towards Pakistani Clothing Brands on Facebook before and during Covid-19 pandemic Ahmad Amjad
27 [GO] Journal of Applied Research and Multidisciplinary Studies 2022―Sep―07 Supply Chain Management: Moderating Affect of COVID-19 on the Relationship of Logistics Performance and Supply Chain Resilience Iqra Saeed, Kamran Arshad
28 [GO] BioScientific Review 2022―Sep―02 Identification of Honey Flavonoids as Potential Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase and Main Protease: An In silico Analysis Muhammad Abrar Yousaf
29 [GO] BioScientific Review 2022―Sep―02 Systematic Review of the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Vector Vaccine AstraZeneca (Azd1222) Rohama Zahid, Samreen Riaz
30 [GO] Journal of Management and Research 2022―Aug―19 Technopreneurship Education: The Way to Rebuild COVID-19 Affected Economy Yashfeen Qasim, Zulaikha Mahmood
31 [GO] Innovative Computing Review 2022―May―04 COVID-19 AND CYBER CRIMES, TYPES OF ATTACKS AND OUTLINE OF CRIMES Saman Liaqat
32 [GO] Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 2022―Apr―26 Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Outbreak Lockdown: The Effects on Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Financial States of the Islam Believers Khairul Zahreen Mohd Arof, Mohd Daud AWANG, Mohd Hambali Rashid, Syuhaida Ismail Ismail
33 [GO] Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 2022―Apr―26 Social Change in the Time of Covid-19: A Phenomenal Study in Malaysia from the Perspective of Maqasid Al-Sharī‘ah Muhammad Safwan Harun, Mohd Farhan Md. Ariffin
34 [GO] Current Trends in OMICS 2022―Mar―22 Evolutionary Frequency of Initially Sequenced Human Coronavirus Genomes Hamid Ur Rahman, Sidra Majaz, Aamir Saeed, Ashfaq Ahmad
35 [GO] Current Trends in OMICS 2022―Mar―22 Coronaviruses: A Review of the Genetics and Proteins Associated with the Life Cycle of SARS-CoV-2 Misbah Saleem, Anum Javaid, Samia Shahid, Hammad Arshad
36 [GO] Islamic Banking and Finance Review 2022―Mar―17 Impact of COVID-19 on the Performance and Stability of Conventional and Islamic Banks in the GCC Region, Malaysia, and Pakistan Qazi Yasir Arafat
37 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2022―Feb―19 Discourse of Socio-political Crisis and the Pandemic: A Linguistic Analysis of Jordanian Arabic Cartoons on COVID-19 Reem Lulu, Luwaytha S Habeeb, Sohayle M. Hadji Abdul Racman
38 [GO] BioScientific Review 2021―Nov―23 COVID-19: Immune Perspective and Current Treatment Strategies Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Naveed, Sajid Mansoor, Rimsha Zaffar, Rabia Riaz
39 [GO] Islamic Banking and Finance Review 2021―Sep―29 Impact of COVID-19 on the Performance and Stability of Conventional and Islamic Banks in the GCC Region, Malaysia, and Pakistan Qazi Yasir Arafat
40 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 An Assessment of the Smart COVID-19 Approach to Lockdown and its Empirical Evidence Abdul Ghaffar, Mubbasher Munir, Osama Aziz, Rada Alhajj, Asif Sanaullah
41 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 Financial Coping Strategies of Households during COVID-19 Induced Lockdown Ganiyat Adejoke Adesina-Uthman, Abel Inabo Obaka
42 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 The Nexus of COVID-19 Pandemic, Foreign Exchange Rates, and Short-Term Returns Ali Farhan Chaudhry
43 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 Economics of COVID-19: A case of Punjab, Pakistan Sadia Yasmeen, Hadia Sohail
44 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 Shifting Paradigm in the Higher Education Sector of Pakistan during COVID-19: An Empirical Analysis of the Online Teaching Experience Sumaira Lodhi, Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Salahuddin Ayyubi
45 [GO] Empirical Economic Review 2021―Aug―27 Measuring the Impact of Coronavirus at Grassroot Level in Pakistan: Perils, Pitfalls and Preventive Strategies Memoona Zareen, Nawaz Ahmad, Munazza Arif
46 [GO] BioScientific Review 2021―Jul―15 In-silico analysis of Human miRNAs in SARS-CoV-2 Genome Syed Hassan Abbas, Muhammad Tariq Pervez, Amera Ramzan, Dr. Asif Khan
47 [GO] Scientific Inquiry and Review 2021―Jul―14 Analysis of COVID-19 by Means of Graph Theory Abaid ur Rehman Virik, Iqra Malik
48 [GO] Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 2021―Jun―30 Maqasid Sharī‘ah -Based Multidimensional Criticism toward the Implementation of Indonesian Pre-Employment Card (Kartu Prakerja) Program Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic Fenty Andriani, Aprilya Fitriani
49 [GO] Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 2021―Jun―30 The Satisfaction of the Users with the Islamic Design Quality in Instant Hospitals for Non-Critical Covid-19 Patients in Malaysia Adila Zakaria, Norliza Mohd Isa, Taufik Hairudin, Hairul Nizam Ismail
50 [GO] BioScientific Review 2021―Jun―08 COVID-19 in Pakistan: Current Practices and Associated Risks Aleena Haqqi
51 [GO] Scientific Inquiry and Review 2021―Apr―22 Irregularity Invariants for Chemical Structures Used in the Treatment of COVID-19 Abaid ur Rehman Virk, Shams Bilal, Khalid Hamid
52 [GO] Journal of Quantitative Methods 2021―Apr―21 Forecasting COVID-19 Pandemic and Capital Market Efficiency in Africa Kolawole Lookman Subair, Ibrahim Ayoade Adekunle
53 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Reflexivity of Modernity: Conceptualizing Modernity in Contemporary Pakistan during COVID-19 Bilal Asmat Cheema
54 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Discourse of Fear and Economic Crisis: A Multimodal Analysis of Pakistani Newspaper’s Political Cartoons of COVID-19 Fareeha Aazam, Tanveer Baig, Amna Azam, Zainab Azam
55 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 The Discourse of Fear around Health and Economy in Pakistani English Newspaper Articles on Covid-19 Ambreen Shahriar, Junaid G.M.
56 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Exploring the Relation between English and Online Mode of Learning during Covid-19 Marghoob Ahmad, Mamuna Ghani, Aleena Mehmood Malik
57 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Covid-19 Neologisms and their Social Use: An Analysis from the Perspective of Linguistic Relativism Maryah Khalfan, Huma Batool, Wasima Shehzad
58 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Influence of COVID-19 on the Lexical Features of English in Pakistan Hafiz Nauman Ahmed, Muhammad Islam
59 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 A Linguo-Cultural Analysis of COVID-19 Related Facebook Jokes Lubna Akhlaq Khan, Ghulam Ali, Aadila Hussain, Khadija Noreen
60 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Linguistic Humor in Memes to Mitigate Post Covid-19 Severity Asma Zahoor
61 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 The Role of Toastmasters Clubs in Pakistani Universities during COVID-19 to Reduce English as the Second Language (L2) Speech Anxiety among Students Humaira Irfan, Mirza Zunair Zafar
62 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Albert Camus’ The Plague in Twenty-First Century’s Pandemic Covid-19- A Reification Model in the Capitalistic World Farheen Shakir
63 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 The Language of COVID-19: A Theme-Rheme Analysis of the Health Awareness Campaigns Museerah Nisar, Aimun Noor, Sadia Irshad
64 [GO] Linguistics and Literature Review 2021―Apr―08 Online Teaching During Covid-19: How to Maintain Students Motivated in an EFL Class Sol Smith Fuentes Hernández, Anderson Naren Silva Flórez
65 [GO] Scientific Inquiry and Review 2021―Mar―30 Zagreb Polynomials and Redefined Zagreb Indices for Chemical Structures Helpful in the Treatment of COVID-19 Abaid ur Rehman Virk
66 [GO] UMT Education Review 2021―Jan―08 Assessment of the Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on Educational System in Nigeria: Implication for Stakeholders Yusuf Suleiman, Mustapha Adam Ishola
67 [GO] BioScientific Review 2020―Oct―16 COVID-19 in Pakistan: Current Practices and Associated Risks Aleena Haqqi

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