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Publishing House: The Korean Society for Practical Theology
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Jul―30 COVID-19 New Normal Era, Pastoral Leadership in Need of Changes and Responses of Korean Churches Byung-June Hwang
2 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―May―26 A Study on the Experience of Non-Face-to-Face Worship of Participants in Christian Worship After COVID-19 Jin-Woo Park
3 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―May―26 Pastoral Care for the Anxious During the Era of Covid-19 Jin-Sook Kwon
4 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―May―26 A Study on the Missional Church of the United State in the New Normal Era in COVID-19 : Focusing on the Online Small Group Ministry of Saddleback Church. Jae-Kwang Kye
5 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―May―26 Pandemic and Pastoral Response Hae Young Kim
6 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 A Study on the Possibility of an Education of Korean Peace and Unification for Korean Youth Immigrants in the US Facing the Challenge of Pandemic of COVID-19 Hoon Song
7 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 The Study of Korean Protestant Christianity under COVID-19 : Focusing on the Result of the Survey of Korean Christians' Perception on the Major Issues of the Year of 2020 Min-Hyoung Lee
8 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 A Study on Integrated Spirituality in the Post Covid-19 Era Jin-Young Kim
9 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 Post Covid-19 New Normal Era, A Study on Time and Space of Worship Jang-Bae Min, Byung-Seok Kim
10 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 The Change of Church and Publicity during the Corona Pandemic Era Chae-Yong Chong
11 [GO] Theology and praxis 2021―Mar―04 A Study on the Paradigm of Pastoral Care in the Pandemic Situation Ki-Young Park, Jin-Yeong Song
12 [GO] Theology and praxis 2020―Dec―17 Psychological Impact and Overcoming Factors of College Students Due to the COVID-19 Incident Sung-Dong Noh


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