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1 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―21 2095-LB: Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins on the Islet Microvascular Function CATARINA BARBOZA, LUCIANA MATEUS GONCALVES, JOANA ALMACA
2 [GO] Diabetes Care 2024―Jun―18 Impact of COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 Hospitalized Pneumonia on Longer-Term Cardiovascular Mortality in People With Type 2 Diabetes: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study From Scotland Stuart J. McGurnaghan, Paul M. McKeigue, Luke A.K. Blackbourn, Joseph Mellor, Thomas M. Caparrotta, Naveed Sattar, et al. (+4)
3 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1519-P: Endothelial Injury Predicts Carbohydrate Metabolism Trajectories after COVID-19 JANE E.B. REUSCH, DAVID ALBERS, YANRAN WANG, JENNIFER BRIGGS, RICHARD MAICKI, J.N. STROH, et al. (+7)
4 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 422-P: Ferritin and COVID-19 among Dialysis Patients with Diabetes TALIA QUANDELACY, MING HU, YUEDONG WANG, PETER KOTANKO, REBECCA B. CONWAY
5 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1422-P: Understanding COVID-19 Impacts among Underserved Adults with Diabetes Using the Social-Ecological Model JENNIFER MAIZEL, RITHWIK ATTANTI, KEERTHI PRASANNA CHENNURI, RILEY SMITH, STEPHANIE L. FILIPP, MELANIE HECHAVARRIA, et al. (+7)
6 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1585-P: Changes in Metabolic Health following COVID-19 in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus IRYNA YURCHENKO, YULIYA KUPRIYANOVA, PAVEL BOBROV, VOLKER BURKART, ROBERT WAGNER, VERA SCHRAUWEN-HINDERLING, MICHAEL RODEN
7 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1396-P: Association between COVID-19 Infection and Incident Diabetes in Two Distinct Cohorts-A Nationwide Commercial Claims Database and a Regional Academic Medical Center MARY E. LACY, AARON P. SMITH, LINDSEY R. HAMMERSLAG, KORY HEIER, ALICIA B. FIELDS, JEFFERY TALBERT, et al. (+3)
8 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 421-P: Ferritin and COVID-19 Infection and Outcomes in American Indian and Alaska Native Dialysis Patients with Diabetes MING HU, TALIA QUANDELACY, YUEDONG WANG, PETER KOTANKO, REBECCA B. CONWAY
9 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1428-P: Impact of Socioeconomic Inequalities on COVID-19 Mortality of People Living with Diabetes during the 2020 Epidemic Waves in France MARIE GUION, SARAH GORIA, SANDRINE FOSSE-EDORH, EMMANUEL COSSON
10 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1065-P: Comparative Effectiveness of the Bivalent COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines mRNA1273-222 and BNT162b2 in Adults with Diabetes in the U.S. HAGIT KOPEL, VAN HUNG NGUYEN, ALINA BOGDANOV, ISABELLE WINER, CATHERINE BOILEAU, THIERRY DUCRUET, et al. (+6)
11 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1364-P: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19 Outcomes among Dialysis Patients with Diabetes REBECCA B. CONWAY, TALIA QUANDELACY, MING HU, YUEDONG WANG, PETER KOTANKO
12 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1431-P: Dramatic Reduction in Prevalence of Increase of Insulin Resistance in 14- to 15-Year-Old Students after the COVID-19 Pandemic TAKAYUKI OHNO, MIZUKI ISHIGURO, YUKA SUGANUMA, RIMEI NISHIMURA
13 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1158-P: Racial Disparities in Youth with Diabetes and the COVID-19 Pandemic UMA L. MUZUMDAR, CHRISTINE MARCH, NKEIRUKA MKPARU, INGRID LIBMAN
14 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 728-P: Experience with Teplizumab in the PROTECT Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Study during the COVID-19 Pandemic STEPHEN E. GITELMAN, KEVAN C. HEROLD, KIMBER M. SIMMONS, ZDENEK SUMNIK, LAURA KNECHT, ELISABETH NIEMOELLER, et al. (+4)
15 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1354-P: Diabetes-Related Acute Complications during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries XILIN ZHOU, LINDA J. ANDES, DEBORAH B. ROLKA
16 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1818-LB: The Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetic Foot Amputations in a Western Amazon Hospital HERCULES M. CARMO
17 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1974-LB: Impact of Maternal Hyperglycemic and Hypertensive Disorders on Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes across the COVID-19 Pandemic-A Comprehensive Analysis in an Underserved Population LIXIA ZHANG, YUN SHEN, GANG HU
18 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1384-P: COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake among 3,779,733 Adults With and Without Diabetes SONIA BUTALIA, BAIJU R. SHAH, RONALD J. SIGAL, JAMIE L. BENHAM, BRANDY WICKLOW, CATHERINE H. YU, et al. (+5)
19 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1855-LB: Metformin Mitigates Insulin Signaling Variations Induced by COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters in Type 2 Diabetes MIN ZHUANG, LIXIANG ZHAI, ZHAOXIANG BIAN, CHENGYUAN LIN, KI WONG HOI
20 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 679-P: "COVID Is Not My Concern; Diabetes Is"-Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Underserved Adults with Diabetes Using the 3 Cs Model JENNIFER MAIZEL, TAIS A. BAUTISTA, ISA N. PRUDE, STEPHANIE L. FILIPP, MELANIE HECHAVARRIA, MICHAEL J. HALLER, et al. (+6)
21 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 37-OR: Effectiveness of Continuous Glucose Monitoring on Short-Term In-Hospital Mortality among Frail Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19-An Exploratory, Prospective, Randomized, Open-Label, Parallel, Single-Center, Randomized Clinical Trial WEI WANG, YUN SHEN
22 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1990-LB: Associations of SARS-CoV-2 Infection with Incident Diabetes among U.S. Veterans in a Longitudinal Observational Cohort LIUYE HUANG, JONATHAN D. SUGIMOTO, JAVEED A. SHAH, JENNIFER LEE, PANDORA WANDER
23 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1306-P: Type 2 Diabetes Screening in the 12 Months following Acute SARS-CoV-2 Infection-A Real-World Cohort Analysis RUWANTHI N. EKANAYAKE, ROSETTE CHAKKALAKAL, MOHAMMED K. ALI, JITHIN SAM VARGHESE
24 [GO] Diabetes 2024―Jun―14 1390-P: Access to Telehealth and Changes in Diabetes Care Patterns during the Pandemic SOFIA A. OVIEDO, JENNIFER C. GANDER, BENNETT MCDONALD, MOHAMMED K. ALI, JESSICA L. HARDING
25 [GO] Diabetes Care 2024―Jan―16 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Medical Expenditures Among Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries Aged ≥67 Years With Diabetes Yu Wang, Ping Zhang, Xilin Zhou, Deborah Rolka, Giuseppina Imperatore
26 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Dec―19 Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Has Fallen to Pre-COVID-19 Pandemic Levels: A Population-Wide Analysis From Scotland William Berthon, Stuart J. McGurnaghan, Luke A.K. Blackbourn, Louise E. Bath, David A. McAllister, Diane Stockton, et al. (+3)
27 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Dec―18 Disruption to Pattern but No Overall Increase in the Expected Incidence of Pediatric Diabetes During the First Three Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario, Canada (March 2020-March 2023) Rayzel Shulman, Eyal Cohen, Therese A. Stukel, Christina Diong, Astrid Guttmann
28 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Oct―19 An Update to the Overview of Reviews: Risks of and From SARS-COV-2 Infection and COVID-19 in People With Diabetes Jamie Hartmann-Boyce, Karen Rees, Igho Onakpoya, Afolarin Otunla, Elizabeth Morris, Jessica Morgan, et al. (+9)
29 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Oct―18 COVID-19 Vaccination Prior to SARS-CoV-2 Infection Reduced Risk of Subsequent Diabetes Mellitus: A Real-World Investigation Using U.S. Electronic Health Records Tina Yi Jin Hsieh, Renin Chang, Su-Boon Yong, Pei-Lun Liao, Yao-Min Hung, James Cheng-Chung Wei
30 [GO] Diabetes Spectrum 2023―Sep―19 Association Between Health Insurance Type and Adverse Outcomes for Children and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes and Coronavirus Disease 2019 Brian Miyazaki, Osagie Ebekozien, Saketh Rompicherla, Amy Ohmer, Ines Guttman-Bauman, Andrea Mucci, et al. (+4)
31 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jul―20 Response to Comment on Baranova et al. Causal Associations Between Basal Metabolic Rate and COVID-19. Diabetes 2023;72:149-154 Fuquan Zhang, Ancha Baranova
32 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jul―20 Comment on Baranova et al. Causal Associations Between Basal Metabolic Rate and COVID-19. Diabetes 2023;72:149-154 David E. Kloecker, Søren Brage, Nicholas J. Wareham
33 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1842-PUB: Ischemic Stroke in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus during COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea, Using National Emergency Department Information System MIN JEONG PARK, SOO YEON JANG, KYUNG MOOK CHOI, SEI HYUN BAIK, HYE JIN YOO
34 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1841-PUB: Diabetes as a Risk Factor of Death in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients-An Analysis of a National Hospitalization Database from Poland, 2020 MICHAL KANIA, BEATA KON, KONRAD M. KAMINSKI, JERZY HOHENDORFF, TOMASZ KLUPA, PRZEMYSLAW W. WITEK, MACIEJ MALECKI
35 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1838-PUB: Impact of COVID-19 on New-Onset Pediatric Diabetes Diagnoses KATHERINE SIMMS, SARAH GREEN, MAMTA SHAH, MEDINA SAREINI, CINDY CHIN
36 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1812-PUB: Safety and Effectiveness of Empagliflozin/Linagliptin FDC in Uncontrolled T2DM Patients with COVID-19 Infection ASOKTARU SENGUPTA
37 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1792-PUB: Predictors of Weight Loss Variability in the COVID-19 Disrupted ACT1ON Diet Pilot in Young Adults with T1D DARIA IGUDESMAN, ANANTA ADDALA, JAMIE CRANDELL, FRANKLIN R. MUNTIS, DESSI P. ZAHARIEVA, JOAN THOMAS, et al. (+7)
38 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―23 1798-PUB: Clinical Factors Associated with Positive Depression Screen in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes Before and During the COVID 19 Pandemic SWETHA SRIRAM, CHRISTINE MARCH, LINDSAY M. LEIKAM, JUSTIN SCHREIBER, RADHIKA MUZUMDAR, INGRID LIBMAN
39 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jun―20 Metformin for Treatment of Acute COVID-19: Systematic Review of Clinical Trial Data Against SARS-CoV-2 Spencer M. Erickson, Sarah L. Fenno, Nir Barzilai, George Kuchel, Jenna M. Bartley, Jamie Nicole Justice, et al. (+2)
40 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 994-P: Excess Medical Expenditures and Out-of-Pocket Costs Associated with COVID-19 among Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes YU WANG, PING ZHANG, XILIN ZHOU, GIUSEPPINA IMPERATORE
41 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 145-LB: Consistent Care of Teens and Young Adults with Diabetes during the COVID-19 Pandemic DANIEL S. HSIA, ROBBIE A. BEYL, RENEE RUMSEY
42 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 700-P: Outcomes of a Diabetes Support Coach Intervention Implemented during the COVID-19 Pandemic JENNIFER MAIZEL, MICHAEL J. HALLER, DAVID M. MAAHS, ANANTA ADDALA, RAYHAN LAL, LAUREN FIGG, et al. (+10)
43 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1152-P: COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Attitudes of Adolescents with T1D and Their Caregivers NKEMJIKA OKONKWO, SARAH S. JASER
44 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1410-P: Impacts of COVID-19 on Underserved Communities with Diabetes JENNIFER MAIZEL, MICHAEL J. HALLER, DAVID M. MAAHS, ANANTA ADDALA, RAYHAN LAL, STEPHANIE L. FILIPP, et al. (+7)
45 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1275-P: Incident Diabetes Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic among Youth in Kaiser Permanente Southern California MATTHEW T. MEFFORD, RONG WEI, EVA LUSTIGOVA, JOHN P. MARTIN, KRISTI REYNOLDS
46 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 993-P: Changes in Medical Expenditures and Out-of-Pocket Costs in Medicare Beneficiaries with Diabetes during the COVID-19 Pandemic YU WANG, PING ZHANG, XILIN ZHOU, DEBORAH B. ROLKA, GIUSEPPINA IMPERATORE
47 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1232-P: Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases >30 Days after COVID-19 Diagnosis among U.S. Adults With and Without Diabetes ALAIN KOYAMA, GIUSEPPINA IMPERATORE, DEBORAH B. ROLKA, ELIZABETH A. LUNDEEN, RACHEL RUTKOWSKI, SANDRA JACKSON, et al. (+4)
48 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 277-LB: Weight Cycling Is Associated with ICU Admission and Mechanical Ventilation in Adults with Diabetes Hospitalized with COVID-19 YU MI KANG, DONALD C. SIMONSON, AKSHATA S. CHAUGULE, RAJESH K. GARG, GEETHA GOPALAKRISHNAN, KYRA HOWARD, et al. (+5)
49 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 635-P: Health Disparities among People With and Without Diabetes during 24 Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic BARBARA A. MYERS, RACHEL KLINGENSMITH, FARRAH ANWAR, INES G. GONZALEZ CASANOVA, MARY DE GROOT
50 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1289-P: Predictors of New-Onset Type 2 Diabetes after Infection with COVID-19 in the COVID-OUT Randomized Trial JACINDA M. NICKLAS, ESTEBAN J. LEMUS WIRTZ, THOMAS A. MURRAY, DAVID LIEBOVITZ, SARAH FENNO, BLAKE ANDERSON, et al. (+3)
51 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 952-P: The Accuracy and Feasibility of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in COVID-19 Non-Critically Ill Hospitalized Patients-A Pilot Study CHOOMPUNUJ SAKJIRAPAPONG, SIRINART SIRINVARAVONG, LUKANA PREECHASUK, NUNTAKORN THONGTANG
52 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1202-P: Comparison of the Clinical Characteristics, Glycemic Control, and Pregnancy Outcomes between Wave I and III of COVID-19 Pandemic in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus-A Reference Center Report MAGDALENA WILK, MICHAL KANIA, MACIEJ MALECKI
53 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1420-P: Predictors of Readmission and Mortality in Adults with Diabetes or Stress Hyperglycemia after Initial Hospitalization for COVID-19 AKSHATA S. CHAUGULE, KYRA HOWARD, DONALD C. SIMONSON, MARIE E. MCDONNELL, RAJESH K. GARG, GEETHA GOPALAKRISHNAN, et al. (+5)
54 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 487-P: Cardiovascular Autonomic Function in Long COVID-19 Individuals With and Without Diabetes JESPER FLEISCHER, SEJAL V.G. GUNARATNAM, YIYUAN HUANG, LYNN ANG, MORTEN CHARLES, AIMEE KATONA, et al. (+6)
55 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1184-P: No Increased Risk of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Diagnosis after COVID-19 Vaccination KIMBERLY K. VESCO, ANNA DENOBLE, HEATHER S. LIPKIND, ELYSE KHARBANDA, MALINI B. DESILVA, MATTHEW F. DALEY, et al. (+8)
56 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1391-P: National Retrospective Cohort Study of COVID-19 Infection and Incident Diabetes in American-Indian/Alaska-Native People JAMES KECK, SARA BRESSLER, MICHAEL BRUCE, UZO CHUKWUMA, MARY E. LACY
57 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1443-P: Population-Based Survey Showing No Increased Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Association with COVID-19 Vaccination in China CHANG LIU, ZHONG XIN, JIN-KUI YANG
58 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1702-P: Altered Gene Expression Signatures following COVID-19 Infections and/or mRNA Vaccination in Human Adipose Tissue SONTJE KRUPKA, MATTHIAS BLÜHER, NORA KLÖTING
59 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 546-P: Impact of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on Enrollment and Outcomes in the National Diabetes Prevention Program ELIZABETH ELY
60 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 547-P: Impact of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on Delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program ELIZABETH ELY
61 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 103-LB: Impact of Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitors (SGLT2i) and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists (GLP-1 RA) in COVID-19 Patients with Preexisting Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) CHI NGUYEN, CHRISTOPHER L. CROWE, EFFIE KUTI, BONNIE M.K. DONATO, RACHEL L. DJARAHER, LEO J. SEMAN, et al. (+3)
62 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 210-LB: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Outcomes of Patients with Diabetes in Colombia JOSÉ MORENO-MONTOYA, SILVIA BALLESTEROS, JOSÉ DE LA HOZ-VALLE
63 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 911-P: Changes in Metrics of Continuous Glucose Monitoring during COVID-19 in Children and Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes HWA YOUNG KIM, SOHYUN SHIN, SE YOUNG KIM, JAEHYUN KIM
64 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 998-P: Changes in Health Care Utilization and Costs among Commercially Insured U.S. Adults with Diabetes during the COVID-19 Pandemic XILIN ZHOU, ELIZABETH A. LUNDEEN, DEBORAH B. ROLKA
65 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1002-P: Health Care Utilization among Telehealth Users and Nonusers with Diabetes during the COVID-19 Pandemic-Results from National Medicare Claims YIXUE SHAO, YU WANG, XILIN ZHOU, DEBORAH B. ROLKA, PING ZHANG
66 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1172-P: The Social Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Children with Diabetes RUBA ABDUL WAHED, SARAH RONIS, SARAH A. MACLEISH, JAMIE R. WOOD, SINDHOOSHA MALAY, KATHERINE A. KUTNEY
67 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1194-P: Impact of COVID-19 on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Screening and Outcomes VICHY LIYANAGE, OLESYA BARRETT, DELIWE P. NGWEZI, ANAMARIA SAVU, ROSEANNE O. YEUNG, SONIA BUTALIA, PADMA KAUL
68 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 192-LB: Temporal Relationship of New Pediatric Diabetes Diagnoses and COVID-19 NEHA REDDY, STEVE JOHNSON, RICHARD A. MOFFITT, MICHAEL EVANS, HSIN-CHIEH YEH, JANE E.B. REUSCH, et al. (+4)
69 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 673-P: Youth with Type 1 Diabetes and Elevated A1C during the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic-Examination of Family, Caregiver, and Medical Team Factors DAVID V. WAGNER, MEGAN PERRY, MARK A. CLEMENTS, JENISE C. WONG, DIANA NARANJO, ALISON REED, et al. (+9)
70 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 135-LB: A Variable Impact of the Wave 1 and Wave 2 Lockdowns of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Glycemic Control-A Longitudinal Analysis of FGM Adult Users From Poland JERZY HOHENDORFF, KALVIN KAO, LAURA BRANDNER, MACIEJ MALECKI
71 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 35-LB: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on A1C Reductions in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Who Attended an ADA-Recognized DSMES Program KENT B. STONEKING, KASHIF LATIF, MARIAN MOORE, HANNAH WHITE
73 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1486-P: Effects of the COVID-19 Booster Vaccine on Glycemia and Insulin Resistance in People with Type 1 Diabetes-A Prospective Pilot Study MIHAIL ZILBERMINT, MAHSA MOTEVALLI, KRISTINE BATTY, JEMILA VENNER-WALCOTT, ALEXIS EDWARDS, TANYA BURLEY, et al. (+3)
74 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 745-P: The Impact of COVID-19 and the Public Health Emergency on the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program SARA JACOBS, THOMAS J. HOERGER, BENJAMIN T. ALLAIRE, PETER AMICO, PATRICIA MARKOVICH, MELISSA ROMAIRE
75 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1436-P: Glycemic Variability as a Risk Factor for In-Hospital Mortality among CKD, Type 2 DM Patients Admitted for COVID-19-Retrospective Cohort Study NOREEN ADA G. MANGUGAN
76 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1116-P: Increase in the Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in Children <11 Years during the COVID-19 Pandemic SABITHA SASIDHARAN PILLAI, PHINNARA HAS, LISA S. TOPOR, MEGHAN E. FREDETTE
77 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 656-P: COVID-19 Exposure and Perceived Impact Associated with Poor Psychosocial, Behavioral, and Physical Health JOYCE YI-FRAZIER, MAEVE B. O'DONNELL, BRITNEY M. ELLISOR, SAMANTHA GARCIA PEREZ, FAISAL MALIK, YULIANA ROJAS, et al. (+7)
78 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 768-P: Effect of Dulaglutide Therapy Initiation on the Course of Coronavirus Infection and the Dynamics of Inflammatory Markers in Hospitalized Patients with Type 2 Diabetes TATIANA MARKOVA, MUKHAMED STAS, ANASTASIA ANCHUTINA
79 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1394-P: Risk for Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus after SARS-CoV-2 Infection among Korean Adults-A Nationwide Matched Cohort Study JONG HAN CHOI, KEE-HO SONG
80 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 22-OR: High Glucose Metabolism Fuels Cathepsin L Maturation to Promote SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Patients with Diabetes MIAOMIAO ZHAO, QIONG HE, JIN-KUI YANG
81 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1007-P: Employment and Work Conditions among U.S. Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Pandemic SHICHAO TANG, YU CHEN, PING ZHANG
82 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 147-LB: Visits in Pediatric vs. Adult Clinics for Young Adults (YA) with T1D-Prepandemic and Pandemic Care AMIT SHAPIRA, LIANE J. TINSLEY, ELENA TOSCHI, LORI M. LAFFEL
83 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 315-OR: Diabetes and Dyslipidemia in Young, a Hidden Pandemic-Real-World Multicentric Study from India ASHISH K. SAXENA, MEENAKSHISUNDARAM LAKSHMANAN, AASHNA PATIL, NAGENDRA K. SINGH, ANUJ MAHESHWARI, MUKULESH GUPTA, et al. (+9)
84 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Jun―20 1419-P: Pandemic-Specific Associations of Maternal Exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and Glucose Metabolisms-A Cross-Sectional Analysis in Birth Cohort in Hong Kong AIMIN YANG, CLAUDIA H. TAM, RISA OZAKI, WILLIAM L. LOWE, BOYD E. METZGER, WING H. TAM, et al. (+2)
85 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jun―12 New-Onset Fulminant Type 1 Diabetes After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Yunfei Pan, Xiaojing Zhong, Wei Qiu, Feimin Zhao, Jianping Yao
86 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jun―08 Erratum. The Incidence of Diabetes Among 2,777,768 Veterans With and Without Recent SARS-CoV-2 Infection. Diabetes Care 2022;45:782-788 Pandora L. Wander, Elliott Lowy, Lauren A. Beste, Luis Tulloch-Palomino, Anna Korpak, Alexander C. Peterson, et al. (+2)
87 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jun―05 Association of Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Development of Type 1 Diabetes: A Danish Nationwide Register Study Bochra Zareini, Kathrine Kold Sørensen, Pia A. Eiken, Thea K. Fischer, Peter Lommer Kristensen, Maria Elisabeth Lendorf, et al. (+3)
88 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―May―04 Is COVID-19 to Blame? Trends of Incidence and Sex Ratio in Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes in Germany Christian Denzer, Joachim Rosenbauer, Daniela Klose, Antje Körner, Thomas Reinehr, Christina Baechle, et al. (+4)
89 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Apr―26 COVID-19 and Rising Incidence of Diabetes: Despite Evolving Data, an Enigma Still to Be Solved William T. Cefalu
90 [GO] Diabetes 2023―Apr―20 Increased Risk of Diabetes and Diabetic Ketoacidosis Associated With COVID-19 Laura Montefusco, Ida Pastore, Maria Elena Lunati, Paolo Fiorina
91 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Apr―14 Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Is Not Increased After SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Nationwide Prospective Study in Denmark Rohina Noorzae, Thor Grønborg Junker, Anders Peter Hviid, Jan Wohlfahrt, Sjurdur Frodi Olsen
92 [GO] Clinical Diabetes 2023―Mar―03 A Novel Algorithm for the Management of Inpatient COVID-19 Glucocorticoid-Induced Hyperglycemia Alexander B. Karol, Natalia Viera, Selassie J. Ogyaadu, Danielle Brooks, Nirali A. Shah, Anne S. Linker, et al. (+3)
93 [GO] Diabetes Spectrum 2023―Feb―28 Telehealth and Type 1 Diabetes Care During COVID-19: Perceptions From Youth of Color, Caregivers, and Health Care Providers Courtney Thomas, Alejandra Perez Ramirez, Melissa A. Alderfer, Susana R. Patton, Mauri Carakushansky, Paul T. Enlow
94 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Feb―24 Global Diabetes Prevalence in COVID-19 Patients and Contribution to COVID-19- Related Severity and Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Rui Li, Mingwang Shen, Qianqian Yang, Christopher K. Fairley, Zhong-Lin Chai, Robert McIntyre, et al. (+9)
95 [GO] Diabetes Spectrum 2023―Feb―23 Effect of COVID-19 on Type 2 Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors: A Rapid Review Jill M. Olausson, Veronica J. Brady, Susan Storey
96 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jan―19 Comparative Incidence of Diabetes Following Hospital Admission for COVID-19 and Pneumonia: A Cohort Study Naomi Holman, Emma Barron, Bob Young, Edward W. Gregg, Kamlesh Khunti, Jonathan Valabhji, Naveed Sattar
97 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jan―13 Incidence, Severity, and Presentation of Type 2 Diabetes in Youth During the First and Second Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic Sabitha Sasidharan Pillai, Phinnara Has, Jose Bernardo Quintos, Monica Serrano Gonzalez, Vania L. Kasper, Lisa Swartz Topor, Meghan E. Fredette
98 [GO] Diabetes Care 2023―Jan―06 Severe COVID-19 Infection in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes During the First Three Waves in Sweden Jon Edqvist, Christina Lundberg, Karin Andreasson, Lena Björck, Pigi Dikaiou, Johnny Ludvigsson, et al. (+3)
99 [GO] Diabetes Care 2022―Dec―19 Race and Neighborhood-Related Disparities Spanning the COVID-19 Pandemic: Trajectories of Combined Glycemic Control and Body Mass Index in Youth With Diabetes Mary Ellen Vajravelu, Iswariya Mani, Shehryar Malik, Brianna Hewitt, Vaishnavi Peyyety, Silva Arslanian
100 [GO] Diabetes 2022―Nov―21 COVID-19 and Incident Type 1 Diabetes: Deciphering the Associations Shivani Misra, Linda A. DiMeglio
101 [GO] Diabetes 2022―Nov―21 Response to Comment on Pietropaolo et al. Incidence of an Insulin-Requiring Hyperglycemic Syndrome in SARS-CoV-2- Infected Young Individuals: Is It Type 1 Diabetes? Diabetes 2022;71:2656-2663 Massimo Pietropaolo, Peter Hotez, Nick Giannoukakis
102 [GO] Diabetes 2022―Nov―21 Comment on Pietropaolo et al. Incidence of an Insulin-Requiring Hyperglycemic Syndrome in SARS-CoV-2-Infected Young Individuals: Is It Type 1 Diabetes? Diabetes 2022;71:2656-2663 Chi-Kuei Hsu, Chih-Cheng Lai
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335 [GO] Clinical Diabetes 2020―Jul―16 Good to Know: Planning for Coronavirus
336 [GO] Diabetes 2020―Jul―15 Aging, Male Sex, Obesity, and Metabolic Inflammation Create the Perfect Storm for COVID-19 Franck Mauvais-Jarvis
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346 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―22 Early Observation and Mitigation of Challenges in Diabetes Management of COVID-19 Patients in Critical Care Units Osama Hamdy, Robert A. Gabbay
347 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―20 Outcomes in Patients With Hyperglycemia Affected by Covid-19: Can We Do More on Glycemic Control? Celestino Sardu, Nunzia D’Onofrio, Maria Luisa Balestrieri, Michelangela Barbieri, Maria Rosaria Rizzo, Vincenzo Messina, et al. (+4)
348 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―20 Exploring Diseases/Traits and Blood Proteins Causally Related to Expression of ACE2, the Putative Receptor of SARS-CoV-2: A Mendelian Randomization Analysis Highlights Tentative Relevance of Diabetes-Related Traits Shitao Rao, Alexandria Lau, Hon-Cheong So
349 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―14 Remote Glucose Monitoring of Hospitalized, Quarantined Patients With Diabetes and COVID-19 Gilat Shehav-Zaltzman, Gad Segal, Noa Konvalina, Amir Tirosh
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353 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―14 Opportunities for Research for COVID-19 in the Mission of NIDDK William T. Cefalu, Stephen P. James, Robert A. Star
354 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―14 The Diagnosis and Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic H. David McIntyre, Robert G. Moses
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357 [GO] Diabetes Care 2020―May―14 Obesity and COVID-19 Severity in a Designated Hospital in Shenzhen, China Qingxian Cai, Fengjuan Chen, Tao Wang, Fang Luo, Xiaohui Liu, Qikai Wu, et al. (+6)

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