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1 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Sep―19 ‘The end’ - or is it? Emergence of SARS-CoV-2 EG.5 and BA.2.86 subvariants Farid Rahimi, Mohammad Darvishi, Amin Talebi Bezmin Abadi
2 [GO] Nanomedicine 2023―Sep―15 Quality attributes of CTVad1, a nanoemulsified adjuvant for phase I clinical trial of SpiN COVID-19 vaccine Bruna Rodrigues Dias Assis, Isabela Pereira Gomes, Júlia Teixeira de Castro, Graziella Gomes Rivelli, Natália Salazar de Castro, Diana Paola Gomez-Mendoza, et al. (+9)
3 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Sep―11 Targeting host calcium channels and viroporins: a promising strategy for SARS-CoV-2 therapy Mona Fani, Maryam Moossavi, Hasan Bakhshi, Abozar Nasiri Jahrodi, Mohammad Reza Khazdair, Amir Hossein Zardast, Shokouh Ghafari
4 [GO] Future Microbiology 2023―Sep―05 Pandemic predictions and precautionary preparations: lessons from history Thomas H Pennington
5 [GO] Epigenomics 2023―Sep―04 Clinically informative microRNAs for SARS-CoV-2 infection Sercan Ergün, Ramamoorthy Sankaranarayanan, Nina Petrović
6 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2023―Aug―31 Differential absolute plasma IL-6 concentrations between two immunoassay platforms in intensive care unit patients with COVID-19 Pavan K Bhatraju, Eric D Morrell, Nicholas G O'Connor, Audrey Choi, Michael Fitzpatrick, Craig H Smith, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Regenerative Medicine 2023―Aug―17 Comment on ‘Digital transformation of medical education: innovative pedagogy and regenerative surgery in the era of COVID-19 Evelyn Casilla-Huamán
8 [GO] Regenerative Medicine 2023―Aug―09 Hope on the horizon: Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells in the fight against COVID-19 Gaurav Gupta, Md Sadique Hussain, Riya Thapa, Rajiv Dahiya, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Asif Ahmad Bhat, et al. (+6)
9 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jul―28 Plain Language Summary of a Clinical Trial Evaluating mRNA-1273, Moderna's mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccine, in Children 6 Through 11 Years of Age CB Creech, E Anderson, V Berthaud, I Yildirim, AM Atz, I Melendez Baez, et al. (+22)
10 [GO] Future Microbiology 2023―Jul―14 Antibiotic dispensing during first year of COVID-19 pandemic in Brazilian public hospitals Maria LS Pereira, Davi AC Mothé, Kézia S Pinheiro, Sarah S Gonçalves, Kênia V Santos
11 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jul―13 Expression of TRIM56 gene in SARS-CoV-2 variants and its relationship with progression of COVID-19 Rezvan Tavakoli, Pooneh Rahimi, Mojtaba Hamidi-Fard, Sana Eybpoosh, Delaram Doroud, Iraj Ahmadi, et al. (+3)
12 [GO] Immunotherapy 2023―Jul―11 An assessment of extended pembrolizumab dosing in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer in the COVID-19 pandemic Gordon Taylor Moffat, Lilian Hanna, Wilma Hopman, Andrea S Fung, Pierre-Olivier Gaudreau
13 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―24 Design and generation of mRNAs encoding conserved regions of SARS-CoV-2 ORF1ab for T cell-mediated immune activation Cao Minh Nguyen, Bac An Luong, Thu Thuy Thi Tran, Hoai Nghia Nguyen, Le Son Tran
14 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―23 Phase II study of bemnifosbuvir in high-risk participants in a hospital setting with moderate COVID-19 Arantxa Horga, Daniel R. Kuritzkes, John J. Kowalczyk, Keith Pietropaolo, Bruce Belanger, Kai Lin, et al. (+2)
15 [GO] Future Cardiology 2023―Jun―22 A young woman with pulmonary embolism, myocarditis and fungal endocarditis after COVID-19 infection: a case report Mehran Lak, Sepideh Jafari Naeini, Alireza Omidi Farzin, Manoochehr Hekmat, Atoosa Gharib
16 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2023―Jun―20 Association between the copper/selenium ratio and the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection Mahnaz Tashakori, Ahmad Jamalizadeh, Mohsen Nejad-Ghaderi, Maryam Hadavi, Aliakbar Yousefi-Ahmadipour, Fatemeh M Moghadam, et al. (+4)
17 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―16 COVID-19 post vaccination neuronal adverse events: probable mechanisms and treatment possibilities Abdul Mannan Baig, Joachim Gerlach, Prakash Salunke, Rachel Jessey, Robin Rose
18 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―16 Effects of COVID-19 and vaccination on the human immune system: cases of lymphopenia and autoimmunity Joachim Gerlach, Abdul Mannan Baig
19 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―07 Plant protease inhibitors against SARS-CoV-2 main protease: an in silico approach Adrianne M Lima, Adson A de Souza, Jackson L Amaral, Valder N Freire, Pedro F N Souza, Hermógenes D de Oliveira
20 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―01 CpG 684: an effective adjuvant for the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in mice Jiandong Liu, Tianle Cang, Congli Jiang, Kelei Li, Siyuan Liu, Haixin Wang, et al. (+4)
21 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jun―01 Structure-based virtual identification of natural inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 and its Delta and Omicron variant proteins Abdullah R Alanzi, Mohammad K Parvez, Mohammed S Al-Dosari
22 [GO] Future Virology 2023―May―22 In silico assessment of diterpenes as potential inhibitors of SARS-COV-2 main protease Yousef A Abdelrady, Naeem Mahmood Ashraf, Arslan Hamid, Hayam S Thabet, Asmaa M Sayed, Shimaa H Salem, et al. (+2)
23 [GO] Future Virology 2023―May―22 Identification of host factors that bind to the 5′ end of the MERS-CoV RNA genome Bader Y Alhatlani, Waleed Aljabr, Fatimah S Alhamlan, Ahmad Almatroudi, Mohd Azam, Mansour Alsaleem, Khaled S Allemailem
24 [GO] Epigenomics 2023―May―02 COVID-19 and cancer: insights into their association and influence on genetic and epigenetic landscape Mrinal K Ghosh, Sunny Kumar, Kirat K Ganguly, Pratyay Ghosh, Shaheda Tabassum, Bhaskar Basu, Malini Basu
25 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Apr―17 Efficiency rating of SG Diagnostics COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit Francesco Chirico, Murat Yıldırım, Tomasz Dzieciatkowski, Marek Dabrowski, Marek Malysz, Marcin Madziala, et al. (+5)
26 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Apr―11 DPP-4 Inhibitors as a savior for COVID-19 patients with diabetes Snehasish Nag, Samanwita Mandal, Oindrila Mukherjee, Suprabhat Mukherjee, Rakesh Kundu
27 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2023―Apr―11 Comparison of thromboembolic risk scores for evaluating in-hospital events of COVID-19 patients Ömer Genç, Abdullah Yildirim, Mürşide Genç, Fahri Er, Gökhan Alici, Alaa Quisi, et al. (+3)
28 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Apr―11 In silico analysis of ACE2 from different animal species provides new insights into SARS-CoV-2 species spillover Felipe Pantoja Mesquita, Pedro Filho Noronha Souza, Dyane Rocha Aragão, Expedito Maia Diógenes, Emerson Lucena da Silva, Jackson Lima Amaral, et al. (+3)
29 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Apr―06 The impact of mutation sets in receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 variants on the stability of RBD-ACE2 complex Mykyta Peka, Viktor Balatsky
30 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Apr―04 Evidence-based policies in public health to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy Francesco Chirico, Jaime A Teixeira da Silva
31 [GO] Personalized Medicine 2023―Mar―28 SARS-CoV-2 variant identification using a genome tiling array and genotyping probes Ryota Shimada, Emily N Alden, Kendall Hoff, Xun Ding, Jiayi Sun, Adam M Halasz, et al. (+2)
32 [GO] Future Microbiology 2023―Mar―14 Long-term effects of COVID-19 on lungs and the clinical relevance: a 6-month prospective cohort study Gulsah Tuncer, Ceyda Geyiktepe-Guclu, Serkan Surme, Evren Canel-Karakus, Hatice Erdogan, Osman F Bayramlar, et al. (+17)
33 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Mar―14 Natural killer cells in COVID-19: from infection, to vaccination and therapy Alireza Zafarani, Mohammad Hossein Razizadeh, Salar Pashangzadeh, Mohammad Reza Amirzargar, Mahsa Taghavi-Farahabadi, Mohammad Mahmoudi
34 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Mar―09 A twisting tale of misinformation: should ivermectin be approved as a treatment for COVID-19 disease? Arman Shafiee, Mohammad Mobin Teymouri Athar, Sayed-Hamidreza Mozhgani
35 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Mar―06 Two sides of the same coin: the N-terminal and the receptor binding domains of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Massimo Ciccozzi, Stefano Pascarella
36 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Feb―20 HLA and red blood cell antigen genotyping in SARS-CoV-2 convalescent plasma donors William Lemieux, Josée Perreault, Gabriel André Leiva-Torres, Nadia Baillargeon, Jessica Constanzo Yanez, Marie-Claire Chevrier, et al. (+3)
37 [GO] Concussion 2023―Feb―13 Return-to-learn after concussion in Washington state public high schools during the COVID-19 pandemic Shyam J Deshpande, Aspen Avery, Julian Takagi-Stewart, Brianna Mills, Qian Qiu, Monica S Vavilala
38 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Feb―03 SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase as a target for high-throughput drug screening Jiahui Wu, Zhiqiang Chen, Xue Han, Qiaoqiao Chen, Yintao Wang, Tingting Feng
39 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jan―27 Is the emergence of the zoonotic Langya virus amidst COVID-19 and monkeypox a cause for concern? Chandan Kumar Thakur, Jog Bahadur Adhikari, Nitin Gupta, Prakash Ghimire, Meghnath Dhimal
40 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jan―19 Update on the treatment of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children associated with COVID-19 Fangyuan Long, Shiheng Zhu, Zeguang Wang, Shungeng Zhang, Jinlong He, Xinbin Ge, Jun Ning
41 [GO] Future Microbiology 2023―Jan―17 Mucormycosis in the COVID-19 scenario beyond hospitalized patients Alexandro Bonifaz, Andrés Tirado-Sánchez, Javier Araiza, María Luisa Hernández-Medel
42 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jan―16 Plain language summary of Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 vaccine protection against COVID-19 and its safety in participants 12- to 15-years-old Robert W Frenck, Nicola P Klein, Nicholas Kitchin, Alejandra Gurtman, Judith Absalon, Stephen Lockhart, et al. (+20)
43 [GO] Immunotherapy 2023―Jan―11 Comparing Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) strains in convalescent COVID-19 patients Mehrsa Jalalizadeh, Cristiane F Giacomelli, Patricia AF Leme, Keini Buosi, Luciana SB Dal Col, Franciele AV Dionato, et al. (+4)
44 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jan―10 Diagnosing COVID-19: diagnostic importance of detecting E gene of the SARS-CoV-2 genome Iva Barjaktarović, Jelena Stojčević Maletić, Nataša Vučinić, Aleksandra Milutinović, Maja Grujičić, Velibor Čabarkapa
45 [GO] Future Virology 2023―Jan―09 The prevalence of deep vein thrombosis and associated risk factors among patients with COVID-19 in the North of Iran Maryam Yaseri, Seyyedeh Sahereh Mortazavi Khatibani, Elahe Ghorbani Totkaboni, Haniyeh Sadat Fayazi
46 [GO] Pain Management 2022―Dec―14 Pain management recommendations during the progression of SARS-CoV-2 infection Arti Dhar, Preeti Kachroo, Maxime Herve, Richard Petruschke
47 [GO] Regenerative Medicine 2022―Dec―01 A risk assessment study of SARS-CoV-2 propagation in the manufacturing of cellular products Enric Redondo Monte, David O'Neill, Karin M Abitorabi
48 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Nov―25 Plain language summary of Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine safety in participants 16 years or older and protection against COVID-19 in participants 12 years or older Stephen J Thomas, Edson D Moreira, Nicholas Kitchin, Judith Absalon, Alejandra Gurtman, Stephen Lockhart, et al. (+26)
49 [GO] Future Oncology 2022―Nov―11 The impact of telemedicine on cancer care: real-world experience from a Peruvian institute during the COVID-19 pandemic Katia Roque, Rossana Ruiz, Iris Otoya-Fernandez, José Galarreta, Tatiana Vidaurre, Ramon Andrade de Mello, et al. (+3)
50 [GO] Future Cardiology 2022―Nov―02 2D speckle-tracking echocardiography as a prognostic imaging modality for COVID-19 adverse outcomes Ehsan Goudarzi, Fateme Yousefimoghaddam, Alireza Ramandi, Isa Khaheshi
51 [GO] Neurodegenerative Disease Management 2022―Oct―24 Expert opinion on COVID-19 vaccines and cladribine tablets in MS: A plain language summary Peter Rieckmann, Diego Centonze, Gavin Giovannoni, Le H Hua, Celia Oreja-Guevara, Daniel Selchen, et al. (+5)
52 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Oct―22 Variation analysis of SARS-CoV-2 complete sequences from Iran Jale Moradi, Parnia Moradi, Amir H Alvandi, Ramin Abiri, Mohsen Moghoofei
53 [GO] Future Oncology 2022―Oct―17 Remote consultations: experiences of UK patients with prostate cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic Rebecca Leszczynski, Natalia Norori, Steve Allen, Raj Persad, Toby Page, William Cross, et al. (+3)
54 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Oct―17 Blood types (ABO/Rhesus) and SARS-CoV-2 infection: a retrospective, cross-sectional study in 2828 healthcare workers Betul Copur, Serkan Surme, Ugurcan Sayili, Gulsah Tuncer, Melike Nur Ozcelik, Hulya Yilmaz-Ak, et al. (+4)
55 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Oct―06 Acinetobacter baumannii infections resistant to treatment: warning signs from the COVID-19 pandemic Ryan C Ellis, Elena K Roberts, Jennifer T Grier, Steven E Fiester
56 [GO] Future Oncology 2022―Sep―29 Long-term effects of COVID-19 on cancer patients: the experience from Guy's Cancer Centre Maria J Monroy-Iglesias, Kathryn Tremble, Beth Russell, Charlotte Moss, Saoirse Dolly, Ailsa Sita-Lumsden, et al. (+5)
57 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Sep―28 Effectiveness of CoronaVac vaccination against COVID-19 development in healthcare workers: real-life data Betul Copur, Serkan Surme, Ugurcan Sayili, Gulsah Tuncer, Filiz Pehlivanoglu, Gonul Sengoz
58 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Sep―26 Reinfection and reactivation of SARS-CoV-2 Razieh Dowran, Amirmasoud Rayati Damavandi, Talat Mokhtari Azad
59 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Sep―26 Rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2: results of validation and use in real life Irena Grmek Kosnik, Urska Dermota, Andrej Golle, Tjasa Zohar Cretnik
60 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2022―Sep―23 Evaluating real-world COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness using a test-negative case-control design Matthew W Reynolds, Alex Secora, Alice Joules, Lisa Albert, Emma Brinkley, Tom Kwon, et al. (+3)
61 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Sep―23 Similarity between cutaneous reactions due to SARS-CoV-2 and its vaccinations Ömer Kutlu, Selami Aykut Temiz
62 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Sep―16 Relevance of cycle threshold values in mass screening by reverse-transcription-PCR during COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium: a decision-making support? Patrice Dufour, Henry Paridaens, Jean-Marc Senterre, Jean-Marc Minon
63 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Sep―16 Elevated IL-18 predicts poor prognosis in critically ill COVID-19 patients at a Brazilian hospital in 2020-21 Lucyana LC Coutinho, Caroline N Oliveira, Polianna LMM Albuquerque, Sandra MB Mota, Gdayllon C Meneses, Alice MC Martins, et al. (+6)
64 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Sep―16 Comment on: ‘Effectiveness of ivermectin-based multidrug therapy in severely hypoxic, ambulatory COVID-19 patients’ Esmeralda Garza-Santiago, Alejandro Ortiz-Hernández, Ashuin Kammar-García, Javier Mancilla-Galindo
65 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Sep―14 A plain language summary of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety as a single dose and with a booster Frank Struyf, Jerald Sadoff, Karin Hardt, Macaya Douoguih
66 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Sep―13 Role of plasma angiotensin II and angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 levels on prognosis and mortality in hypertensive patients with COVID-19 Serap Biberoğlu, Afşin İpekci, İbrahim İkizceli, Fatih Çakmak, Yonca S Akdeniz, Altuğ Kanbakan, et al. (+5)
67 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Sep―02 Changes in lactate dehydrogenase on admission throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and possible impacts on prognostic capability Elba O Medina-Hernández, Lucía M Pérez-Navarro, Joselín Hernández-Ruiz, Alma Villalobos-Osnaya, María L Hernández-Medel, Catalina Casillas-Suárez, Adolfo Pérez-García
68 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Sep―02 Prognostic value of heparin-binding protein for mortality in severe COVID-19 pneumonia Tarık Acar, Birsen Ertekin, Mehmet Yortanlı, Sedat Koçak
69 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Aug―31 Sudden onset of decreased vision following Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 infection: a case report Akram Sadat Ahmadi, Nazanin Zahra Shafiei-Jandaghi, Kaveh Sadeghi, Mohammadreza Salehi, Talat Mokhtari-Azad, Jila Yavarian
70 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Aug―25 What is the role of prognostic indexes in COVID-19 patients with diabetes mellitus? Data of patients from Turkey Safak O Balin, Ulku Kazanci, Kutbeddin Demirdag, Ayhan Akbulut
71 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Aug―08 Digging for the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 nsp12 inhibitors: a pharmacophore-based and molecular dynamics simulation study Fatemeh Sana Askari, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Jabbar Parhiz, Mina Hassanpour, Alireza Mohebbi, Abbas Mirshafiey
72 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Aug―04 Follow-up study of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody response in COVID-19 patients up to 6 months after infection Atalay Eray, Karamese Murat, Gumus Abdullah, Kahraman Ihsan, Kelesoglu Royca, Ozgur Didem, Tutuncu E Ediz
73 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Aug―02 Cholesterol-lowering drugs for high-risk hypercholesterolemia patients with COVID-19 while on Paxlovid™ therapy Alpo Vuorio, Petri T Kovanen, Frederick Raal
74 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Aug―02 Structural analysis of spike proteins from SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern highlighting their functional alterations Kundan Solanki, Sajjan Rajpoot, Ashutosh Kumar, Kam Y J Zhang, Tomokazu Ohishi, Nik Hirani, et al. (+4)
75 [GO] Personalized Medicine 2022―Aug―01 COVID-19 telehealth preparedness: a cross-sectional assessment of cardiology practices in the USA Carly E Waldman, Jean H Min, Heba Wassif, Andrew M Freeman, Anne K Rzeszut, Jack Reilly, et al. (+5)
76 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―28 Role of the PD-1 and PD-L1 axis in COVID-19 Srinivasa R Bonam, Haitao Hu, Jagadeesh Bayry
77 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―28 First report of rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis after COVID-19 infection in Bulgaria Denis Niyazi, Borislava Toncheva, Tsvetan Tonchev, Deyan Dzhenkov, Kalin Kalchev, Temenuga Stoeva
78 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―28 Coinfection with Strongyloides and Ascaris in a COVID-19-positive male presenting with acute abdomen: a case report Sweta Singh, Uday S Singh
79 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―28 SARS-CoV-2 genomic epidemiology: data and sequencing infrastructure Georgi Merhi, Jad Koweyes, Tamara Salloum, Charbel Al Khoury, Siwar Haidar, Sima Tokajian
80 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jul―27 Development and characterization of anti-SARS-CoV-2 intravenous immunoglobulin from COVID-19 convalescent plasma Mikhail Razumikhin, Tatiana Smolyanova, Alevtina Nikolaeva, Ekaterina Orlova, Aleksandr Ivanov, Olga Belyakova, et al. (+9)
81 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―26 G6PD deficiency: imbalance of functional dichotomy contributing to the severity of COVID-19 Abir Mondal, Soumyadeep Mukherjee, Waseem Dar, Prince Upadhyay, Anand Ranganathan, Soumya Pati, Shailja Singh
82 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―Jul―26 Accuracy of Allplex SARS-CoV-2 assay amplification curve analysis for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 variant Alpha Tjaša Ž Čretnik, Matjaž Retelj, Sandra Janežič, Aleksander Mahnič, Tine Tesovnik, Robert Šket, et al. (+9)
83 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jul―22 Tripartite communication in COVID-19 infection: SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis, gut microbiota and ACE2 Sara Ahmadi Badi, Shohreh Khatami, Seyed Davar Siadat
84 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jul―20 Mesenchymal stem cell treatment for hyperactive immune response in patients with COVID-19 Ragul Manoharan, Rajshekhar A Kore, Jawahar L Mehta
85 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jul―19 A rare case of septic pulmonary embolism in co-existence with infective endocarditis and COVID-19 Yusuf Emre Ozdemir, Adile Sevde Demir, Meryem Sahin Ozdemir, Busra Mavi, Can Ozen, Hayat Kumbasar Karaosmanoglu
86 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jul―19 Clinical course of COVID-19 infection in a melanoma patient treated with nivolumab and bempegaldesleukin: a case report Amalia Anastasopoulou, Aikaterini Gkoufa, Panagiotis Diamantopoulos, Spyridon Kazanas, Irene Eliadi, Michael Samarkos, Helen Gogas
87 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jul―19 Nothing in SARS-CoV-2 makes sense except in the light of RNA modification? Mingmei Zhao, Chunxiao Li, Yu Dong, Xuekun Wang, Wenqing Jiang, Yaogang Chen
88 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Jul―14 Is there a relationship between epicardial adipose tissue, inflammatory markers and prognosis in COVID-19 in patients under 65 years? Emre Emekli, Mustafa H Türkkanı, Sevgi S Ballı
89 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jul―05 Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron variant Daniel Melo de Oliveira Campos, Maria Karolaynne da Silva, Claudio Bruno Silva de Oliveira, Umberto Laino Fulco, Jonas Ivan Nobre Oliveira
90 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jul―05 Reply to the letter ‘Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against Omicron variant’ Vivek P Chavda, Shailvi Soni, Riddhi Prajapati, Murali M Yallapu, Vasso Apostolopoulos
91 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Jul―05 Association between D-dimer levels and post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 in patients from a tertiary care center MK Kalaivani, Shanthi Dinakar
92 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jul―01 Molecular and antigen tests, and sample types for diagnosis of COVID-19: a review Yujia Zhang, Rachael Garner, Sana Salehi, Marianna La Rocca, Dominique Duncan
93 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jul―01 SARS-CoV-2 and its repercussive effect on reproductive health: recent trends Sukanth Kumar Enmozhi, Jerrine Joseph
94 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―28 IGA nephropathy and spinal epidural abscess after COVID-19 infection: a case report Burak Göre, Ezgi Coşkun Yenigün, Şimal Köksal Cevher, Emre Çankaya, Numan Aydın, Fatih Dede
95 [GO] Future Cardiology 2022―Jun―23 Cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator: de novo implant in a COVID-19 patient by an echo-guided axillary venous approach Aldo Agea, Maria C Bellino, Domenico Gianfrancesco, Francesco Palma, Giuseppe A Carpagnano, Rita MR Torraco, et al. (+6)
96 [GO] Future Oncology 2022―Jun―20 Changing the landscape of European School of Oncology-European Society for Medical Oncology masterclasses in clinical oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic Nicholas Pavlidis, Fedro A Peccatori, Alexandru Eniu, Elie Rassy, Matti Aapro, Franco Cavalli, et al. (+2)
97 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―16 A comprehensive account of SARS-CoV-2 genome structure, incurred mutations, lineages and COVID-19 vaccination program Vijay Rani Rajpal, Shashi Sharma, Deepmala Sehgal, Apekshita Singh, Avinash Kumar, Samantha Vaishnavi, et al. (+4)
98 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―15 Clinical course of idiopathic inflammatory myopathies in COVID-19 pandemic: a single-center experience Hakan Apaydin, Abdulsamet Erden, Serdar C Güven, Berkan Armağan, Özlem Karakaş, Bahar Özdemir, et al. (+4)
99 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2022―Jun―14 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare resource utilization across selected disease areas in the USA Kayla Engelbrecht, Srinjoy Roy, Gorana Capkun, Kristijan Kahler, Melvin Olson
100 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―Jun―13 Lp-PLA2 as a biomarker and its possible associations with SARS-CoV-2 infection Pamila Dua, Archana Mishra, KH Reeta
101 [GO] Immunotherapy 2022―Jun―13 Development of hepatitis triggered by SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patient with cancer during immunotherapy: a case report Angioletta Lasagna, Marco Vincenzo Lenti, Irene Cassaniti, Paolo Sacchi
102 [GO] Future Oncology 2022―Jun―09 Solid cancer patients achieve adequate immunogenicity and low rate of severe adverse events after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination Urska Janzic, Urska Bidovec-Stojkovic, Katja Mohorcic, Loredana Mrak, Nina Fokter Dovnik, Marija Ivanovic, et al. (+6)
103 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―08 Detection of SARS-CoV-2 N501Y mutation among SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern circulating in Northern Cyprus Gulten Tuncel, Mahmut Cerkez Ergoren, Buket Baddal, Pinar Tulay, Cenk Serhan Ozverel, Emrah Guler, et al. (+3)
104 [GO] Future Cardiology 2022―Jun―06 Obese patients with long COVID-19 display abnormal hyperventilatory response and impaired gas exchange at peak exercise Mickael Rejaudry Lacavalerie, Sandrine Pierre-Francois, Moustapha Agossou, Jocelyn Inamo, André Cabie, José Luis Barnay, Rémi Neviere
105 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―03 Mapping of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein evolution during first and second waves of COVID-19 infections in India Vijay Rani Rajpal, Shashi Sharma, Avinash Kumar, Samantha Vaishnavi, Apekshita Singh, Deepmala Sehgal, et al. (+3)
106 [GO] Future Virology 2022―Jun―03 Efficacy and safety of corticosteroid regimens for the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients: a meta-analysis Fangwen Zhou, Jiawen Deng, Kiyan Heybati, Qi Kang Zuo, Saif Ali, Wenteng Hou, et al. (+5)
107 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―May―16 Serum hemato-immunological biomarkers associated with increased COVID-19 mortality in the Latino population Carla PS Ríos, Oscar GJ Cabrera, Juan JJ-V Whaley, Marisol D Sosa, Victor HA Palacios, Guadalupe LH González, José CJ López
108 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2022―May―09 Urinary tubular biomarkers as predictors of death in critically ill patients with COVID-19 Gabriela F Bezerra, Gdayllon C Meneses, Polianna LMM Albuquerque, Nicole C Lopes, Ranieri SS Santos, Juliana C da Silva, et al. (+12)
109 [GO] Future Virology 2022―May―09 Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 genome detection by real-time PCR assay using pooled specimens Forough Tavakoli, Jila Yavarian, Nazanin Zahra Shafiei Jandaghi, Kaveh Sadeghi, Nastaran Ghavami, Vahid Salimi, Talat Mokhtari-Azad
110 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2022―May―06 Economic burden of drug overdose deaths before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in the USA Briana Lui, Robert S White, Jaime Aaronson, Marguerite Hoyler
111 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2022―May―05 COVID-19 complications in males and females: recent developments Rahul Chaturvedi, Briana Lui, Jamie A Aaronson, Robert S White, Jon D Samuels
112 [GO] Future Microbiology 2022―May―05 Paradox of COVID-19 in pregnancy: are pregnant women more protected against or at elevated risk of severe COVID-19? Sheila Santa, Derek A Doku, Charles O Olwal, Charles A Brown, Emmanuel A Tagoe, Osbourne Quaye
113 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2022―May―05 Impact of coronavirus disease 2019 on chronic pain structures: data from French national survey Meggane Melchior, Mikhail Dziadzko, Séverine Conradi, Pierrick Poisbeau, Frédéric Aubrun
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370 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Oct―13 Implications of current and future approaches to coronavirus disease 2019 testing Rasheid Smith, Sean M Geary, Aliasger K Salem
371 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Oct―09 Abnormal left ventricular global longitudinal strain by speckle tracking echocardiography in COVID-19 patients Lori B Croft, Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Richard Ro, Malcolm Anastasius, Wenli Zhao, Samantha Buckley, et al. (+5)
372 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Oct―08 The potential of lactoferrin, ovotransferrin and lysozyme as antiviral and immune-modulating agents in COVID-19 Jaclyn Kelly Mann, Thumbi Ndung'u
373 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Oct―08 In silico analysis of protein/peptide-based inhalers against SARS-CoV-2 Saad Salman, Fahad Hassan Shah, Maham Chaudhry, Muniba Tariq, Muhammad Yasir Akbar, Muhammad Adnan
374 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Sep―22 COVID-19 and the newly rediscovered multidisciplinarity Melissa Bersanelli
375 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Sep―21 Potential alteration of COVID-19 by beta-mercaptoethanol Robert E Click
376 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Sep―18 Acute type A aortic dissection in a patient with COVID-19 Shiva Tabaghi, Mohammad Ali Akbarzadeh
377 [GO] Pain Management 2020―Sep―18 Reevaluating chronic opioid monitoring during and after the COVID-19 pandemic Prashant N Rao, Rohan Jotwani, Jatin Joshi, Amitabh Gulati, Neel Mehta
378 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Sep―16 Clinical impact of COVID-19 in a single-center cohort of a prospective study in cancer patients receiving immunotherapy Melissa Bersanelli, Teresa Zielli, Fabiana Perrone, Chiara Casartelli, Fabiana Pratticò, Elena Rapacchi, et al. (+9)
379 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Sep―09 COVID-19 in a patient with advanced Merkel cell carcinoma receiving immunotherapy Cesar Martins da Costa, Zenaide Silva de Souza, Alessandra Corte Real Salgues, Guilherme Harada, Pedro Paulo Marino Rodrigues Ayres, Daniela Bulhões Vieira Nunes, et al. (+2)
380 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Sep―09 Bioethical considerations for cancer patients care during the COVID-19 pandemic Hampig Raphael Kourie, Roland Eid, Fady Gh Haddad, Michel Scheuer, Roland Tomb
381 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Sep―09 Cross-neutralization activity against SARS-CoV-2 is present in currently available intravenous immunoglobulins José María Díez, Carolina Romero, Júlia Vergara-Alert, Melissa Belló-Perez, Jordi Rodon, José Manuel Honrubia, et al. (+4)
382 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Sep―03 SARS-CoV-2 transmission, the ambiguous role of children and considerations for the reopening of schools in the fall Cleo Anastassopoulou, Nicholas Spanakis, Athanasios Tsakris
383 [GO] Nanomedicine 2020―Sep―02 No small matter: a perspective on nanotechnology-enabled solutions to fight COVID-19 Georgia Wilson Jones, Marco P Monopoli, Luisa Campagnolo, Antonio Pietroiusti, Lang Tran, Bengt Fadeel
384 [GO] Epigenomics 2020―Sep―02 Potential use of noncoding RNAs and innovative therapeutic strategies to target the 5’UTR of SARS-CoV-2 Antonella Baldassarre, Alessandro Paolini, Stefania Paola Bruno, Cristina Felli, Alberto Eugenio Tozzi, Andrea Masotti
385 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Aug―28 Teleoncology or telemedicine for oncology patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: the new normal for breast cancer survivors? Fatih Yildiz, Berna Oksuzoglu
386 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Aug―27 Pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and complications of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Elaheh Kordzadeh-Kermani, Hossein Khalili, Iman Karimzadeh
387 [GO] Regenerative Medicine 2020―Aug―26 Digital regenerative medicine and surgery pedagogy for virtual learning in the time of COVID-19 Saranya P Wyles, Fredric B Meyer, Richard Hayden, Isobel Scarisbrick, Andre Terzic
388 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Aug―26 Phages in the fight against COVID-19? Andrzej Górski, Ryszard Międzybrodzki, Maciej Żaczek, Jan Borysowski
389 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Aug―26 Investigation of compatibility of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 reverse transcriptase-PCR kits containing different gene targets during coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic Figen Sarıgül, Osman Doluca, Sıla Akhan, Murat Sayan
390 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Aug―26 Genetic and pathogenic characterization of SARS-CoV-2: a review Afsane Bahrami, Gordon A Ferns
391 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Aug―20 Breast cancer surgery after the COVID-19 pandemic Fiona Tsang-Wright, Marios-Konstantinos Tasoulis, Nicola Roche, Fiona MacNeill
392 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Aug―18 A flow virometry process proposed for detection of SARS-CoV-2 and large-scale screening of COVID-19 cases Niraja Soni, Puja Pai, Gurumurthy Raja Krishna Kumar, Venkatesh Prasad, Santanu Dasgupta, Bhaskar Bhadra
393 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Aug―17 Susceptibility of the Iranian population to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection based on variants of angiotensin I converting enzyme 2 Alireza Mohebbi, Fatemeh Sana Askari, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Mana Zakeri, Mohammad Yasaghi, Hanieh Bagheri, Naeme Javid
394 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Aug―14 Anal swab as the potentially optimal specimen for SARS-CoV-2 detection to evaluate the hospital discharge of COVID-19 patients Mei Sun, Dong Guo, Jing Zhang, Jian Zhang, Hai-Feng Teng, Jun Xia, et al. (+3)
395 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Aug―12 Thoughts on detecting tissue distribution of potential COVID-19 receptors Hongtao Tang, Xiaosheng Lu, Shuyan Qie, Jianing Xi
396 [GO] Pain Management 2020―Aug―10 Impact of COVID-19 on chronic pain patients: a pain physician’s perspective Saba Javed, Joey Hung, Billy K Huh
397 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Aug―10 Recapitulating intracavitary brachytherapy in cervical cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: a viewpoint Divyesh Kumar, Treshita Dey
398 [GO] Colorectal Cancer 2020―Aug―07 Therapeutic challenges in colorectal surgery practice during COVID-19 outbreak: a case series Mahdi Alemrajabi, Mohammad Moradi, Esmail Amiri, Masoud Vahdani
399 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Aug―04 Biventricular strain by speckle tracking echocardiography in COVID-19: findings and possible prognostic implications Parasuram Krishnamoorthy, Lori B Croft, Richard Ro, Malcolm Anastasius, Wenli Zhao, Gennaro Giustino, et al. (+5)
400 [GO] Melanoma Management 2020―Jul―31 Pandemic medicine: the management of advanced melanoma during COVID-19 James R Patrinely, Douglas B Johnson
401 [GO] Nanomedicine 2020―Jul―29 Nanomedicine as a promising approach for diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis against COVID-19 Noura H Abd Ellah, Sheryhan F Gad, Khalid Muhammad, Gaber E Batiha, Helal F Hetta
402 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jul―29 In silico identification of conserved cis-acting RNA elements in the SARS-CoV-2 genome Bader Y Alhatlani
403 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jul―27 COVID-19: studying the global pandemic - foreword Stefano Rusconi, Frederick G Hayden
404 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jul―27 Therapeutic and vaccine strategies against SARS-CoV-2: past, present and future Mubasher Rehman, Isfahan Tauseef, Bibi Aalia, Sajid Hussain Shah, Muhammad Junaid, Kashif Syed Haleem
405 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jul―27 Implementation of breast cancer continuum of care in low- and middle-income countries during the COVID-19 pandemic Hagar Elghazawy, Joaira Bakkach, Mohamed S Zaghloul, Atlal Abusanad, Mariam Mohamed Hussein, Mohamed Alorabi, et al. (+6)
406 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2020―Jul―21 The role of hematological parameters in COVID-19 patients in the emergency room Eren Usul, İshak Şan, Burak Bekgöz, Ali Şahin
407 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―17 Obesity, COVID-19 and immunotherapy: the complex relationship! Carmine Finelli
408 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jul―17 How does COVID-19 fear and anxiety affect chemotherapy adherence in patients with cancer Cengiz Karacin, Irem Bilgetekin, Fatma B Basal, Omur B Oksuzoglu
409 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Jul―17 COVID-19: in the absence of vaccination - ‘mask-the-nation’ Roy D Sleator, Steven Darby, Alan Giltinan, Niall Smith
410 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2020―Jul―17 The association between biomarkers and clinical outcomes in novel coronavirus pneumonia in a US cohort Shant Ayanian, Juan Reyes, Lei Lynn, Karolyn Teufel
411 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―15 Recovery of COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome with tocilizumab: successful outcome in two critically ill patients Juan David Cala-García, Juan David Sierra-Bretón, Jorge Eduardo Cavelier-Baiz, Álvaro A Faccini-Martínez, Carlos Eduardo Pérez-Díaz
412 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Jul―14 N-acetylcysteine as a potential treatment for novel coronavirus disease 2019 Rangel-Méndez Jorge-Aarón, Moo-Puc Rosa-Ester
413 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jul―13 The psychological challenges for oncological patients in times of COVID-19 pandemic: telemedicine, a solution? Estelle Caroline Schade, Ronaldo Elkaddoum, Hampig Raphael Kourie
414 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jul―13 The pivotal role of TMPRSS2 in coronavirus disease 2019 and prostate cancer Veronica Mollica, Alessandro Rizzo, Francesco Massari
415 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Jul―10 The impact of COVID-19 on critical cardiac care and what is to come postpandemic Justin Hall
416 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jul―09 How COVID-19 affects patients receiving anticytokine and JAK inhibitors in rheumatology and dermatology Ting Yi Jessica Chang, Janet E Pope
417 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Jul―08 The use of radiological imaging alongside reverse transcriptase PCR in diagnosing novel coronavirus disease 2019: a narrative review Michael Naguib, Fathi Moustafa, Mustafa Thaer Salman, Nermin Kamal Saeed, Manaf Al-Qahtani
418 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Jul―03 Sudden cardiac death in COVID-19 patients, a report of three cases Samira Shirazi, Sanaz Mami, Negar Mohtadi, Abas Ghaysouri, Hamed Tavan, Ali Nazari, et al. (+2)
419 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Jul―01 Coronavirus disease 2019 is delaying the diagnosis and management of chest pain, acute coronary syndromes, myocarditis and heart failure Bhurint Siripanthong, Thomas C Hanff, Michael G Levin, Mahesh K Vidula, Mohammed Y Khanji, Saman Nazarian, Choudhary Anwar A Chahal
420 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jun―29 Potential protective and therapeutic role of immune checkpoint inhibitors against viral infections and COVID-19 Lidia Gatto, Enrico Franceschi, Vincenzo Di Nunno, Alba Ariela Brandes
421 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jun―27 Implications of COVID-19 on urological laparoscopic surgery Benjamin Condon, Thomas Whish-Wilson, Niall F Davis, Nathan Lawrentschuk
422 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jun―26 COVID-19 in homeless populations: unique challenges and opportunities Brian Conway, David Truong, Kelli Wuerth
423 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jun―25 Cancer management challenge in a developing country in COVID-19 pandemic: reflection of a group of Moroccan oncologists Hind Mrabti, Narjiss Berrada, Ghislaine Raiss, Hamza Ettahri, Halima Abahssain, Mouna Bourhafour, et al. (+2)
424 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Jun―22 A clinical dilemma amid COVID-19 pandemic: missed or encountered diagnosis of cancer? Emre Yekedüz, Ayşe Müge Karcıoğlu, Güngör Utkan, Yüksel Ürün
425 [GO] Colorectal Cancer 2020―Jun―20 Official French SARS-CoV-2 guidelines for cancer patients, a triage solution with precision medicine Juan Manuel O’Connor, Federico Esteso, Matías Chacón
426 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jun―17 Case report: use of lenzilumab and tocilizumab for the treatment of coronavirus disease 2019 Megan Melody, Jared Nelson, Jacquelyn Hastings, Joshua Propst, Michael Smerina, Julio Mendez, Pramod Guru
427 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jun―12 COVID-19 and coronaviral hepatitis: evidence of collateral damage Mohammad K Parvez
428 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Jun―12 Transmission and clinical characteristics of asymptomatic patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection Jie Tan, Shousheng Liu, Likun Zhuang, Lizhen Chen, Mengzhen Dong, Jie Zhang, Yongning Xin
429 [GO] Future Microbiology 2020―Jun―11 Focus on a 2019-novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Ling-Pu Zhang, Meixian Wang, Yanping Wang, Jun Zhu, Nannan Zhang
430 [GO] Pharmacogenomics 2020―Jun―10 Targeted therapies for cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: a threat or a blessing? Elissar Moujaess, Hampig Raphael Kourie, Joseph Kattan
431 [GO] Pharmacogenomics 2020―Jun―05 Angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and COVID-19: using antihypertensive medications, pharmacogenetic considerations Eric M Snyder, Bruce D Johnson
432 [GO] Epigenomics 2020―Jun―04 Targeting SARS-CoV-2 using polycomb inhibitors as antiviral agents Sameer Ayaz, Francesco Crea
433 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2020―Jun―03 Plasma albumin levels predict risk for nonsurvivors in critically ill patients with COVID-19 Juyi Li, Meng Li, Shasha Zheng, Menglan Li, Minghua Zhang, Minxian Sun, et al. (+4)
434 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Jun―03 Risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and disease in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors Patrizia Vici, Laura Pizzuti, Eriseld Krasniqi, Andrea Botticelli, Gennaro Ciliberto, Maddalena Barba
435 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―29 The future of cancer research after COVID-19 pandemic: recession? Hampig Raphael Kourie, Roland Eid, Fady Haddad, Marwan Ghosn, Dolla Karam Sarkis
436 [GO] Future Virology 2020―May―29 A suspected case of COVID-19 turned into a confirmed case: a case report from Iran Di Yang, Kai Wei, Xuesong Gao, Yijin Zhang, Ping Gao, Hongjie Li, et al. (+5)
437 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―29 Facing SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in immunotherapy era Fabrizio Citarella, Marco Russano, Francesco Pantano, Emanuela Dell'Aquila, Bruno Vincenzi, Giuseppe Tonini, Daniele Santini
438 [GO] Nanomedicine 2020―May―28 Why have nanotechnologies been underutilized in the global uprising against the coronavirus pandemic? Vuk Uskoković
439 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―27 Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation dilemma during the COVID-19 era Ramy Samaha, Joseph Kattan
440 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―27 Clinical sequelae of the novel coronavirus: does COVID-19 infection predispose patients to cancer? Priya Hays
441 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―26 Nasopharyngeal swab or clinical-radiological evidence: the dark side of the moon for cancer patients in the COVID-19 era Antonello Veccia, Stefania Kinspergher, Mariachiara Dipasquale, Orazio Caffo
442 [GO] Future Virology 2020―May―26 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection: let the virus be its own demise John Nemunaitis, Laura Stanbery, Neil Senzer
443 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―21 Fighting cancer in coronavirus disease era: organization of work in medical oncology departments in Emilia Romagna region of Italy Alba A Brandes, Andrea Ardizzoni, Fabrizio Artioli, Federico Cappuzzo, Luigi Cavanna, Giovanni Luca Frassineti, et al. (+8)
444 [GO] Future Virology 2020―May―20 Comparison of the COVID-2019 (SARS-CoV-2) pathogenesis with SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV infections Mona Fani, Ali Teimoori, Shokouh Ghafari
445 [GO] Biomarkers in Medicine 2020―May―19 Cardiovascular disease as a biomarker for an increased risk of COVID-19 infection and related poor prognosis Nicola Ielapi, Noemi Licastro, Michele Provenzano, Michele Andreucci, Stefano de Franciscis, Raffaele Serra
446 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―15 The management of patients with metastatic prostate cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic Tarek Assi, Nathalie Ibrahim, Rita-Maria K Abboud, Clarisse Kattan, Elie Rassy, Elie Nemr, Joseph Kattan
447 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―14 Safety first: evidence for delay of radical prostatectomy without use of androgen deprivation therapy during COVID-19 Xuan Rui Sean Ong, Benjamin Condon, Dominic Bagguley, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Arun Azad, Declan Murphy
448 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―14 Bacillus Calmette Guérin (BCG) vaccination use in the fight against COVID-19 - what’s old is new again? Ellen O'Connor, Jiasian Teh, Ashish M Kamat, Nathan Lawrentschuk
449 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―14 Oncology clinical trials in the time of COVID-19: how a pandemic can revolutionize patients’ care Francesco Massari, Veronica Mollica, Stefania Salvagni, Michele Tognetto, Andrea Ardizzoni
450 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―14 Coronavirus disease-2019 in cancer patients. A report of the first 25 cancer patients in a western country (Italy) Elisa Maria Stroppa, Ilaria Toscani, Chiara Citterio, Elisa Anselmi, Elena Zaffignani, Mauro Codeluppi, Luigi Cavanna
451 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―May―13 Currently available intravenous immunoglobulin contains antibodies reacting against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 antigens José-María Díez, Carolina Romero, Rodrigo Gajardo
452 [GO] Future Virology 2020―May―12 Prediction and analysis of key protein structures of 2019-nCoV Qihao Li, Wen Peng, Yu Ou
453 [GO] Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research 2020―May―11 Life after COVID-19: R WE going to help? Sreeram V Ramagopalan, Radek Wasiak
454 [GO] Nanomedicine 2020―May―07 Application of nanomaterials in treatment, anti-infection and detection of coronaviruses Ghazal Nikaeen, Sepideh Abbaszadeh, Saeed Yousefinejad
455 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―May―01 Telemedicine for cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic: between threats and opportunities Ronaldo Elkaddoum, Fady Gh Haddad, Roland Eid, Hampig Raphael Kourie
456 [GO] Lung Cancer Management 2020―May―01 Lung cancer management challenges amidst COVID-19 pandemic: hope lives here Abhishek Shankar, Deepak Saini, Ruchir Bhandari, Sachidanand Jee Bharati, Sunil Kumar, Geetika Yadav, et al. (+2)
457 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Apr―30 COVID-19: the use of immunotherapy in metastatic lung cancer Alexander P Davis, Michael Boyer, Jenny H Lee, Steven C Kao
458 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Apr―24 The divergence between SARS-CoV-2 and RaTG13 might be overestimated due to the extensive RNA modification Yue Li, Xinai Yang, Na Wang, Haiyan Wang, Bin Yin, Xiaoping Yang, Wenqing Jiang
459 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Apr―23 What the oncologist needs to know about COVID-19 infection in cancer patients Elie Rassy, Rita-Maria Khoury-Abboud, Nathalie Ibrahim, Clarisse Kattan, Tarek Assi, Joseph Kattan
460 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Apr―23 The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the management of cancer patients in Lebanon: a single institutional experience Clarisse Kattan, Hassan Badreddine, Elie Rassy, Hampig Raphael Kourie, Joseph Kattan
461 [GO] Future Cardiology 2020―Apr―17 Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy in the COVID-19 pandemic Nili Schamroth Pravda, Miri Schamroth Pravda, Ran Kornowski, Katia Orvin
462 [GO] Future Virology 2020―Apr―17 Pros and cons of the application of evolutionary theories to the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Yue Li, Xinai Yang, Na Wang, Haiyan Wang, Bin Yin, Xiaoping Yang, Wenqing Jiang
463 [GO] Colorectal Cancer 2020―Apr―16 Colorectal cancer care in the age of coronavirus: strategies to reduce risk and maintain benefit John L Marshall, Ronit I Yarden, Benjamin A Weinberg
464 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Apr―15 Do checkpoint inhibitors compromise the cancer patients’ immunity and increase the vulnerability to COVID-19 infection? Joseph Kattan, Clarisse Kattan, Tarek Assi
465 [GO] Future Oncology 2020―Apr―08 The Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology (LSMO) statement on the care of patients with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic Nizar Bitar, Joseph Kattan, Hampig Raphael Kourie, Deborah Mukherji, Nagi El Saghir
466 [GO] Immunotherapy 2020―Mar―26 Controversies about COVID-19 and anticancer treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors Melissa Bersanelli

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