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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] BRICS Journal of Economics 2021―Oct―25 Promotion of a healthy lifestyle in Russia and China The first results of COVID-19 and trends in the post-COVID economy Elena Sharko
2 [GO] BRICS Journal of Economics 2021―Oct―25 The development of e-commerce in China during the COVID-19 pandemic on the example of the textile industry Deng Junzhi
3 [GO] Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics Electronic Journal 2021―Oct―22 Russian Agri-Food Export in the context of Pandemic Shock S. V. Kiselev
4 [GO] Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics Electronic Journal 2021―Jul―20 Review of the 149th meeting of the Dispute club “Economic Policy Knots” of the Association of the Russian Economic Think Tanks on the Topic “Fiscal Stimulation in a Pandemic Crisis - How Much, From What Sources, How?” E. A. Zubova, A. A. Izmailov, L. A. Tutov
5 [GO] Moscow University Economics Bulletin 2021―May―08 Labour market transformation: impact of the pandemic and future forecasts Elena Ustyuzhanina, Sergey Evsukov, Alexandr Sigarev, Vladimir Ustyuzhanin
6 [GO] BRICS Journal of Economics 2021―May―07 Changes in consumer behavior in the BRICS countries during the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of trust and anxiety Svetlana Berezka, Vera Rebiazina, Snezhana Muravskaia
7 [GO] BRICS Journal of Economics 2020―Dec―17 State regulatory measures of the government of India in the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak Yogender Chauhan, Zhanna Mingaleva, Irina Mirskikh
8 [GO] Scientific Research of Faculty of Economics Electronic Journal 2020―Nov―25 Entering the Pandemic: First Measures of Economic Support and First Results A. A. Kurdin, A. R. Kolomiets, O. A. Markova, V. D. Sluzhevskaya, I. N. Filippova, A. A. Shpakova


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