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Publishing House: Temblor
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Temblor 2020―Nov―17 Preparing for an earthquake during a pandemic Elizabeth Goldbaum
2 [GO] Temblor 2020―Nov―09 Ground vibrations in the time of coronavirus Elizabeth Goldbaum
3 [GO] Temblor 2020―Apr―16 Pandemic lockdown sensitizes New Delhi to earthquake risk Ramesh Singh
4 [GO] Temblor 2020―Apr―05 Earthquake strikes Utah amid COVID-19 pandemic Tiegan Hobbs
5 [GO] Temblor 2020―Apr―05 Catastrophic earthquake, oil rig blowout, fire, storm or pandemic: Thinking about the unthinkable John Mutter
6 [GO] Temblor 2020―Apr―05 What if? What if a natural disaster strikes amid a pandemic? John Mutter


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