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1 [GO] Online Learning 2024―Mar―02 The Interplay of Institutional Support and Faculty Roles during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications for the future of Online Teaching and Learning Samar Samir Aad
2 [GO] Online Learning 2024―Mar―02 Parent’s Perceptions of Online Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic: The Road Ahead Tarek Shal
3 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Jun―02 Data-driven Decisions of Higher Education Instructors in an Era of a Global Pandemic Maya Usher, Arnon Hershkovitz
4 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Mar―15 Online Group Supervision in Graduate Psychology Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic Shulamit Geller, Keren Hanetz-Gamliel, Sigal Levy
5 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Mar―15 A Systematic Review of the Research Topics in Online Learning During COVID-19: Documenting the Sudden Shift Min Young Doo, Meina Zhu, Curtis J. Bonk
6 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Mar―15 Rising to the Occasion: The Importance of the Pandemic for Faculty Adoption Patterns Jing Zhang, Georgette E. Dumont, Becky G. Sumbera, Pamela Medina, Melika Kordrostami, Anna Y Ni
7 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Mar―15 Students’ Satisfaction with Quality of Synchronous Online Learning Under the COVID 19 Pandemic: Perceptions from Liberal Arts and Science Undergraduates Izabela Agata Majewska, Varaidzo Zvobgo
8 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Jan―25 College Students’ Belonging and Loneliness in the Context of Remote Online Classes during the COVID-19 Pandemic Ashley Hansen-Brown, Sean Sullivan, Brianna Jacobson, Blake Holt, Shaelyn Donovan
9 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Jan―25 Online Verbal Argumentative Interaction (OVAI) in an Online Science Class During the Covid-19 Pandemic Pablo Antonio Archila, Anne-Marie Truscott de Mejía, Silvia Restrepo
10 [GO] Online Learning 2023―Jan―25 What Does It Mean To Take Online Classes As An International Student During COVID-19? Katie K Koo, Mei Jiang
11 [GO] Online Learning 2022―Sep―14 Transitioning to Online Learning amid COVID-19: Perspectives in a Civil Engineering Program Munjed A. Maraqa, Mohamed Hamouda, Hilal El-Hassan, Amr S. El Dieb, Ashraf Aly Hassan
12 [GO] Online Learning 2022―Jun―03 From Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) to Sustained Remote Teaching (SRT): A comparative semester analysis of exchange students’ experiences and perceptions of learning online during COVID-19 William H. Stewart, Youngkyun Baek, Patrick R. Lowenthal
13 [GO] Online Learning 2022―Jun―03 An Overnight Educational Transformation: How did the Pandemic Turn Early Childhood Education Upside Down? Sinem Aslan, Qi Li, Curtis J. Bonk, Lama Nachman
14 [GO] Online Learning 2022―Mar―13 The Challenges of Remote K-12 Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Differences by Grade Level Nancy L Leech, Sophie Gullett, Miriam Howland Cummings, Carolyn A Haug
15 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Dec―10 Connections Before Curriculum: The Role of Social Presence During COVID-19 Emergency Remote Learning for Students Suzanne Ensmann, Aimee Whiteside, Lina Gomez-Vasquez, Ronda Sturgill
16 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Dec―10 Student Perspectives of Online Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Burhan Ozfidan, Hala Ismail, Orchida Fayez
17 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Dec―10 “An Overwhelming Cloud of Inertia”: Evaluating the Impact of Course Design Changes Following the COVID-19 Pandemic Joann S. Olson, Rita Kenahan
18 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Jordanian University Students’ Views on Emergency Online Learning During COVID-19 Saleh Al-Salman, Ahmad S Haider
19 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Preparing Doctoral Students to Teach in an Increasingly Virtual World: A Response to COVID-19 and Beyond Robbie Bishop-Monroe, Brandon Di Paulo Harrison, Margaret E. Knight, Cynthia Corritore, Brian J. Rybarczyk, Anne Stewart York
20 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 COVID-19 and Community College Instructional Responses Cassandra M.D. Hart, Di Xu, Michael Hill, Emily Alonso
21 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Using Telehealth to Enhance Pediatric Psychiatric Clinical Simulation: Rising to Meet the COVID-19 Challenge Teresa Michelle Whited, Kimberly Stickley, Pamela De Gravelles, Taylor Steele, Beverly English
22 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Introduction to the Special Issue on the COVID-19 Emergency Transition to Remote Learning Shanna Smith Jaggars
23 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Without Crossing a Border: Exploring the Impact of Shifting Study Abroad Online on Students’ Learning and Intercultural Competence Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic Yingjie Liu, Thomas Shirley
24 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Teachers’ Engagement in and Coping with Emergency Remote Instruction During COVID-19-Induced School Closures: A Multinational Contextual Perspective Magdalena Jelinska, Michał B. Paradowski
25 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Remote Student Support During COVID-19: Perspectives of Chief Online Officers in Higher Education Bettyjo Bouchey, Erin Gratz, Shelley Kurland
26 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 The Hidden Shadow of Coronavirus on Education in Developing Countries Zuheir N Khlaif, Soheil Salha, Shahid Fareed, Hadi Rashed
27 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 The Forgotten Ones: How Rural Teachers in Mexico are Facing the COVID19 Pandemic Brenda Cecilia Padilla Rodriguez, Alejandro Armellini, John Traxler
28 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 Using an Ethos of Care to Bridge the Digital Divide: Exploring Faculty Narratives During a Global Pandemic Kari Goin Kono, Sonja Taylor
29 [GO] Online Learning 2021―Mar―02 A Pandemic of Busywork: Increased Online Coursework Following the Transition to Remote Instruction is Associated with Reduced Academic Achievement Benjamin A Motz, Joshua D Quick, Julie A Wernert, Tonya A Miles
30 [GO] Online Learning 2020―Jun―02 U.S. Faculty and Administrators’ Experiences and Approaches in the Early Weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic Nicole Johnson, George Veletsianos, Jeff Seaman

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