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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Mission and Theology 2022―Jul―08 A Study on the Emergency Medical Support for Overseas Missionaries in the COVID-19 Situation Myungsik Baek
2 [GO] Mission and Theology 2022―Jul―08 A Study on the Necessity of a Paradigm Change in Mission Work According to the Change of Missionary Identity in the Era of Corona Pandemic Hae-Lyong Cho
3 [GO] Mission and Theology 2021―Nov―08 An Analysis of Ageism Associated with COVID-19 by Public Theology: Focused on the Recognition of Risk, Leisure and Care, and Social Capital Seong-Hun Choi
4 [GO] Mission and Theology 2021―Jul―13 A Study on the Direction of the Korean Church’s Mission in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond Gyun Oh Jung
5 [GO] Mission and Theology 2021―Jul―13 10 Keywords to Read the Era of COVID-19 Dong Seub Oh
6 [GO] Mission and Theology 2021―Jul―13 Sarah Chakko: A Model of Asian Leadership in the Pandemic Era Eun Ha Kim
7 [GO] Mission and Theology 2021―Mar―03 Choir Safety Guidelines and Operation Plan in the Era of COVID-19 Sang Il Lee
8 [GO] Mission and Theology 2020―Nov―11 Christian Ministry in the New Normal Era Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Dongkyu Choi
9 [GO] Mission and Theology 2020―Nov―11 A Comparative Study of the Impact of the Spanish Influenza in the 20th Century and the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the 21st Century on the African Church and Society: Ecotheological perspective Bright Myeong Seok Lee
10 [GO] Mission and Theology 2020―Nov―11 Covid-19 Pandemic Situation and Asian Mission Kyu Dae Lee
11 [GO] Mission and Theology 2020―Nov―11 A Study of Reinhold Niebuhr’s Thought on Symbol in the Age of Covid-19: Symbol and Christian Ethics Kyoung Dong Yoo
12 [GO] Mission and Theology 2020―Nov―11 Affirmation and Practice of Christian Faith in a Pandemic World Deenabandhu Manchala

12 Results       Page 1


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