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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Bashkir State Medical University

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1 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2022―Oct―25 Surgical Care under COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions (Literature Review) M. V. Timerbulatov, R. R. Garaev, Sh. V. Timerbulatov, A. A. Bakirov, A. R. Gafarova
2 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2022―Jul―18 Surgical Aid to Patients with Hepatopancreatobiliary Situations in Precovid Period and under Persistent Relapse of New Coronavirus Infection SARS-CoV-2 M. A. Nartaylakov, V. S. Panteleev, I. Z. Salimgareev, M. O. Loginov, K. N. Zolotukhin, V. D. Dorofeev, et al. (+3)
3 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2022―Jun―02 Successful Treatment of Transplanted Kidney Patient with 100% Lung Damage Caused by COVID-19 Bilateral Pneumonia: a Clinical Case R. R. Nuriakhmetov, V. S. Panteleev, A. R. Zagitov, M. A. Nartailakov, M. N. Kornilov, I. I. Biganyakov
4 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2021―Dec―27 Overhaul of Radiological Mammography Check-ups for Early Malignancy Diagnosis during COVID-19 Pandemic M. S. Ermakova, S. M. Demidov, D. A. Demidov
5 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2021―May―23 Comprehensive Screening for COVID-19 at St. Petersburg Oncology Centre N. M. Volkov, M. S. Lebedeva, V. V. Egorenkov, F. V. Moiseenko, N. Kh. Abduloeva, A. A. Bogdanov, et al. (+7)
6 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2021―Feb―11 Possibilities of Surgical Treatment of Vulva Cancer in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Sh. Kh. Gantsev, O. N. Lipatov, K. V. Menshikov
7 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2021―Feb―11 Probable Mechanisms of COVID-19 Pathogenesis R. N. Mustafin, E. K. Khusnutdinova
8 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2020―Nov―30 Management of Neurosurgical Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic Huaizhang Shi, Guang Yang, Cheng Gao, Xiaoxiong Wang, Guan Xin, Luan Rui, et al. (+4)
9 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2020―Nov―30 Oncological Care During the Covid-19 Pandemic (Literature Review) Sh. Kh. Gantsev, K. V. Menshikov
10 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2020―Jul―26 Prevention of COVID-19-associated Haemostasis Failure in Patient with Stented Coronary Arteries: a Clinical Case A. V. Samorodov, K. N. Zolotukhin
11 [GO] Creative Surgery and Oncology 2020―Jul―26 Selected Aspects of Diagnosis and Treatment of Surgical Patients with New Coronavirus Infection: a Clinical and Epidemiological Assay A. G. Hasanov, A. M. Menshikov, A. I. Sendik, E. R. Ibatullin, T. Yu. Latypov, Yu. R. Sagadatova

11 Results       Page 1


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