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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica & University Chemistry Editorial Office, Peking University

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1 [GO] University Chemistry 2022―Apr―18 “Gold Always Glows”: Application of Gold and Its Compounds in the Detection and Treatment of Coronavirus Li Wang, Meng Zhang
2 [GO] University Chemistry 2022―Feb―28 Design and Application of Inorganic Nanoadjuvant in Immunostimulation of Human Coronavirus Vaccine Susu Gao, Xin Wang, Yaling Wang, Chunying Chen
3 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Nov―04 Some Distinguished Polymer Materials Used in COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Bangkun Jin, Pingping Zhu
4 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Nov―04 Structures and Interactions of SARS-CoV-2's Spike Protein and Its Receptor Hailong Yang, Yun Liu, Bin Yang
5 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Sep―15 Brief Introduction to Some Important Polymeric Materials in the Battle Against COVID-19 Jing Yan, Yuchen Li, Fenglin Zhong, Yi Yan
6 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Sep―15 Applications of Nanotematerials in Viral Pandemics Chenyun Feng, Yu Gao, Yaofeng Yuan
7 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Sep―10 A New Classroom for Chemistry Teaching: Chemical Knowledge in the Fight against COVID-19 Epidemic Jing Wu, Hongbin Qi, Yingbin Wang
8 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Aug―06 Exploration of Potential COVID-19 Drugs as Study Cases in Heterocyclic Chemistry Teaching Rong Fan, Yun Wei, Jiajing Tan
9 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Jul―13 Design Principle and Research Progress of COVID-19 Vaccine Wenhao Li, Yanmei Li
10 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―Jul―13 Past and Present of SARS-CoV-2 from the View of Intermolecular Forces Ping Liu
11 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 Comprehensive Utilization of Diversified Materials in Analytical Chemistry Teaching under the Background of COVID-19 Min Wang
12 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 An Exploration into the Online Teaching of Chemistry Courses under the COVID-19 Xinrui Zhong, Hang Zhou, Lin Jiang, Yan Su, Xiaoshuang Ma, Yun Zhang, Chengbin Zheng
13 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 Survey Analysis and Suggestions on Online Teaching of Chemistry Majors during COVID-19 Epidemic Yaxian Zhu, Liya Zhou, Shuyong Zhang, Lansun Zheng
14 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 Innovative Teaching Methods of Massive Open Online Courses under New Coronavirus Pneumonia: Finding Chemistry in Detective Conan as an Example Hongjian Zhang, Wenjie Liang, Hongmei Lu, Yunfeng Wu, Pei Tian, Yuecai Song, Hai Xu
15 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 Online Teaching and Learning of Instrumental Analysis Course under the New Coronavirus Pneumonia: The Introduction as an Example Hefang Wang
16 [GO] University Chemistry 2020―May―19 Teaching Practice of Structural Chemistry under the Novel Coronavirus: Combining Teaching and Research to Improve Learning Enthusiasm Shuang Mao

16 Results       Page 1


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