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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Moldovan Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2022―Jan―05 Retrospective study on the prevalence of COVID-19 confirmed cases and evidence of gender bias in Libya Hanan AQEEHAL, Ahmed ALARBI, Haytham MANEEA, Mahmud BENMANSUR, Abdelhadi ELTURKI, Anud ZAABIA, et al. (+2)
2 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Oct―29 Epidemiological features of COVID-19 family outbreaks in children Ludmila BIRCA, Diana SPATARU, Stela CORNILOVA, Viorica HEMEI, Olesea AIOANI
3 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Oct―29 Mental health during the COVID-19 quarantine in five countries Erika Yohanna BEDOYA CARDONA, Ioana POPA, Anna MORANDI, Cristina MONTOMOLI
4 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Oct―29 Concerns regarding the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on children health Valentina MARINESCU, Anda Anca RODIDEAL
5 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Jun―17 Evaluation of the compliance of people with the containment measures and wearing-mask behaviours in different stages of COVID-19 pandemic: An observational study from Turkey Erhan KAYA, Hüseyin ÜÇER
6 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Apr―06 Epidemiological situation regarding the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) among healthcare workers in the Republic of Moldova Alexandr DASCALOV
7 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2021―Apr―06 Assessment of anti SARS-CoV-2 antibodies present in convalescent plasma donors aimed at being used in COVID-19 treatment Constantin SPÎNU, Svetlana CEBOTARI, Octavian SAJIN, Igor SPÎNU, Ala DONOS, Ana VOLNEANSCHI, et al. (+2)
8 [GO] One Health & Risk Management 2020―Sep―22 Epidemiology of the initial period of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the Republic of Moldova Nicolae FURTUNA, Alina DRUC, Octavian SAJIN, Constantin SPINU, Veaceslav GUTU, Alexei CEBAN


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