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1 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Aug―29 Societal influence and psychological distress among Indonesian adults in Java on the early Omicron wave of COVID-19 Annette d'Arqom, Muh Akram, Nafesa Shafira Azzahranisa, Mhd Zamal Nasution, Endang Retno Surjaningrum, Junaidah Yusof
2 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Jul―29 Investigation of microbial coinfection in 453 septic COVID-19 patients admitted to hospital; a retrospective study Armin Khavandegar, Zeinab Siami, Sogand Goudarzi, Aziz Rasooli, Yeganeh Ettehad
3 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Jul―20 Hen egg white bovine colostrum supplement reduces symptoms of mild/moderate COVID-19: a randomized control trial Jaclyn Kelly Mann, Tarylee Reddy, Mary van der Stok, Ayanda Ngubane, Takalani Mulaudzi, Nobuhle Mchunu, et al. (+8)
4 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Jun―24 A survey to explore the psychological and professional impact of change imposed by COVID-19 Mona Bo�ous, Nada Charfi, Héla Gdoura, Lassad Chtourou, Manel Moalla, Leila Mnif, et al. (+3)
5 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Jun―14 In silico identification of natural compounds against SARS-CoV-2 main protease from Chinese herbal medicines Yi Kuang, Wenjing Shen, Xiaodong Ma, Ziwei Wang, Rui Xu, Qingqing Rao, Shengxiang Yang
6 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Apr―21 Prevalence of gastro-intestinal symptoms among COVID-19 patients and the association with disease clinical outcomes Hafez Al-Momani, Iman Aolymat, Muna Almasri, Sameer Alhaj Mahmoud, Safaa Mashal
7 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Apr―06 Discovery of 3CLpro inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 main protease Yi Kuang, Xiaodong Ma, Wenjing Shen, Qingqing Rao, Shengxiang Yang
8 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Mar―28 The impact of COVID-19 on the motivations of women seeking a uterus transplant Saaliha Vali, Benjamin P Jones, Srdjan Saso, J Richard Smith
9 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Mar―09 Ct, IL-18 polymorphism, and laboratory biomarkers for predicting chemosensory dysfunctions and mortality in COVID-19 Shukur Wasman Smail, Esmaeil Babaei, Kawa Amin
10 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Mar―06 State of the art in epitope mapping and opportunities in COVID-19 Samira M Hamed, Masarra M Sakr, Ghadir S El-Housseiny, Reham Wasfi, Khaled M Aboshanab
11 [GO] BioTechniques 2023―Feb―16 SARS-CoV-2 spike gene Sanger sequencing methodology to identify variants of concern Fatimah S Alhamlan, Dana M Bakheet, Marie F Bohol, Madain S Alsanea, Basma M Alahideb, Faten M Alhadeq, et al. (+8)
12 [GO] Future Science OA 2023―Feb―03 Co-infection associated with SARS-CoV-2 and their management Vivek P Chavda, Aayushi B Patel, Anjali Pandya, Lalitkumar K Vora, Vandana Patravale, Zara M Tambuwala, et al. (+4)
13 [GO] Future Science OA 2022―Sep―12 Fetal supraventricular tachycardia and maternal COVID-19 vaccination: is there any relationship? Wael Abdallah, Johnny B Rechdan, Razane Lakkis, Malek Nassar, Linda Daou, Nadine El Kassis, David Atallah
14 [GO] BioTechniques 2022―Aug―25 Methods to evaluate the impact of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid mutations on antigen detection by rapid diagnostic tests Bryan C Tieman, Stephen Kovacs, Mary A Rodgers, Aurash Mohaimani, Svetoslava Gregory, David Christensen, et al. (+20)
15 [GO] Future Science OA 2022―Aug―08 Adherence of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant to a surgical mask and N95 respirators Ana C Lorenzo-Leal, Selvarani Vimalanathan, Horacio Bach
16 [GO] BioTechniques 2022―May―12 Isothermal amplification using sequence-specific fluorescence detection of SARS coronavirus 2 and variants in nasal swabs Les Jones, Hemant K Naikare, Yung-Yi C Mosley, Ralph A Tripp
17 [GO] BioTechniques 2022―Apr―21 Intracellular flow cytometry complements RT-qPCR detection of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern Emiel Vanhulle, Becky Provinciael, Joren Stroobants, Anita Camps, Piet Maes, Kurt Vermeire
18 [GO] Future Science OA 2022―Apr―14 Vinpocetine is the forthcoming adjuvant agent in the management of COVID-19 Hayder M Al-kuraishy, Ali I Al-Gareeb, Muyiwa Samuel Fageyinbo, Gaber El-Saber Batiha
19 [GO] BioTechniques 2022―Apr―05 Bioinformaticians: the hidden heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic Ebony Torrington
20 [GO] BioTechniques 2022―Mar―17 Cytotoxic T lymphocytes targeting a conserved SARS-CoV-2 spike epitope are efficient serial killers Mohsen Fathi, Lindsey Charley, Laurence JN Cooper, Navin Varadarajan, Daniel D Meyer
21 [GO] Future Science OA 2022―Feb―02 Hospitalization requiring intensive care unit due to SARS-CoV2 infection correlated with IgM depression and IgG elevation Sara Tamizuddin, Jason Cham, Yasamin Ghiasi, Luis Borroto, Cindy Cao, Natalia Orendain, et al. (+3)
22 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Dec―17 Thrombosis and fibrosis: mutually inclusive targets to combat in COVID-19 Mehmet Agirbasli
23 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Dec―17 New insights on mucormycosis and its association with the COVID-19 pandemic Mona G Alshahawey, Ghadir S El-Housseiny, Noha S Elsayed, Mohammad Y Alshahrani, Lamia M EL Wakeel, Khaled M Aboshanab
24 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Nov―23 COVID-19 and prostate cancer: a complex scenario with multiple facets Felice Crocetto, Luciana Buonerba, Luca Scafuri, Vincenzo Caputo, Biagio Barone, Antonella Sciarra, et al. (+4)
25 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Nov―18 Spontaneous pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema in non-ventilated COVID-19 patients Shadi Hamouri, Mohammad AlQudah, Omar Albawaih, Nabil Al-zoubi, Sebawe Syaj
26 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Oct―29 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in pregnancy and newborn passive immunization: a case report Nadine El Kassis, Wael Abdallah, Rim Abou Chakra, Wissam Arab, Serge Sassine, David Atallah
27 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Oct―29 Compliance with safety measures and risk of COVID-19 transmission among healthcare workers Nawaf J Shatnawi, Zaid Mesmar, Gaith A Al-Omari, Wesam AL-Sheyab, Nabil A AlZoubi, Mohammed AL-Ghazo, et al. (+6)
28 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Sep―14 Improved SARS-CoV-2 PCR detection and genotyping with double-bubble primers Menachem Ailenberg, Andras Kapus, Ori D Rotstein
29 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Aug―16 Design considerations for point-of-need devices based on nucleic acid amplification for COVID-19 diagnostics and beyond Haoqing Zhang, Petr Pajer, Jiří Kudr, Ondrej Zitka, Pavel Neužil
30 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Jun―18 Tergitol-15-S-9 inactivates SARS-CoV-2 and boosts immunoassay signals Michael G Berg, Eitan Israeli, Erin Quaco, Gavin A Cloherty, Philip M Hemken
31 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Jun―15 An observational study of a cohort of citizens receiving the AZD1222 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 Pellegrino Cerino, Annachiara Coppola, Biancamaria Pierri, Palmiero Volzone, Dario Bruzzese, Andrea Pierri, et al. (+12)
32 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Jun―12 A machine learning PROGRAM to identify COVID-19 and other diseases from hematology data Patrick A Gladding, Zina Ayar, Kevin Smith, Prashant Patel, Julia Pearce, Shalini Puwakdandawa, et al. (+14)
33 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Jun―12 ABO phenotype and clinical correlates of COVID-19 severity in hospitalized patients David J Hermel, Samantha R Spierling Bagsic, Carrie L Costantini, James R Mason, Zhubin J Gahvari, Alan Saven
34 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Jun―10 The COVID-19 pandemic: a threat to antimicrobial resistance containment Raspail C Founou, Ariel J Blocker, Michel Noubom, Cedrice Tsayem, Siméon P Choukem, Maarten Van Dongen, Luria L Founou
35 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―May―12 Mortality rate and biomarker expression within COVID-19 patients who develop acute ischemic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis Ahmed Yassin, Ansam Ghzawi, Abdel-Hameed Al-Mistarehi, Khalid El-Salem, Amira Y Benmelouka, Ahmed M Sherif, et al. (+5)
36 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―May―12 Validation of red cell distribution width as a COVID-19 severity screening tool Mandana Pouladzadeh, Mehdi Safdarian, Parastoo Moradi Choghakabodi, Fatemeh Amini, Alireza Sokooti
37 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―May―12 No detection of SARS-CoV-2 in animals exposed to infected keepers: results of a COVID-19 surveillance program Pellegrino Cerino, Carlo Buonerba, Gianfranco Brambilla, Luigi Atripaldi, Maria Tafuro, Denise Di Concilio, et al. (+20)
38 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Apr―06 Rapid visual detection of SARS-CoV-2 by colorimetric loop-mediated isothermal amplification Bàrbara Reynés, Francisca Serra, Andreu Palou
39 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Feb―04 Development of multiplexed reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification for detection of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viral RNA Yinhua Zhang, Nathan A Tanner
40 [GO] BioTechniques 2021―Jan―15 Metagenomics: preventing future pandemics Abigail Sawyer, Tristan Free, Joseph Martin
41 [GO] Future Science OA 2021―Jan―12 Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies in the town of Ariano Irpino (Avellino, Campania, Italy): a population-based study Pellegrino Cerino, Annachiara Coppola, Palmiero Volzone, Antonio Pizzolante, Biancamaria Pierri, Luigi Atripaldi, et al. (+8)
42 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Dec―01 The use of chest ultrasonography in suspected cases of COVID-19 in the emergency department Enrico Allegorico, Carlo Buonerba, Giorgio Bosso, Antonio Pagano, Giovanni Porta, Claudia Serra, et al. (+18)
43 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Nov―24 Cancer patients with COVID-19: a retrospective study of 51 patients in the district of Piacenza, Northern Italy Luigi Cavanna, Chiara Citterio, Ilaria Toscani, Cosimo Franco, Andrea Magnacavallo, Serena Caprioli, et al. (+6)
44 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Nov―23 How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted PCR? Joseph Martin
45 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Nov―23 Increased sensitivity using real-time dPCR for detection of SARS-CoV-2 Kyra Duong, Jiajia Ou, Zhaoliang Li, Zhaoqing Lv, Hao Dong, Tao Hu, et al. (+7)
46 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Nov―09 Evidence-based point-of-care technology development during the COVID-19 pandemic Tejasvi Parupudi, Neha Panchagnula, Sriram Muthukumar, Shalini Prasad
47 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Nov―09 Exploring the effect of ritonavir and TMC-310911 on SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV main proteases: potential from a molecular perspective Opeyemi S Soremekun, Kehinde F Omolabi, Adeniyi T Adewumi, Mahmoud ES Soliman
48 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Nov―02 Gender parity among the Altmetric Top 100 publications on COVID-19 Morteza Mahmoudi
49 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Nov―02 CRISPR vs COVID-19: how can gene editing help beat a virus? Jennifer Straiton
50 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Sep―18 Important updates from the AACR virtual meeting: COVID-19 and cancer Jacob Ripp, Anup Kasi
51 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Sep―17 Is blood transfusion safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? Josiane Bassil, Elie Rassy, Joseph Kattan
52 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Sep―15 Keeping the research spotlight on COVID-19 Francesca Lake
53 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Sep―15 Sample collection and stabilization from saliva samples for SARS-CoV-2 detection by qPCR
54 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Aug―21 Analysis of worldwide surgical outcomes in COVID-19-infected patients: a gynecological oncology perspective David L Phelps, Srdjan Saso, Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami
55 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Aug―18 Vitamin and mineral supplementation for β-thalassemia during COVID-19 pandemic Annette d'Arqom, Melvanda G Putri, Yovani Savitri, Andi Muh Rahul Alfaidin
56 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Aug―13 Cannabis for COVID-19: can cannabinoids quell the cytokine storm? Emmanuel Shan Onaivi, Venkatanarayanan Sharma
57 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Aug―03 Bladder cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: the calm before the storm? Julien Sarkis, Ramy Samaha, Joseph Kattan, Pierre Sarkis
58 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―Jul―30 Toll-like receptors and COVID-19: a two-faced story with an exciting ending Livia Onofrio, Michele Caraglia, Gaetano Facchini, Vincenzo Margherita, Sabino De Placido, Carlo Buonerba
59 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Jun―25 Empowering academic labs and scientists to test for COVID-19 James Jordan Steel, John C Sitko, Matthew G Adkins, Steven CM Hasstedt, Joseph W Rohrer, Erin A Almand
60 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Jun―17 Inhaler with electrostatic sterilizer and use of cationic amphiphilic peptides may accelerate recovery from COVID-19 Santi M Mandal, Souvik Panda
61 [GO] Future Science OA 2020―May―20 Better preventing and mitigating the effects of Covid-19 Greg Maguire
62 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―May―18 BioTechniques, covers and coronavirus
63 [GO] BioTechniques 2020―Apr―22 COVID-19: How has the scientific community risen to the challenge? Jenny Straiton

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