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1 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2024―Mar―14 Exploring hybrid mRNA vaccine technology for lasting immunity to COVID-19 Magnus Hoffmann
2 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2024―Mar―14 Avian influenza and the risk of pandemic Mathilde Richard
3 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Sep―13 Testing in times of COVID-19: legacy & unfinished agenda Carolina Batista, Yanis Ben Amor, Onder Ergonul, Peter Figueroa, Sarah C. Gilbert, Mayda Gursel, et al. (+18)
4 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Sep―13 Veterinary coronavirus vaccines: successes, challenges & lessons learned for SARS-CoV-2 control Anna Hassebroek, Xiang-Jin Meng
5 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Sep―13 Unpacking the vaccine clinical trial ecosystem: implementing adaptive design, leveraging pandemic experience, & supporting resource-limited settings Sushant Sahastrabuddhe
6 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Sep―07 Developing optimal pediatric COVID-19 vaccines for children younger than 12 years during an evolving pandemic Flor M Muñoz, Charu Sabharwal, Alejandra Gurtman, Emmanuel B Walter, Grant C Paulsen, Eric AF Simões, et al. (+10)
7 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Sep―07 Lessons from COVID-19: how can vaccine clinical trials adapt to emerging threats? Daniel Hoft
8 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―08 Development of recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine platform for rapid response to Ebola and COVID-19 outbreaks Christopher Ton, Michael A Winters, Raymond Ducoat, Douglas D Richardson, Kristine Fuller, Melissa Hughes
9 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―08 Pandemic preparedness: the vaccine manufacturer’s perspective Jane True
10 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―08 Rapid manufacturing of vaccines for pandemic response & personalized cancer: parallels to leverage for common pathways to expedite clinical development? Antu K. Dey
11 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―08 OPENCORONA: lessons learned from a pandemic vaccine consortium Matti Sällberg, Eva-Karin Gidlund
12 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―02 Developing mRNA influenza vaccines in the wake of COVID-19 Raffael Nachbagauer
13 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Aug―01 Vaccine supply chains: priority areas of action emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic Prashant Yadav, Carolina Batista, Ravi Anupindi, Sarah C. Gilbert, Bhavna Lall, Shmuel Shoham, et al. (+10)
14 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Jan―31 Why vaccinate children against COVID-19? David C Kaslow, Carolina Batista, Maria Elena Bottazzi, Onder Ergonul, J Peter Figueroa, Mayda Gursel, et al. (+11)
15 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Jan―31 Sourcing quality raw & starting materials at a reasonable cost during the pandemic Caryn Fenner
16 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2023―Jan―31 Discovery to delivery in 100 days: RNA therapeutics & their role in future pandemic preparedness Tracy Humphries
17 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Aug―17 EATRIS: providing the right tools, at the right time, for vaccine development in a pandemic David Morrow, Lucia Gabriele, Antonio Andreu, Florence Bietrix, Anton Ussi, Jan Langermans
18 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 Vaccine development in the COVID-19 era: regulatory challenges & innovation Peter Marks, Marco Cavaleri, Carla Vinals, Adam Hacker
19 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 COVID-19 vaccine supply chain management: a LMIC perspective Darin Zehrung
20 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 COVID-19 vaccine supply chain management: a US perspective Michael Angelastro, Robert A Johnson
21 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 COVID-19: how is the pandemic changing the vaccines space? Nicholas Jackson
22 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 Guiding America through a pandemic Anthony S Fauci
23 [GO] Vaccine Insights 2022―Jul―11 Developing broadly protective strategies to protect against future pandemic threats Ralph Baric
24 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2022―Apr―06 Pandemic-related supply chain disruptions in cell therapy require rapid qualification for single-sourced materials John Duguid, Paul Friedman
25 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2022―Jan―28 Pandemic-related trends and challenges in adult donor stem cell and cord blood collection, banking, and processing Heidi Elmoazzen
26 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2022―Jan―17 COVID-19 vaccine approvals: key lessons for mRNA therapeutics Venkata Indurthi, PhD, Joseph Barberio, Scott Zobbi, Dr. Christoph Kröner
27 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Oct―12 Leveraging lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate the development and production of viral-based gene therapies Yasser Kehail
28 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Aug―20 COVID-19 mRNA vaccine approvals: key lessons for cell & gene therapy and mRNA therapeutic development Joseph Barberio, Christoph Kröner, Venkata Indurthi, Scott Zobbi
29 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Apr―12 Expect the unexpected: maintaining and optimizing a cell collection network during COVID-19 Amy Hines
30 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Mar―24 Considerations for performing virtual quality audits on manufacturers of gene therapy viral vectors: an auditor’s perspective during the COVID-19 public health emergency Gary C du Moulin, PhD, MPH, RAC
31 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Mar―23 The importance of a strong collection cell collection network during the COVID-19 pandemic Chris McClain, MBA
32 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2021―Jan―20 Navigating cell therapy supply chain complexities during the COVID-19 pandemic Erin Rasch
33 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Nov―10 Managing donor collections during the COVID-19 pandemic Joy Aho
34 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Aug―12 Targeting lung damage in COVID-19 patients with CD34+ cell therapy Douglas Losordo
35 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Aug―12 Clinical trials in the era of Covid-19: successes, failures & ongoing challenges Sven Kili
36 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Aug―12 Fighting a global pandemic with an army of robots Rennos Fragkoudis, Nikolaos Pantidos
37 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Jul―16 Regulatory affairs in regen med: building trust, expediting development and navigating the impact of COVID-19 Manal Morsy
38 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―Jun―10 How will COVID-19 impact the cord blood banking sector? WOUTER VAN’T HOF
39 [GO] Cell and Gene Therapy Insights 2020―May―21 Cell therapy’s role in defeating Covid-19 Yaky Yanay

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