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1 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Sep―21 Glove Industry Spikes during Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Comfort Gloves Berhad (CGB) Mandy Mok Kim Man
2 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Sep―20 Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic on Young Adults’ Ability to Access Health Services and Practice Recommended Preventive Measures Judith Nalukwago, Bolanle Olapeju, Anna Passaniti, Musa Kimbowa, Arzum Ciloglu, Glory Mkandawire, et al. (+2)
3 [GO] Asian Social Science 2021―Sep―19 Online Learning Challenges in Schools During the Pandemic COVID-19 in Indonesia Dwi Sogi Sri Redjeki, Agustinus Hermino, Imron Arifin
4 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Sep―18 Evaluation of Students’ Remote Learning Experience of Learning Arabic as a Second Language During the Covid-19 Pandemic Sultan Almelhes
5 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Sep―18 Turkish Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic Sedat Karagul, Erhan Sen
6 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Sep―08 Burden and Associated Factors of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Al-Buraimi Governorate, Oman Hanan Al-Marbouai, Muhammad Muqeet Ullah, Amal Al-Nafisi, Mostafa Elsayed Elnifily, Ahmed Yar Al-Buloshi, Sami Sami Al-Mudarra, Eman Elsayed Abd-Ellatif
7 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Sep―08 The Early Response to the Coronavirus-Surveys in Southern Texas Meng Zhao, Laura Monahan, Michael Monahan, Yuxia Huang, Sunil Mathur
8 [GO] Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology 2021―Sep―04 Impact of the COVID-19 Quarantine on Young Children’s Family-Based Daily Activities in Greece Dimitra Panagiotopoulou, Kalliroi Papadopoulou
9 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Aug―28 Views of Physical Education Teachers on Distance Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period: A Qualitative Study Hande Baba Kaya
10 [GO] English Language Teaching 2021―Aug―27 An Online Teaching Design of Oral English against COVID-19: An “Ideological-and-Political-Theories-Education-in-All-Courses” Perspective Jiejing Pan
11 [GO] English Language Teaching 2021―Aug―17 Applying the Matrix Model in an English for Presentation Online Class during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of an Undergraduate Class in Thailand Prapaporn Sompakdee, Wichuta Chompurach, Werachai Thanamaimas, Siraprapa Kotmungkun
12 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2021―Aug―17 Palestinian University Students' Perceptions of Distance Education in Light of the Coronavirus Crisis Rima Wajih Hamed Daraghmeh
13 [GO] Journal of Agricultural Science 2021―Aug―04 The Role of Agricultural Policies in Jordan to Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19 on the Agricultural Sector Radi A. Tarawneh
14 [GO] English Language and Literature Studies 2021―Aug―02 A Comparative Study of Distance Teaching in Elementary Schools Between China and the United States Under COVID-19 Cuiping Niu
15 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Jul―30 Collective Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Resilience in the Context of Covid-19 Victor Mignenan
16 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Jul―26 Willingness to Vaccinate against COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers: An Online Survey in 10 Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Yasir Ahmed Mohammed Elhadi, Azza Mehanna, Yusuff Adebayo Adebisi, Haider M. El Saeh, Saddam Abdulhakem Alnahari, Omar Hassan Alenezi, et al. (+10)
17 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Jul―24 Mental Health of People in State Quarantine during COVID-19 Situation in Thailand Sukjai Charoensuk, Kanyawee Mokekhaow, Duanphen Channarong, Chariya Sonpugdee
18 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2021―Jul―19 The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on the Remittance of the Migrants Transfer of Funds in Central Africa Elham Jafarzadeh, He Shaquan, Bambi Prince Dorian Rivel
19 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Jul―17 The Role of Human Resources Management Towards Healthcare Providers Retention during Covid-19 Pandemic in Egypt Ashraf Elsafty, Mohammad Ragheb
20 [GO] Sustainable Agriculture Research 2021―Jul―12 Agricultural Supply Chain Analysis During Supply Chain Disruptions: Case of Teff Commodity Supply Chain in Ethiopia in the era of COVID-19 Matiwos Ensermu Jaleta
21 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2021―Jul―10 Agile Entrepreneurship Innovation in Fashion Design Thinking During COVID-19 and Beyond: Reimagine Education to Create Skills for Fashion Business Vasiliki A. Basdekidou
22 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Jul―10 Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on Sustainability/Survivability of Micro/Small Sized Businesses in Nigeria Anthony Wakwe Lawrence, Damiete Onyema Lawrence
23 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Jul―06 The Internet as a Space for Anonymous Alcoholics during the SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) Pandemic Beata Hoffmann, Marek Dudkiewicz
24 [GO] Computer and Information Science 2021―Jul―05 Using E-learning System in Jordanian Universities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Benefits and Challenges Ahmad Abu-Al-Aish
25 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Jun―26 Assessment of Some Basic Strategies towards Managing COVID-19 Crisis in Micro/Small Sized Businesses Damiete Onyema Lawrence, Anthony Wakwe Lawrence
26 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Jun―25 COVID-19 Pandemic Strategies in Tourism Activity as Guidelines for Ex-Yugoslavia Countries Tourism Recovery Andrej Agačević, Ena Jusufbegović
27 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―Jun―17 “I Feel Quite Hopeful that My Future Is Still Going to be Okay”: Educational Aspirations During COVID-19 Blaise Y. O’Malley, Colleen Loomis, Christina Dimakos, Sylvie L. Lamont, Gurmakh Singh, Janette Pelletier, et al. (+3)
28 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Jun―16 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Efficiency of Packing Lines in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sites in Egypt Ashraf Elsafty, Mohamed Osman
29 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Jun―16 The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Eurozone: A Reconnaissance of E.U. Financial Assistance to Counteract the Coronavirus’s Perfect Storm Mauro Paoloni, Massimiliano Celli
30 [GO] Journal of Food Research 2021―Jun―15 Food Safety Economics in the COVID-19 Pandemic Sylvain Charlebois, Trevor Vandertuin
31 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2021―Jun―15 Impacts of COVID-19 on International Students in the U.S Mohammed Alaklabi, Jamilah Alaklabi, Amal Almuhlafi
32 [GO] Computer and Information Science 2021―Jun―10 Exploring Public Attitudes toward E-Government Health Applications Used During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Saudi Arabia Dalal Bamufleh, Amani Saud Alshamari, Asrar Saud Alsobhi, Hanan Hisham Ezzi, Waad Sultan Alruhaili
33 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2021―Jun―07 Assessment for the Evaluation of E-Learning and Teaching by the Quality Matter Standards Post COVID-19 Hind Abdelmoneim Khogali
34 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2021―May―28 The Effect of COVID-19 on Academic Social Life in Riyadh with a Focus on the Outdoor Environment Hind Abdelmoneim Khogali
35 [GO] English Language Teaching 2021―May―27 Perceived Learning Outcomes and Interaction Mode Matter: Students’ Experience of Taking Online EFL Courses During COVID-19 Yaqiong Cui
36 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―May―20 Impact of Covid-19 on Teaching and Learning in Africa Assessed by the Education Unions Steve Nwokeocha
37 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―May―20 Were Higher Education Institutions Communication Strategies Well Suited for the COVID-19 Pandemic? David Santandreu Calonge, Pablo Medina Aguerrebere, Patrik Hultberg, Melissa Connor
38 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2021―May―18 Learning in Higher Education Under the Covid-19 Pandemic: Were Students More Engaged or Less? Evelyn Eika
39 [GO] Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology 2021―May―17 The COVID 19 Pandemic: College Adolescents’ Perception on School Reopening in Nigeria Awoere T. Chinawa, Josephat M Chinawa, Edmund N Ossai, Ann E Aronu, Vivian O Onukwuli
40 [GO] International Journal of Marketing Studies 2021―May―14 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Instagram and Influencer Marketing Evelina Francisco, Nadira Fardos, Aakash Bhatt, Gulhan Bizel
41 [GO] Review of European Studies 2021―May―12 The Innovative Semi-Analytical Screen Survey Tool and Intermittent Screen Review Sampling Method Used Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Sada Hussain Shah
42 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―May―07 Opinions of Social Studies Teacher Candidates Prepared for KPSS Regarding the Effect of the Pandemic Period on Their Course Studies Mehmet ORAN
43 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―May―01 Exploring the Students’ Behavior Intentions to Adopt E-Learning Technology: A Survey Study Based on COVID-19 Crisis Arshed Fouad Altameemi, Zaher Abdula Fatah Al-Slehat
44 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Apr―26 A Novel Framework for Facilitating Emergency Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Faisal M. Almutairi, Naser G. H. Ali, Husain F. Ghuloum
45 [GO] Review of European Studies 2021―Apr―25 Implications of the Digital Divide for the Learning Process During the COVID-19 Crisis Gila Cohen Zilka, Idit Finkelstein, Revital Cohen, Ilan Daniels Rahimi
46 [GO] Review of European Studies 2021―Apr―25 Subjective Well-being, Mental Health and Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From the Global South Lina Martínez, Valeria Trofimoff, Isabella Valencia
47 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Apr―19 The Role of Social Networks During the COVID-19 Lockdown: Real-Life Social Distancing Vs Virtual Interactions Donata Tania Vergura, Beatrice Luceri, Cristina Zerbini
48 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Apr―17 COVID-19’s Impacts on the Kuwaiti Stock Market’s Performance Ahmad Al-Kandari, Kholoud Al-Roumi, Meshal K. AlRoomy
49 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2021―Apr―12 Government Agency Product Endorsements and Stock Valuations: A COVID-19 Event Study Mark Schaub
50 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―Apr―07 The COVID-19 Period: A Crisis for on-Site Learning or an Opportunity for Optimal Distance Learning? Examination of Student Attitudes Miri Ben-Amram, Nitza Davidovitch
51 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2021―Apr―02 The Changes in Online Buying Intention as a Determinant of Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic in the Ready-Made Garments Industry in Egypt Ashraf Elsafty, Marwa Elshahed
52 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2021―Mar―31 The Impact of a Digital Educational Story Based on Sports on Developing Alphabetical Learning Skills among Jordanian Pre-School Kids in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic Hussien H. Almistareehi, Nashwan A. Nashwan
53 [GO] Asian Social Science 2021―Mar―31 Obstacles Facing Teachers in Palestine While Implementing E-learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ruba Hassan Abu Subaih, Suheir Sulieman Sabbah, Ruqiah Naji Esmail Al-Duais
54 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Mar―28 The Feasibility of Foreign Language Online Instruction During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Case Study of Instructors’ and Students’ Reflections Anchalee Jansem
55 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2021―Mar―23 The Impacts of the American-Chinese Trade War and COVID-19 Pandemic on Taiwan’s Sales in Semiconductor Industry Tristan Kempf, Vito Bobek, Tatjana Horvat
56 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Mar―18 COVID-19 Early Detection Tool for Elder Abuse during Epidemics, Digital Analysis of Color Tone on the Surface of the Skin in Elderly People Noriko Yamada, Hideki Hyodoh, Tomoko Matsuhashi, Shinichi Oikawa
57 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―Mar―18 Views of Sports Sciences Students About Distance Education During Covid-19: SWOT Analysis Didem Gülçin Kaya
58 [GO] Computer and Information Science 2021―Mar―10 Cyber Security amid COVID-19 Hussin J. Hejase, Hasan F. Fayyad-Kazan, Ale J. Hejase, Imad A. Moukadem
59 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Mar―10 The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Psychological and Social Resilience of Kindergarten Children from the Point of View of Parents Abdelraouf Hameed Alyamani
60 [GO] Asian Social Science 2021―Feb―28 Level of Satisfaction of the Practical Studies Teachers with the Distance Education Experience in Kuwait in Light of the CoronaVirus COVID-19 Adnan Said Ahmad AL-Husaini, Abduallah Salem Azou’bi
61 [GO] Asian Social Science 2021―Feb―28 The Influences of COVID-19 on Korean Fashion Consumption Jisoo Han
62 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2021―Feb―26 The Impact of Corona Pandemic on Legal Protection of Jordanian Employee's Right to Salary and Its Extensions Walid Al qadi
63 [GO] Review of European Studies 2021―Feb―25 Flattening the Hierarchy Curve: Adaptive Leadership during the Covid-19 Pandemic - A Case Study in an Academic Teacher Training College Yonit Nissim, Eitan Simon
64 [GO] International Education Studies 2021―Feb―24 The Effect of Occupational Stress and Coping Strategies on Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being Among University Academic Staff During the COVID-19 Outbreak Panshuo Shen, Paul Slater
65 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Feb―23 The Effect of Remote Working on Employees Wellbeing and Work-Life Integration during Pandemic in Egypt Bassant Adel Mostafa
66 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2021―Feb―13 Examining of the Emotional Mood about Their Online Education of First-Year Students Beginning Their University Education with Distance Education Because of COVID-19 Halim Güner
67 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2021―Feb―11 Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Stock Market: Empirical Analysis with Panel Data Approach Emre Esat Topaloglu, Ilhan Ege, Erol Koycu
68 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2021―Feb―04 Row-by-Column, Plexiglass & Zoom, Oh My! A K-12 COVID-19 Storm / A Pilot Lennie Scott-Webber
69 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2021―Jan―26 Allaying the Fears Metaphorically: Representation of Coronavirus Crisis in Saudi English Newspapers Abdulrahman Alsaedi
70 [GO] International Business Research 2021―Jan―21 Impact of Information on Food Stocking during Early Period of COVID-19 Outbreak: Survey Exploration between Canada and US Consumers Yuanfang Lin, Xuezhu Wang, Tirtha Dhar
71 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2021―Jan―18 A Corpus-Based Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reports on the COVID-19 Pandemic in China and the UK Hangyan Yu, Huiling Lu, Jie Hu
72 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2021―Jan―18 Attitudes of Students and Faculty Members at Israa University towards Distance Learning in Light of the Corona Pandemic Abdul Raouf Hamid Al-Yamani, Safia Mahmoud Jabali
73 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2021―Jan―18 The Role of the Blackboard LMS in EFL Course Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Investigating Attitudes and Perceptions of Faculty and Students Abdullah M. Almelhi
74 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2021―Jan―03 COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Association between Compliance and Public Opinion Chikasirimobi Goodhope Timothy, Deborah Donald Charwe, Uchechukwu L Osuagwu, Chundung Asabe Miner, Emmanuel Kwasi Abu, Godwin Ovenseri-Ogbomo, et al. (+8)
75 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2020―Dec―31 Education, Policy, and Juvenile Delinquents: A Mixed Methods Investigation During COVID-19 David C. Coker
76 [GO] Asian Social Science 2020―Dec―30 The Future of Refugee and Displaced People: A Post Covid-19 Perspective A N M Zakir Hossain
77 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2020―Dec―22 Comparative Judicial Emergency Administration during Pandemic Covid-19 Ibnu Sina Chandranegara
78 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2020―Dec―18 Obstacles of Teaching Science in Saudi Universities and the Proposed Solutions during the COVID-19 Eiad Abdulhalim Mohammad Alnajjar
79 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2020―Dec―14 State of the Art of COVID-19 and Business, Management, and Accounting Sector. A Bibliometrix Analysis Maura Campra, Paolo Esposito, Valerio Brescia
80 [GO] International Journal of Statistics and Probability 2020―Dec―01 Some Multiple Regression Models for the Number of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths in the United States John Tenenholtz, Florence George, Sneh Gulati
81 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2020―Nov―30 The Views of Physical Education and Sports Teaching Instructors on Education in the COVID-19 Period Şule Kırbaş
82 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2020―Nov―28 Simulation-Based Training: From a Traditional Course to Remote Learning - the COVID-19 Effect Albachiara Boffelli, Matteo Kalchschmidt, Avraham Shtub
83 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2020―Nov―25 ‘We Were Scared of Catching the Virus’: Practices of Saudi College Students During the COVID-19 Crisis Nada Bin Dahmash
84 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2020―Nov―25 The Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Stock Market Return: The Case of the MENA Region Amr Arafa, Nader Alber
85 [GO] International Education Studies 2020―Nov―23 Agility in Teacher Training: Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic Yonit Nissim, Eitan Simon
86 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2020―Nov―16 Causality in the Crime of Willful Murder by Transmission of Coronavirusin the Jordanian Legislation Saleem Isaaf Alazab
87 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2020―Nov―15 Higher Education in Times of Covid-19: Giving Online Feedback Implementation Another Look Michael Hast
88 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―Nov―11 Overview of SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak and Potential Therapeutic Strategies Othman A. Eldalal, Oladayo A. Oyebanji, Pariksha Thapa, Terry L Oroszi
89 [GO] English Language Teaching 2020―Nov―10 Online Language Learning for Thai EFL Learners: An Analysis of Effective Alternative Learning Methods in Response to the Covid-19 Outbreak Pongpatchara Kawinkoonlasate
90 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―Nov―03 Knowledge and Awareness of Saudi Public Regarding the Outbreak and Prevention of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia; a Questionnaire-Based Study Reem Al Madani, Shahzeb H. Ansari
91 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―Oct―31 Lessons from Yemen: Diphtheria and Polio Campaign in the Context of COVID-19 Kennedy Ongwae, Victor Sule, Anirban Chatterjee, Daniel Ngemera, Abu Obeida Eltayeb, Javed IQBAL, Islam Mahfuzul M Kaisar
92 [GO] International Journal of Economics and Finance 2020―Oct―21 The Dynamic Relationship between FinTech and Social Distancing under COVID-19 Pandemic: Digital Payments Evidence Nader Alber, Mohamed Dabour
93 [GO] International Business Research 2020―Oct―21 The Impact of Covid-19 Spread on Stock Markets: The Case of the GCC Countries Nader Alber, Amr Saleh
94 [GO] International Journal of Statistics and Probability 2020―Oct―20 Statistical Modeling and Forecast of the Corona-Virus Disease (Covid-19) in Burkina Faso VICTORIEN F. KONANE, Ali TRAORE
95 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―Oct―19 Review of COVID-19 Re-Infection among Recovered Patients and Its Implication for Lung Health Nkiru Edith Obande-Ogbuinya, Lois Nnenna Omaka-Amari, Jude N. Nwafor, Chinenye B. Omeje, Maria-lauretta Chito Orji, Chihurumnanya Alo, et al. (+5)
96 [GO] Journal of Mathematics Research 2020―Oct―16 Mathematical Modelling of COVID-19 and Solving Riemann Hypothesis, Polignac's and Twin Prime Conjectures Using Novel Fic-Fac Ratio With Manifestations of Chaos-Fractal Phenomena John Y. C. Ting
97 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2020―Oct―13 Social and Political Development Strategies: Global Pandemic Challenges (Covid-19) Karabushenko Paul Leonidovich, Mamychev Alexey Yurievich, Ponedelkov Aleksandr Vasilevich, Vorontsov Sergey Alekseevich, Kim Alexander Alekseevich
98 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2020―Oct―13 Constitutional Right to Health Protection and Medical Care in Ukraine in the Context of the Pandemic COVID-19 Yurii Nikitin, Valentyn Zolka, Mykhailo Korol, Yaroslav Kushnir, Nadiia Demchyk
99 [GO] Journal of Politics and Law 2020―Oct―13 Law Enforcement and Fulfillment of the Right to a Healthy Environment Related to Forest Burning During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia Wahyu Nugroho, Erwin Syahruddin
100 [GO] Journal of Management and Sustainability 2020―Oct―01 COVID-19 and Compliance with Awareness Programmes/Preventive Measures: A Case Study of Ibadan North Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria Mary Olufunke Adedokun, Adenike Olayinka Kolawole, Comfort Wuraola Adeyemo, Gladys Modupe Kayode, O. M. Bolarinwa
101 [GO] Journal of Sustainable Development 2020―Sep―29 COVID-19 Solar Disinfectant in Kuthambakkam, India - A Model of the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development in Marginalised Communities D. R. Broman, Dhivya M Ilango
102 [GO] Environment and Pollution 2020―Sep―29 Global Environmental Pollution and Coronavirus M. A. Quader
103 [GO] International Education Studies 2020―Sep―25 Evaluation of the Physical Activity Levels of the Students in a Physical Education and Sports Science Department Before and During the Coronavirus Pandemic Sercan Öncen, Levent Tanyeri
104 [GO] Asian Social Science 2020―Sep―24 Global Civil Society Is Not Utopian, But Feasible: The World After the COVID-19 Pandemic Junyuan Peng, Jing Shi
105 [GO] Asian Social Science 2020―Sep―24 Response to the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the Taiwan Model Charles Wu, Catherine Wu, Kun Chan Wu
106 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―Sep―14 Mental Health Concerns of Frontline Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Scoping Review Jeavana Sritharan, Thivia Jegathesan, Dharshie Vimaleswaran, Ashvinie Sritharan
107 [GO] International Journal of Statistics and Probability 2020―Aug―12 Logistic Model to Predict the Contagion of Covid-19 in Mexico Juan Bacilio Guerrero Escamilla, Sócrates López Pérez, Sonia Bass Zavala
108 [GO] English Language Teaching 2020―Aug―04 Impact of Virtual Teaching on ESL Learners' Attitudes under Covid-19 Circumstances at Post Graduate Level in Pakistan Syed Khuram Shahzad, Javaid Hussain, Nadia Sadaf, Samina Sarwat, Usman Ghani, Robina Saleem
109 [GO] International Journal of Statistics and Probability 2020―Jul―29 A Real Time and Interactive Web-Based Platform for Visualizing and Analyzing COVID-19 in Canada Dan Liu, Yuan Du, Yasin Khadem Charvadeh, Jingyu Cui, Li-Pang Chen, Gansen Deng, et al. (+5)
110 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2020―Jul―24 Digital Practices & Applications in a Covid-19 Culture Christina Romero-Ivanova, Michael Shaughnessy, Laura Otto, Emily Taylor, Emma Watson
111 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2020―Jul―22 ‘I Couldn’t Join the Session’: Benefits and Challenges of Blended Learning amid COVID-19 from EFL Students Nada Bin Dahmash
112 [GO] Journal of Agricultural Science 2020―Jul―17 Impact of COVID-19 on Cashew Price and Cashew Producers’ Income in Côte d’Ivoire: A Case Study in Five Departments N’Banan Ouattara, Clékaman Maïmouna Koné, Xueping Xiong
113 [GO] International Journal of English Linguistics 2020―Jul―14 Discourse Analysis of Jordanian Online Wedding Invitation Cards During COVID-19 Pandemic Alaeddin Abdullah Banikalef
114 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2020―Jul―13 Remote Education During a Nationwide Pandemic: Teaching and Learning (Dental Teachers and Students) During COVID-19 Jamshaid Mansoor
115 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―Jul―13 The Effect of COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS on Sustainable Teaching and Learning in Architecture Engineering Hind Abdelmoneim Khogali
116 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―Jul―13 Examining the Influence of COVID 19 Pandemic in Changing Customers' Orientation towards E-Shopping Tareq N. Hashem
117 [GO] Journal of Mathematics Research 2020―Jul―10 Estimated of COVID-19 Sampling Mean in Burkina Faso Vini Yves Bernadin LOYARA, Remi Guillaume BAGRE, Fredric BERE
118 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―Jul―02 Analysis of Data on Socio-Demographic and Clinical Factors of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic in Spain on Cases of Recovered and Death Cases G. Sanglier Contreras, M. Robas Mora, P. Jimenez Gómez
119 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―Jun―22 Mathematical Model and Data Analysis to Determine the Number of Confirmed Infections Due to Covid-19 in Spain Gaston Sanglier, Sonia Cesteros, Eduardo J. Lopez, Roberto A. Gonzalez
120 [GO] International Business Research 2020―Jun―22 Alleviation of Refugees COVID-19 Pandemic Risks- A Framework for Uncertainty Mitigation Mohamed Buheji, Bartola Mavrić, Godfred Beka, Tulika Chetia Yein
121 [GO] Journal of Education and Learning 2020―Jun―19 The Effect of Coronavirus (Covid19) Outbreak on Education Systems: Evaluation of Distance Learning System in Turkey Enes BELTEKIN, İhsan KUYULU
122 [GO] Asian Social Science 2020―Jun―17 Coronavirus and the Ideological, Moral and Metaphysical Challenges to Capitalism, Individual Freedom and Money Munir A. Abbasi, Azlan Amran, Ibrahim Noorani, Khurram Shakir, Noor e Sahar, Nazia Abul Rehman
123 [GO] Review of European Studies 2020―Jun―09 The “Day After” Covid-19 Pandemic: Logistical Disorders in Perspective Gilles Paché
124 [GO] International Journal of Business and Management 2020―Jun―04 Reflection on Coronavirus Accounting Impact on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe Silvana Secinaro, Davide Calandra, Paolo Pietro Biancone
125 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―May―30 Validation of a Mathematical Model Applied to Four Autonomous Communities in Spain to Determine the Number of People Infected by Covid-19 Gastón Sanglier, Roberto A. Gónzález, Sonia Cesteros, Eduardo J. López
126 [GO] Journal of Sustainable Development 2020―May―30 Climate Change and the Surge for Pandemics Durr e Shehvaar, Wardah Idris, Mubashira Ahmed
127 [GO] Modern Applied Science 2020―May―22 Governmental Measures towards the Coronavirus Crisis Management: An Applied Study from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members in Jordanian Universities Abdalhaleem Manaa Aladwan
128 [GO] Higher Education Studies 2020―May―18 Online and Remote Learning in Higher Education Institutes: A Necessity in light of COVID-19 Pandemic Wahab Ali
129 [GO] Global Journal of Health Science 2020―May―17 COVID-19, Rate of Case Factors and Nutritional Characteristics of Patients Dying in Italy and Brazil: A Critical Analyze Eliza Miranda Ramos, Antônio Carlos de Abreu, Sandra Luzinete Félix de Freitas, Matheus Dullius de Lima, Francisco José Mendes dos Reis, Hugo Vieira Ramos, et al. (+4)
130 [GO] Journal of Agricultural Science 2020―Apr―09 The Advice of Provision and Circulation of Basic Agricultural Product Under 2019 Novel Coronavirus in China Xiaoshun Qin, Taopeng Zhang, Victor M. Mmbengwa


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