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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19: gender characteristics of the course, perinatal risks and possible ways to prevent complications I.A. Zhabchenko, I.S. Lishchenko, N.V. Gerevich
2 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―May―31 On the use of sex steroids in women during the COVID-19 pandemic T.F. Tatarchuk, Z.M. Dubossarska, V.I. Pyrohova, N.Y. Pedachenko, T.M. Tutchenko, O.О. Yefimenko, et al. (+8)
3 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―May―31 Inositol and vitamin D may naturally protect human reproduction and women undergoing assisted reproduction from COVID-19 risk M.S. Bezerra Espinola, M. Bertelli, M. Bizzarri
4 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Apr―30 Diabetes mellitus in combination with COVID-19: modern views on therapy V.I. Tsymbaliuk, M.D. Tronko, Y.G. Antypkin, S.V. Kushnirenko, V.V. Popova
5 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2020―Nov―18 Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: current issues of pathogenesis, clinic and therapy. Literature review В. І. Цимбалюк, М. Д. Тронько, Ю. Г. Антипкін, В. В. Попова
6 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2020―Sep―10 A mortal case of coronavirus disease in a pregnant diabetic woman. Clinical case K. Uzel, I. V. Lakhno


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