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1 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2022―Oct―03 COVID-19 and pregnancy: epidemiology, clinical features, maternal and perinatal outcomes. A systematic review G.S. Manasova, V.V. Artomenko, Y.O. Radchenko, O.V. Zhovtenko
2 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2022―Oct―03 Clinical and genetic determinants of severe course of COVID-19 in pregnant women V.V. Kaminskyi, L.I. Vorobei, O.I. Zhdanovych, S.M. Korniienko, T.V. Kolomiichenko, О.Р. Fastovets
3 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2022―Oct―03 Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) N.V. Herevych, I.A. Zhabchenko, Y.A. Kravtsova, O.R. Siudmak, T.M. Kovalenko, O.M. Bondarenko, I.S. Lishchenko
4 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2022―Oct―03 Mandatory vaccination of medical personnel against COVID-19: European standards of its introduction I.B. Ventskivska, L.M. Deshko, O.S. Lotiuk, O.P. Vasylchenko, T.T. Narytnyk
5 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Dec―30 Therapeutic opportunities for improving the course of coronavirus disease and reducing the frequency of gestional complications V.V. Kaminskyi, R.O. Tkachenko, A.V. Kaminskyi, O.I. Zhdanovych, L.I. Vorobei, T.V. Kolomiichenko, et al. (+3)
6 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Dec―14 Features of the pregnancy and delivery course, fetal and newborn status in women with COVID-19 V.O. Beniuk, N.M. Hychka, O.V. Zabudskyi, T.M. Fursa-Sovhyra, T.V. Kovaliuk, V.F. Oleshko, A.S. Chebotarova
7 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Dec―14 Medical and social factors of the possibility of spreading coronavirus infection among fertile aged women V.V. Podolskyi, Y.H. Antypkin, Vl.V. Podolskyi, T.R. Umanets, T.M. Kaminska, L.A. Livshits, S.A. Rudenko
8 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Oct―25 Pregnancy during a pandemic: perinatal effects of prolonged stress and ways of correction Y.G. Antypkin, I.A. Zhabchenko, T.M. Kovalenko, I.S. Lishchenko
9 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Aug―06 COVID-19: gender characteristics of the course, perinatal risks and possible ways to prevent complications I.A. Zhabchenko, I.S. Lishchenko, N.V. Gerevich
10 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―May―31 On the use of sex steroids in women during the COVID-19 pandemic T.F. Tatarchuk, Z.M. Dubossarska, V.I. Pyrohova, N.Y. Pedachenko, T.M. Tutchenko, O.О. Yefimenko, et al. (+8)
11 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―May―31 Inositol and vitamin D may naturally protect human reproduction and women undergoing assisted reproduction from COVID-19 risk M.S. Bezerra Espinola, M. Bertelli, M. Bizzarri
12 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2021―Apr―30 Diabetes mellitus in combination with COVID-19: modern views on therapy V.I. Tsymbaliuk, M.D. Tronko, Y.G. Antypkin, S.V. Kushnirenko, V.V. Popova
13 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2020―Nov―18 Diabetes mellitus and COVID-19: current issues of pathogenesis, clinic and therapy. Literature review В. І. Цимбалюк, М. Д. Тронько, Ю. Г. Антипкін, В. В. Попова
14 [GO] Reproductive Endocrinology 2020―Sep―10 A mortal case of coronavirus disease in a pregnant diabetic woman. Clinical case K. Uzel, I. V. Lakhno

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