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1 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2022―Jul―25 Perception of testing for COVID-19 during the first wave of the pandemic in Slovakia with emphasis on population age groups Beáta Gavurová, Martin Rigelský
2 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2022―Jul―25 Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: questionnaire development and validation Smiljana Cvjetković, Vida Jeremić Stojković, Pavle Piperac, Ognjen Djurdjević, Vesna Bjegović-Mikanović
3 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2022―Jul―25 Declining neutralizing antibody levels after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination: observational data from community point-of-care testing service in Brno, Czechia Viktor Mravčík, Simona Kumpanová Valachovičová, Jindřich Vobořil
4 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Wound assessment in barrier regimen in patients with Covid-19 Pavel Kůřil, Andrea Menšíková, Simona Saibertová, Andrea Pokorná
5 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Barrier nursing for patients with Covid-19 in pre-hospital care Simona Saibertová, Šárka Hošková
6 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Artificial intelligence AMEBA - a tool for monitoring of covid-19 pandemic influence on the incidence of multi-resistant strains of bacteria and toxin-producing clostridia in a model healthcare facility J. Pašková, M. Podolinská, M. Adamišin
7 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 The future of Covid-19 vaccination Roman Chlíbek
8 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 COVID-19: stress and its effect on immunity Jarmila Kohoutová, Lada Čiklová
9 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Antiviral activity of amiodarone in disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 Radovan Bílek, Vilém Danzig, Tereza Grimmichová
10 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Wasterwater Based Epidemiology (WBE) as a tool for surveillance of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in local populations Vladimír Bencko, Natalie Lowe
11 [GO] Hygiena 2022―Jun―26 Personal protective equipment in pandemics: crisis situations require crisis solutions Bohdana Rezková
12 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2022―Apr―14 Using wastewater-based epidemiology as a potential instrument for the prediction and control of COVID-19 disease outbreaks Natalie Lowe, Vladimír Bencko
13 [GO] Hygiena 2021―Dec―18 COVID-19 at the Šumperk Hospital Inc.: How we managed Iveta Muroňová
14 [GO] Hygiena 2021―Dec―18 Environmental hygiene in time of COVID-19pandemic Lenka Hobzová
15 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2021―Jul―10 COVID-19 in the Czech Republic 2020: probable transmission of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Milan Tuček
16 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2021―Jul―10 Is administered competition suitable for dealing with a public health emergency? Lessons from the local healthcare system at the centre of early COVID-19 outbreak in Italy Federico Pennestrì, Antonio Gaudioso, Anant Jani, Elena Bottinelli, Giuseppe Banfi
17 [GO] Hygiena 2021―Jun―13 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected smokers? Eva Králíková, Alexandra Pánková
18 [GO] Hygiena 2021―Jun―13 The next pandemic Jaroslav Kříž
19 [GO] Hygiena 2021―Jun―13 Epidemics, pandemics: lessons learned from the history of infections Vladimír Bencko, Petr Šíma, Milena Bušová
20 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2021―Apr―08 Distribution of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Europe during the first 12 peak weeks of outbreak Hana Zach, Martina Hanová, Mária Letkovičová
21 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2021―Apr―08 Annual influenza vaccination effect on the susceptibility to COVID-19 infection Betul Erismis, Semsi Nur Karabela, Fatma Eksi, Faruk Karandere, Bekir Dogan, Fatih Okay, et al. (+5)
22 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2021―Apr―08 COVID-19 severe pneumonia: Prospective multicentre study on demands on intensive care capacities Olga Džupová, Michal Moravec, Hynek Bartoš, Peter Brestovanský, Tomáš Tencer, Tomáš Hyánek, et al. (+5)
23 [GO] Hygiena 2020―Dec―17 What we have learned from the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic Alena Šteflová
24 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2020―Sep―30 Use of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine in treatment of COVID-19: is it ethical? Mohamed Farouk Allam, Fady Andraous
25 [GO] Central European Journal of Public Health 2020―Jun―27 Can wearing face masks in public affect transmission route and viral load in COVID-19? Zuzana Střížová, Jiřina Bartůňková, Daniel Smrž
26 [GO] Hygiena 2020―Jun―12 Coronavirus and smoking Eva Králíková

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