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1 [GO] Osteology and Rheumatology – Open Journal 2024―Mar―10 Coronavirus Disease-2019 Infection among Asians with Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases-Single Centre Experience in Malaysia Kiah L. Ng, Tara Mahadevan, Mohd H. Nordin, Asmahan M. Ismail
2 [GO] Otolaryngology - Open Journal 2023―Dec―29 Mucormycosis in COVID-19 Pandemic Safa Nefzaoui, Nadia Romdhane, Hela Farjallah, Imen Zoghlami, Inès Hariga
3 [GO] Otolaryngology - Open Journal 2023―Dec―29 Mental Health of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists in India during COVID-19: A Survey Himanshu K. Sanju, Ankit K. Lohani, Mahesh Kumar
4 [GO] Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care - Open Journal 2023―Dec―29 Access to Palliative Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries during Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era: A Kenyan Experience John Weru, Esther Nafula, Asaph Kinyanjui, Sriram Yennurajalingam
5 [GO] Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - Open Journal 2023―Dec―27 Mind in Crisis: Examining the Cognitive Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic Rikza Pervez
6 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2023―Dec―27 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Prevalence and Severity of Internet Addiction: Current and Future Public Health Challenges Rachid Belmasrour, Abdelmounaim Fillali, Naya Kendrick, Serene Stoudemire, Christian Clement, Illya Tietzel, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2023―Dec―27 The Misinfodemic and Its Effects on COVID-19 Preventive Strategies in Socially Vulnerable Populations Robin Ashley, Denise Rizzolo
8 [GO] Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - Open Journal 2023―Dec―27 Examining the Rise of Intimate Partner Violence during COVID-19: A Call to Action for Psychologists as Social Advocates Miranda Landfield, Naqsh Ali, Shahrzad Azarafza, Shelly Baer, Anushree Belur, Naomi Griffin, et al. (+7)
9 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2023―Feb―07 Unintended Effects of Coronavirus Disease-2019 James M. Wesson
10 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2023―Feb―07 Coronavirus Disease-2019 Conspiracy Theories are Alive and Breathing on the Internet John Boos
11 [GO] Anthropology - Open Journal 2023―Jan―21 The Marginal Changes of Occupation Pattern, Education, Health and Social Behaviour: An Ethnographic Insight in the Age of Coronavirus Disease-2019 Chinmay Biswas
12 [GO] HIV/AIDS Research and Treatment - Open Journal 2023―Jan―10 Identifying Resource Needs and Experiences of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning+ Community during the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Pandemic Haley Cooper, Susan Reif, Elena Wilson
13 [GO] Research and Practice in Anesthesiology – Open Journal 2023―Jan―10 Mucormycosis: A Fungal Rarity Mangling Coronavirus Disease-2019 Patients in India Rashmy Nair, Anil K. Bhiwal, Poonam Khandelwal
14 [GO] The Ophthalmology - Open Journal 2023―Jan―10 Transient Myopic Shift and Coronavirus Disease-2019: A Case Report Majd Haddam, Ghina El-Chakik, Rania Warrak
15 [GO] Emergency Medicine - Open Journal 2023―Jan―10 Airport Personnel and Coronavirus Disease-2019: A Seroprevalence Study in Taiwan Chien-Chang Lee, Chih-Hung Wang, Shih-Tien Hsu, Shih-Hung Liu, Tse-Hua Lo, Yen-Hsing Liu, et al. (+2)
16 [GO] Clinical Trials and Practice – Open Journal 2023―Jan―09 Combat Pandemic: Coronavirus Disease-2019 Vaccines Production, Clinical Trials and Global Partnerships Pratima Malekar
17 [GO] Clinical Trials and Practice – Open Journal 2022―Feb―21 Coronavirus Disease-2019 Clinical Trial Case Studies Within the Biotechnology and Clinical Research Organizations Industry Melanie K. Pearce, Nathanael E. Hughes
18 [GO] Clinical Trials and Practice – Open Journal 2022―Feb―21 Innovation in Clinical Trials is Possible: The Hidden Opportunity in the Coronavirus Disease-2019 Emergency Valeria L. Scarano, Davide Smaldone
19 [GO] Clinical Trials and Practice – Open Journal 2022―Feb―21 How a Network Came Together to Manage a Large Research Program During the Pandemic Tamara Friedman, Elli G. Paleoudis, Avery Freed, Susan Adler, Cheryl Fittizzi
20 [GO] Women s Health - Open Journal 2022―Jan―27 The Preventive Effect of Dietary Antioxidants on Viral Infection (Coronavirus Disease-2019, Influenza and Human Papillomavirus) and the Development of Cervical Carcinogenesis Eri Ikuta, Masafumi Koshiyama, Miwa Nakagawa, Ayumi Ono, Yumiko Watanabe, Keiko Seki, et al. (+2)
21 [GO] Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care - Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Ethical Challenges to Respecting and Meeting Patients’ Requests: Lessons from Providing Palliative Care for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients John Weru
22 [GO] Neuro - Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Oral and Gut Health Can Play an Important Role in Psychosomatic Illness Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 Patients Ravish Huchegowda, Manoj K. Sharma, Nithin Anand, Darshana Devadiga
23 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Helping Public Health Decision-Makers Refine Community Coronavirus Disease-2019 Vaccination Efforts--Association between Confirmed Coronavirus Disease-2019 Cases and Vaccinations Gregory V. Fant, Tamala Jones
24 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Developing a Probit Regression Model for Estimating the Chance of Mortality for Coronavirus Disease-2019 Patients Abbas Mahmo�di
25 [GO] Research and Practice in Anesthesiology – Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Converting Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure Machines into Ventilators for Hospitalized Coronavirus Disease-2019 Patients: Emergency Use Protocol Hugh A. Cassiere, Stanley John, Todd Goldstein
26 [GO] Internal Medicine - Open Journal 2022―Jan―25 Coronavirus Disease-2019 Vaccines and the Vaccination Challenges in India: A Review Imran R. Rangraze, Shehla S. Khan, Yakub Sayyad
27 [GO] Surgical Research - Open Journal 2021―Nov―12 Acute Mesenteric Ischemia in Severe Coronavirus (COVID19): Cases Report of 3 Patients Acidi. B, AlChirazi. N, Medjmadj. N, Taha. F
28 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Oct―21 Factors Affecting Access to E-Learning during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic Among Rural-Based Pharmacy Students in Zambia: A Qualitative Study Kennedy Mwila, Steward Mudenda, Martin Kampamba, Webrod Mufwambi, Enala S. Lufungulo, Margaret Phiri, Christabel N. Hikaambo
29 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Oct―21 A Review of the Antiviral Activity of Ivermectin and Its Use in the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease-2019 Christabel N. Hikaambo, Martin Kampamba, Fernando Bwalya, Mutenje Mweemba, Chipo Siamutwe, Webrod Mufwambi, et al. (+3)
30 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Oct―21 Strategies and Challenges in the Development of Coronavirus Disease-2019 Vaccine Pratibha Gupta
31 [GO] Emergency Medicine - Open Journal 2021―Oct―07 Extra-Pulmonary Manifestations of Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Multi System Disease Vijayasree Biruduraju, Ankita R. Chawla
32 [GO] Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - Open Journal 2021―Jul―06 Psychological Effects of Coronavirus Disease 2019 on Students Sreeja R. Kuppam
33 [GO] Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - Open Journal 2021―Jul―06 Feeling Angry at Coronavirus Disease-2019 Ines E. Vigil
34 [GO] Pancreas - Open Journal 2021―May―21 Pancreas and Coronavirus Disease-2019 Lorenzo Dioscoridi
35 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 The Potential of Amniotic Fluid-Derived Extracellular Vesicles to Treat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection Versus Hydroxychloroquine in Human Patients Ian A. White
36 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 Review of the article on "The Rate of Underascertainment of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Infection: Estimation Using Japanese Passergers Data On Evacuation Flights" Eric Lin
37 [GO] Diabetes Research - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 Coronavirus Disease-2019, Diabetes and Dialysis in Southern Italy: The Second Wave Follow-up Felice Strollo, Ersilia Satta, Carmine Romano, Carmelo Alfarone, Teresa Della Corte, Giuseppina Guarino, et al. (+2)
38 [GO] Diabetes Research - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 Coronavirus Disease-2019, Diabetes and Dialysis: An Internal Medicine Conundrum Proposal for a Suitable and Easy-to-Handle Prevention Protocol Felice Strollo, Ersilia Satta, Carmine Romano, Carmelo Alfarone, Teresa D. Corte, Giuseppina Guarino, Sandro Gentile
39 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 Challenges Related to Antimalarial Abuse in Coronavirus Disease-2019 Treatment in the Democratic Republic of Congo Anselme Manyong, Ange Landela
40 [GO] Epidemiology - Open Journal 2021―Jan―20 Halting Coronavirus Replication Kira Smith
41 [GO] Anthropology - Open Journal 2021―Jan―07 Epidemiology of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Mexico: A Report on Age-Sex Variation in the Duration from Symptom Onset to Fatality as an Outcome in Patients Sofía E. Aguiñaga-Malanco, Sudip Datta-Banik, Rudradeep Datta-Banik, Nina Mendez-Dominguez
42 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Dec―19 Scoping Review and Expert Reflections: Coronavirus Disease 2019 - Preparedness and Response in Selected Countries of East Africa, West Africa, and Southeast Asia Ednah Madu, Elfatih M. Malik, Sharath B. Nagaraja, Renu Tyagi, Gregory Fant
43 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Dec―19 Elderly People During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Epidemic: Selected Problems Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka
44 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Dec―19 Pandemic--The Role of the Electronic Sharing of Public Health Data, Public Health Data Science, and Public Health Action Gregory Fant
45 [GO] Palliative Medicine and Hospice Care - Open Journal 2020―Sep―16 The Reframing of Advance Care Planning: How Coronavirus Disease 2019 has Encouraged Us to Reflect More on our Values Andrew Saunderson
46 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Jun―26 Improving Health Equity for Black Communities in the Face of Coronavirus Disease-2019 Charlotte Jones-Burton, Kemi Olugemo, Judith R. Greener
47 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Jun―26 Coronavirus Disease-2019 Response--Global Public Health Professionals Supporting Collaborative, Official, Organized Actions in Local Communities Gregory Fant, Elfatih M. Malik, Ednah Madu, Renu Tyagi, Sharath B. Nagaraja
48 [GO] Public Health - Open Journal 2020―Jun―26 In the Early Stages of Coronavirus Disease-2019: What It is, What Precautions to Take, and Why Social Distancing is Necessary Saima Huq, Sarah Afework

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