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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology 2021―Aug―07 Impact of the pandemic on the mental health of children and clinical practice in Turkey: a narrative review with recommendations Serkan Turan, Șafak Eray
2 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2021―Jun―25 CORONAVIRUSES - HOW PROTEIN INTERACTIONS CHANGED OUR PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD Jolanta Bratosiewicz-Wąsik, Tomasz J. Wąsik
3 [GO] Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice 2021―Apr―23 Principal leadership practices during the COVID-19 lockdown Kate Thornton
4 [GO] Immunohematology 2021―Apr―10 An automated approach to determine antibody endpoint titers for COVID-19 by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay A.D. Ho, H. Verkerke, J.W. Allen, B.J. Saeedi, D. Boyer, J. Owens, et al. (+13)
5 [GO] Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis 2021―Mar―26 Putative mechanism of neurological damage in COVID-19 infection Cindy Bandala, José Luis Cortes-Altamirano, Samuel Reyes-Long, Eleazar Lara-Padilla, Ian Ilizaliturri-Flores, Alfonso Alfaro-Rodríguez
6 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2021―Mar―24 NOVEL SARS-COV-2 PANDEMIC TRANSMISSION WITH ONGOING ANTIVIRAL THERAPIES AND VACCINE DESIGN Muhammad Yameen, Sara Sattar, Ayesha Khalid, Muhammad Aamir Aslam, Nishat Zafar, Muhammad Hassan Saeed, et al. (+8)
7 [GO] International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems 2021―Mar―11 An overview of technologies and devices against COVID-19 pandemic diffusion: virus detection and monitoring solutions R. de Fazio, A. Sponziello, D. Cafagna, R. Velazquez, P. Visconti
8 [GO] journal australiasian society aerospace medicine 2021―Jan―28 CHALLENGES OF COVID-19 AEROMEDICAL RETRIEVAL: LESSONS LEARNT FROM CONDUCTING AEROMEDICAL TRANSFERS DURING A PANDEMIC Gihan Ganesh, Gayle Christie, David McIlroy, Shelley Dutton, Andrew Challen
9 [GO] Architecture Civil Engineering Environment 2021―Jan―27 COVID-19 AND LIBRARY PUBLIC SPACE TRANSFORMATIONS Nadiia ANTONENKO, Tetiana RUMILETS
10 [GO] South Australian Geographical Journal 2021―Jan―16 The COVID-19 pandemic in South Australia: a survey of RGSSA members Andrew Lothian
11 [GO] International Journal of Advanced Network Monitoring and Controls 2021―Jan―11 Data Visualization Analysis of COVID-19 Epidemic Situation Tao Yang
12 [GO] Connections 2021―Jan―05 COVID-19 Health Communication Networks on Twitter: Identifying Sources, Disseminators, and Brokers Ian Kim, Thomas W. Valente
13 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2020―Oct―12 COVID-19 - DISEASE CAUSED BY SARS-COV-2 INFECTION - VACCINE AND NEW THERAPIES RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT Elżbieta Nowakowska, Sylwia Sulimiera Michalak
14 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2020―Oct―12 COVID-19 THERAPY: WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED IN 8 MONTHS? Monika Adamczyk-Popławska, Agnieszka Kwiatek
15 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2020―Oct―12 SARS-COV-2 AND BETACORONAVIRUS: WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED IN 8 MONTHS? Agnieszka Kwiatek, Monika Adamczyk-Popławska
16 [GO] South Australian Geographical Journal 2020―Sep―05 Reflection on the “sense of home” and belonging during COVID-19 Vera Storp
17 [GO] South Australian Geographical Journal 2020―Sep―05 At Home Marooned by COVID-19 - March, April and May 2020 Rod Shearing
19 [GO] Postępy Mikrobiologii - Advancements of Microbiology 2020―Aug―31 NON-PANDEMIC HUMAN CORONAVIRUSES - CHARACTERISTICS AND DIAGNOSTICS Edyta Abramczuk, Katarzyna Pancer, Włodzimierz Gut, Bogumiła Litwińska
20 [GO] South Australian Geographical Journal 2020―Jul―03 Place and pandemics - reflections on the role of geography Dr. Melissa Nursey-Bray
21 [GO] Australasian Journal of Neuroscience 2020―Jun―01 Pandemics and the neurological manifestations of viral respiratory illnesses including Covid-19. Linda Nichols


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