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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: NP Voprosy Ekonomiki
  original article Journal Date Title Authors All Authors
1 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Oct―12 Market exits during the pandemic E. V. Bessonova, S. M. Myakisheva, A. N. Tsvetkova
2 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Jul―12 Productivity and lending during the pandemic E. V. Bessonova, S. V. Popova, N. A. Turdyeva, A. N. Tsvetkova
3 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Jul―12 Macroeconomic effects of the pandemic and prospects for economic recovery (Proceedings of the roundtable discussion at the XXII April international academic conference on economic and social development) A. N. Shokhin, N V. Akindinova, V. Y. Astrov, E. T. Gurvich, O. A. Zamulin, A. N. Klepach, et al. (+2)
4 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―May―14 Tax support during coronavirus crisis: Whom to help? M. R. Pinskaya, Yu. A. Steshenko, K. N. Tsagan-Mandzhieva
5 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Mar―10 Coronavirus pandemic and trends of economic policy V. A. Mau
6 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Mar―10 Economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the cultural organizations in Russia T. V. Abankina, A. V. Matskevich, E. A. Nikolayenko, V. V. Romanova
7 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Feb―08 Macroeconomic policy in a pandemic era: What does the IS-LM model show? O. V. Buklemishev, E. A. Zubova, M. N. Kachan, G. S. Kurovsky, O. N. Lavrentieva
8 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2020―Jun―09 How could we improve the national projects in health and demography after coronavirus pandemic? N. A. Avxentyev, V. S. Nazarov, N. N. Sisigina


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