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1 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2022―Jul―07 Fiscal consolidation during the pandemic A. V. Zubarev, K. V. Nesterova
2 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2022―Jun―09 Lessons from the crisis (On the book “The response of Russian business to the COVID-19 pandemic (Six industry cases)” edited by T. G. Dolgopyatova, N. V. Akindinova, Y. V. Simachev, A. A. Yakovlev) L. S. Ruzhanskaya
3 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2022―May―19 Inflation challenges of the pandemic period and sanctions. Lessons for the future N. V. Akindinova, V. A. Bessonov, S. G. Pukhov, I. N. Safonov, S. V. Smirnov
4 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2022―Mar―10 Economic policy in times of the pandemic: The experience of 2021-2022 V. A. Mau
5 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Dec―09 Changes in the labor market status during the COVID-19 pandemic and subjective well-being of Russians N. E. Soboleva, B. O. Sokolov
6 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Dec―09 World 2021: Pandemic and economic problems remain acute M. V. Ershov
7 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Dec―09 Distributed production under the pandemic shock: Vulnerability, resilience and the new stage of globalization N. V. Smorodinskaya, D. D. Katukov
8 [GO] Russian Journal of Economics 2021―Dec―03 COVID-19 impacts on financial markets: Takeaways from the third wave Hamza Bouhali, Ahmed Dahbani, Brahim Dinar
9 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Oct―12 Market exits during the pandemic E. V. Bessonova, S. M. Myakisheva, A. N. Tsvetkova
10 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Jul―12 Productivity and lending during the pandemic E. V. Bessonova, S. V. Popova, N. A. Turdyeva, A. N. Tsvetkova
11 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Jul―12 Macroeconomic effects of the pandemic and prospects for economic recovery (Proceedings of the roundtable discussion at the XXII April international academic conference on economic and social development) A. N. Shokhin, N V. Akindinova, V. Y. Astrov, E. T. Gurvich, O. A. Zamulin, A. N. Klepach, et al. (+2)
12 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―May―14 Tax support during coronavirus crisis: Whom to help? M. R. Pinskaya, Yu. A. Steshenko, K. N. Tsagan-Mandzhieva
13 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Mar―10 Coronavirus pandemic and trends of economic policy V. A. Mau
14 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Mar―10 Economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the cultural organizations in Russia T. V. Abankina, A. V. Matskevich, E. A. Nikolayenko, V. V. Romanova
15 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2021―Feb―08 Macroeconomic policy in a pandemic era: What does the IS-LM model show? O. V. Buklemishev, E. A. Zubova, M. N. Kachan, G. S. Kurovsky, O. N. Lavrentieva
16 [GO] Voprosy Ekonomiki 2020―Jun―09 How could we improve the national projects in health and demography after coronavirus pandemic? N. A. Avxentyev, V. S. Nazarov, N. N. Sisigina

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