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1 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2024―Apr―11 Considering Parents of Malignant ill Children in COVID-19 Health Crisis Gordana Buljan Flander, Jasminka Stepan Giljević, Mia Roje Đapić, Sara Lulić
2 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2024―Apr―11 Relation Between Sociodemographic Factors and Increased Internet Usage During the First Three Waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Earthquakes: Croatian Online Survey Zrnka Kovačić Petrović, Tina Peraica, Mirta Blažev, Lea Tomašić, Dragica Kozarić-Kovačić
3 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2024―Apr―11 Risk and Protective Factors of Stress Level in COVID-19 Survivors Rohmaningtyas Hidayah Setyaningrum, Indria Hafizah, Aris Sudiyanto, Ari Probandari, Eny Lestari
4 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Nov―29 Urothelial Carcinoma Before and During The COVID-19 Pandemic in Croatia - A Single-Center Study Marin Glavčić
5 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Nov―29 Trends in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Single-Institution Experience Ivona Ćudina
6 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―13 Whole Range of Respiratory Support in a Pregnant Woman with a Severe Form of COVID-19 Infection: A Case Report Sanja Berić
7 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―13 Comparison of Tracheal Aspirates in the Period Before and After the Start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Intensive Care Unit in a Tertiary Hospital Ivana Jakić
8 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―13 Percutaneous Dilatational Tracheostomy in COVID-19 Patients in the Covid Hospital Intensive Care Unit: The University Clinical Center of Vojvodina Experience Aleksandra Plećaš Đurić
9 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―13 Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation in COVID-19 Related Acute Respiratory Failure Gordana Pavliša
10 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―11 Factors Affecting Prognosis and Mortality in Severe COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients Emine Afşin
11 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Sep―11 Is Lymphopenia a Predictor of Mortality in Patients with COVID-19? Jehat Kılıc
12 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Aug―31 The Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines on Pneumothorax in Geriatric Patients Hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit Due to COVID-1 Anil Gokce
13 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Aug―31 High-Flow Nasal Cannula Combined with Prone Positioning as an Intubation Alternative in COVID-19: A Case Report and Review of the Literature Nataša Sojčić
14 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Aug―31 Perinatal Aspects of SARS-CoV-2 Infection During Pregnancy: A Potential Cause for Concern Ana Meyra Potkonjak
15 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2023―Jun―19 “Maniac” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”: A Novel Adaptation of Two TV Series for Classroom Undergraduate Psychiatry Education in an Age of COVID-19 Social Distancing Nicholas Tze Ping Pang, Eugene Boon Yau Koh
16 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2023―Jun―19 Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Mental Health, Physical Activity, and Eating Behaviours Among IT Professionals in India Joshi Animish, Muley Arti, Medithi Srujana
17 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2023―Jun―19 Predictors of Adults’ Mental Health During Initial Stage of Covid-19 Pandemic in Croatia Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, Krešimir Prijatelj, Ana Raguž, Nebojša Kavarić, Gordana Buljan Flander
18 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2023―Jun―19 The Role of Resilience as an Emotional Protective Factor to Mental Fatigue During the COVID-19 Lockdown: The Experience of Undergraduate Medical Students in Oman Miriam Archana Simon, Amani Ibrahim Al Raisi, Fatema Ali Bakhit Al Ashkhari, Nasra Ali Hamed Al Jahwari, Eman Elsheshtawy
19 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―May―24 Effects of Hydroxychloroquine Plus Favipiravir Treatment on the Clinical Course and Biomarkers in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients with Pneumonia Leman Acun Delen
20 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―May―24 Neurological Symptoms Common in COVID-19 Patients: A Retrospective Observational Study Selma Tekin
21 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Mar―22 The Impact of COVID-19 on Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Delay Krešimir Gršić
22 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Mar―22 The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Diagnosis and Treatment in Otorhinolaryngology Patients in Croatia Ana-Marija Vargantolić
23 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2023―Feb―07 Pentraxin 3 Levels Correlate well with Disease Severity at Admission in COVID-19 Patients Mehmet Emirhan Işık
24 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2022―Nov―07 Incidence of acute symptomatic seizures in patients with COVID-19: a single-center study Ivana Šušak Sporiš
25 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2022―Oct―24 The Tempest: a Reflection in Pandemic Loneliness Nicholas Tze Ping Pang
26 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2022―Oct―05 Arterial hypertension following COVID-19: A retrospective study of patients in a Central European tertiary care center Điđi Delalić
27 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2022―Sep―14 Common Variable Immunodeficiency: Predisposing or Protective Factor for Severe Complications of COVID-19? Thomas Ferenc
28 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2022―May―04 Can IgG Antibodies Directed against Different Targets Solve the Problem of False-Positive Results in SARS-CoV-2 Serology? Nataša Beader
29 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2022―Mar―25 Sociability of Alcohol Consumption and Alcoholism in Times of COVID-19 Crisis Erik Brezovec, Zoran Zoričić, Trpimir Glavina
30 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2022―Mar―25 Physical and Psychological Impacts on COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients of 3rd WavePhysical and Psychological Impacts on COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients of 3rd Wave Anam Jamil, Jaweria Syed, Humaira Shamim Kiyan, Kainat Gul, Madiha Shakeel, Muhammad Mustafa
31 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2022―Mar―25 The Model of Community Stigma During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period in East Java Indonesia Siti Nur Asiyah, Mei Lina Fitri Kumalasari, Moch Irfan Hadi, Abdul Muhid, Jerhi Wahyu Fernanda, Ika Mustika, et al. (+3)
32 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2022―Mar―25 SARS-Cov2-Induced Cytokine Storm and Schizophrenia, Could There be a Connection? Pejman Abbasi Pashaki, Kiarash Shirbandi, Sina Ramezani, Fakher Rahim, Zahra Jamalpoor
33 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2022―Mar―09 Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis Patients with COVID-19: Review of the Literature Sven Županić
34 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2021―Nov―05 Building the COVID-19 Testing Capacities in Croatia: Establishing the Interdepartmental COVID-19 Unit at the Split University Hospital Centre Nenad Kunac
35 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2021―Aug―24 Electroconvulsive Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic Mislav Škrobo, Vjekoslav Peitl, Ante Silić, Ana Matošić, Branka Vidrih, Dalibor Karlović
36 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2021―Jul―23 Evaluation of the Relationship of MPV, RDW and PVI Parameters with Disease Severity in Covid-19 Patients Dilek Atik
37 [GO] Acta Clinica Croatica 2021―Jul―01 Could COVID-19 Be a Hemoglobinopathy? Tania Ahmed Shakoori
38 [GO] Libri Oncologici Croatian Journal of Oncology 2021―May―31 COVID-19 and colorectal cancer - signs of a toxic relationship and how to break the cycle: a single institution, tertiary centre experience Petar Matošević, Vedrana Biošić, Lucija Brkić, Andrija Matijević, Ozana Miličević, Ines Trkulja, et al. (+2)
39 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2021―May―18 The Impact of Patient’s Fear of COVID-19 Infection on Neurology Service in University Hospital Center Sestre Milosrdnice During COVID-19 Epidemic Outbreak Arijana Lovrenčić-Huzjan, Marina Roje-Bedeković, Neurology Collaboration Group
40 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2021―May―18 The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Oral Health Care Workers and its Impact on Their Willingness to Work During this Pandemic Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary, Basaruddin Ahmad, Madiha Gul, Aamir Rafiq, Danial Qasim Butt, Misbah Rehman, Paras Ahmad
41 [GO] Archives of Psychiatry Research 2021―May―18 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Anxiety in the Elderly population: a cross sectional study Abhinav Garg, Vikas Gaur, Deepak Salvi, Aparna Garg
42 [GO] Libri Oncologici Croatian Journal of Oncology 2021―Jan―22 The impact of COVID-19 epidemiological restriction guidelines measures in a Croatian tertiary colorectal cancer center Iva Kirac, Zvonimir Misir, Vesna Vorih, Loris Ćurt, Mario Šekerija

43 Results       Page 1


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