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1 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Jul―27 Common Sense High Reliability Organizing (HRO) in the Response to COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
2 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Jul―27 COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance In Pregnancy Priya Desai, Gagandeep Kaur, Fanglong Dong, Maria Rodriguez
3 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Jun―29 The COVID-19 Pandemic and Breast Milk in the NICU and Obstetrics and Newborn Unit at the University of Chicago Amy Meyer, Melissa Benesh, Poj Lysouvakon, Joseph Hageman
4 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―May―23 High Reliability Organizing (HRO) is the Extension of Neonatology during Pandemic COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
5 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―May―23 COVID-19 in India, Perspectives from Inside a Resurgent Pandemic Japmeet Sandhu, VJS Virdi
6 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Apr―26 Despite COVID-19, Data Support Kangaroo Care Michelle Winokur
7 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Apr―26 High-Reliability Organizing (HRO) in the COVID-19 Liminal Zone: Characteristics of Workers and Local Leaders Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
8 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Apr―26 What about Antibody Response and Transfer in Pregnant Women Who Have Had SARS-CoV-2 Infection Compared to those Receiving the Vaccine? Joseph Hageman, Mitchell Goldstein
9 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Apr―26 The Role of Obstetricians and Neonatologists in Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination: Healthier Mothers and Infants Ricardo Peverini, Elba Fayard, Courtney Martin, Thurman Merritt
10 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―23 The Nature of Neonatal Experience during Pandemic COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
11 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―22 Mothers with COVID-19 and Their Newborn Infants: A Joint Position Statement on Shared Decision-Making Joan Rikli, Jerasimos Ballas, Dionne Wilson, Kristy Love
12 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―21 COVID-19 & Infant Health Susan Hepworth, Suzanne Staebler
13 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―21 Case of a Preterm Newborn with the Nosocomial Acquisition of COVID-19 Infection in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Contact Tracing William Liu, Stephanie Stovall
14 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―21 COVID-19: Care for Infants and Children & Competition for Resources Darby O'Donnell
15 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―21 Coronavirus-19 Pandemic: Mothers and Infants Joseph Hageman
16 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―21 Reflections on Another Pandemic Gail Levine
17 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―20 COVID-19 Clinical Quick Guide for the Neonatologist Anna Smith, Abhineet Sharma
18 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―09 Aspects of Care of Newborns Born to Mothers with Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) Disease Joseph Hageman
19 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―09 Guidelines for Management of Infants Delivered during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the USA and 'Across the Pond.' Ahmed Afifi, David Corcoran, Allison Walker, Alexandra Adamczak, T. Allen Merritt, Jan Mazela, Thomas Clarke
20 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Mar―09 COVID-19 Update: The Future of Vaccine Treatments for Infants and Children Darby O'Donnell
21 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―24 COVID-19 Update: Impact on Children's Hospitals Gavin Clingham
22 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―23 Flight Decks and Isolettes: High-Reliability Organizing (HRO) as Pragmatic Leadership Principles during Pandemic COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Sean McKay, Thomas Mercer
23 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―23 COVID-19 in the Neonatal Population: Review of Current Literature Kenneth Kellner
24 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―22 The Art of Neonatology, the Art of High Reliability as a Response to COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
25 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―22 Does Maternal COVID-19 Infection Offer Protection to her Newborn? Will Maternal Immunization for COVID-19 Do the Same? Unresolved Questions, Awaiting Answers T. Allen Merritt, Mitchell Goldstein, Mikko Hallman, Jan Mazela
26 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―22 Transplacental SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Transfer: Yes?! Joseph Hageman, Mitchell Goldstein
27 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―20 Pragmatic Leadership Practices in Dangerous Contexts: High-Reliability Organizations (HRO) for Pandemic COVID-19 Daved van Stralen, Sean McKay, Thomas Mercer
28 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―20 Management of a Symptomatic COVID-19 Positive Pregnant Woman and Her Newborn Infant Jaclyn Eisenberg, Poj Lysouvakon, Joseph Hageman
29 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―20 COVID-19 Update: The Rise of Telemedicine - Benefiting Patients and Providers Gavin Clingham
30 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―18 The COVID-19 Vaccine and Viral Variants Joseph Hageman
31 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―18 Precluding Pregnant Women from COVID-19 Vaccine Trials is Cause for Concern Michelle Winokur
32 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―18 Coping With COVID-19: An Online Educational Course Sue Hall
33 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―17 Extremely Premature Infant without Spontaneous Movements Born to a Mother following COVID-19 Infection Shaina Lodhi
34 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―17 Pragmatic High-Reliability Organizations (HRO) Modulate the Functions of Stress and Fear Behaviors During Pandemic COVID-19: The Stress-Fear-Threat Cascade Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
35 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―09 The Clinical Utility of the World Wide Web As It Relates to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Part 2 Joseph Hageman, Tatiana Anderson, Kelty Allen, Mitchell Goldstein
36 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―09 COVID-19 Response: Safety for ROP Screening in Neonatal IntensiveCare Unit Candice Frazier
37 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―09 During Pandemic COVID-19, the High-Reliability Organization (HRO) Identifies Maladaptive Stress Behaviors: The Stress-Fear-Threat Cascade Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
38 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―09 COVID-19: The Latest TORCH Infection? Sarin Pakhdikian
39 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―09 Holidays, Travel, and Infant Safety During this Pandemic Time Barb Himes
40 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―05 Pandemic COVID-19, the High-Reliability Organization (HRO), and the Ecology of Fear Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
41 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―05 Shared Decision Making for COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy/Lactation Lily Lou
42 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―05 Apnea in Term and Late Preterm Neonates Born to Coronavirus Infected Mothers Jaimin Patel, Jagdish Desai, Renjithkumar Thekkeveedu, Tasha Coleman, Nilesh Dankhara, Alisia Hankins, Mobolaji Famuyide
43 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Feb―05 What About The Coronavirus Vaccine for Pregnant Women? Sherri Sadler, Joseph Hageman, Mitchell Goldstein
44 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Jan―20 High Altitude Climbing, High Reliability, COVID-19, and the Power of Observation Daved van Stralen, Thomas Mercer
45 [GO] Neonatology Today 2021―Jan―20 COVID-19 in the Pregnant Women Close to Home Joseph Hageman, Mitchell Goldstein


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