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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull
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1 [GO] Aloma Revista de Psicologia Ciències de l Educació i de l Esport 2021―Mar―02 The relationship between subjective happiness and social media usage during the COVID-19 pandemic: the moderating role of resilience Sonia Khodabakhsh, Somaye Ahmadi
2 [GO] Aloma Revista de Psicologia Ciències de l Educació i de l Esport 2021―Mar―02 Psychosocial impact of COVID-19: Some evidence, many doubts to be clarified Ander Chamarro
3 [GO] Aloma Revista de Psicologia Ciències de l Educació i de l Esport 2021―Mar―02 Generation Lockdown: Exploring possible predictors of technology phobia during the Coronavirus self-isolation period Neil Anthony Daruwala
4 [GO] Aloma Revista de Psicologia Ciències de l Educació i de l Esport 2021―Mar―02 Critical and prospective analysis of online education in pandemic and post-pandemic contexts María Graciela Badilla Quintana, Marcelo Careaga-Butter, Carolina Fuentes-Henríquez
5 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―06 Media system dependency and change in risk perception during the COVID-19 pandemic Carlos Muñiz
6 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Changes in the Communication Strategy of Barcelona’s Digital Economy in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis Patricia Coll-Rubio
7 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Recurrent Narratives Around the COVID-19 Crisis in Social Networks: A Case Study Analysis on Facebook Venetia Papa, Theodora A. Maniou
8 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Affective Governance During the COVID-19 Crisis: Building Leadership, Trust, and Good Citizens Emiliana De Blasio, Donatella Selva
9 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 EU Political Agenda of COVID-19 Crisis: Mechanisms and Financial Instruments to Mitigate the Economic Effects of the Pandemic in Newspapers ‘El País’ and ‘El Mundo’ Mafalda Lobo
10 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Digital Subscription Systems in the Face of COVID-19 Crisis: The Case of ‘El Mundo’ Enrique Canovaca de la Fuente
11 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Habits and feelings for the informative coverage of the covid-19 during the confinement in Spain Ana Isabel Bernal
12 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 COVID-19 Media Coverage on Spanish Public TV Eduardo Villena-Alarcón, Lidia Caballero-Galeote
13 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Transmedia Context and Twitter As Conditioning the Ecuadorian Government’s Action. The Case of the “Guayaquil Emergency” During the COVID-19 Pandemic Arturo Luque, Francesco Maniglio, Fernando Casado, Jorge García-Guerrero
14 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Governmental Communication and Brand Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic Álvaro Jiménez-Sánchez, Vasilica-Maria Margalina, Eliza Vayas-Ruiz
15 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 The Health Crisis on Instagram: How the Media Are Building Their Agenda on the Visual Social Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic Valentina Laferrara, Santiago Justel-Vázquez
16 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Public Perception of Data Visuals in Media Coverage During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Risk Perception Model Revisited Dilek Melike Uluçay, Gizem Melek, Deniz Özyurda-Ergen
17 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Use of New Narratives for COVID-19 Reporting: From 360º Videos to Ephemeral TikTok Videos in Online Media Pavel Sidorenko-Bautista, José María Herranz de la Casa, Juan Ignacio Cantero de Julián
18 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Communicating COVID-19: Metaphors We “Survive” By Damián Fernández-Pedemonte, Felicitas Casillo, Ana Inés Jorge-Artigau
19 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 US Nationwide Coronavirus Newspaper Coverage of Federal/National Government Responses: Community Structure Theory and a “Violated Buffer” John C. Pollock, Suchir Govindarajan, Alexis Marta, James N. Sparano
20 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 Viral News on the Coronavirus: Does it Contribute to Health Communication? Rachel E. Khan
21 [GO] Tripodos 2021―Feb―05 The Imaginary of an Invisible Enemy: The SARS-CoV-2 Virion on the Spanish TV News Isidro Jiménez-Gómez, Jaime López-Díez, Gema Bonales-Daimiel


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