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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

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1 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 Pragmatist Hope during COVID-19 Sarah M. Stitzlein
2 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 COVID-19, Camus, Aquinas, and Me Raymond D. Boisvert
3 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 “Hominids with an Infected Brain” Engage in Viral Debate: Agamben and Žižek on the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Human Relationships Ionut Untea
4 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 An Independent Scholar during the Pandemic Robin Friedman
5 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 Pragmatism, Peirce, and the Pandemic Albert Spencer
6 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 Pandemic Response: A Reflection on Disease and Education Kevin J. Harrelson
7 [GO] The Pluralist 2022―Jun―15 Pandemic Scholars Circle: Deepening Community during Isolation Jennifer Kiefer Fenton, Marilyn Fischer, Danielle Lake, Barbara Lowe, Tess Varner, Judy Whipps
8 [GO] Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education 2022―Mar―28 Teaching Music During COVID-19: Teachers’ Perceptions of Personal and Professional Effects Erika J. Knapp
9 [GO] Journal of Animal Ethics 2022―Feb―06 The Threat of Great Ape Extinction From COVID-19 Paula Casal, Peter Singer
10 [GO] Jazz & Culture 2022―Feb―06 Simultaneity, Synchrony, and Liveness: Jazz Confronts the Pandemic Asher Tobin Chodos
11 [GO] Dialogue A Journal of Mormon Thought 2022―Feb―06 Thoughts on the Sacrament During a Pandemic Lori Davis
12 [GO] Dialogue A Journal of Mormon Thought 2022―Feb―06 “I Cannot Describe Salt”: Elizabeth Willis, Poets in Exile, and the Church Invisible in the Age of Pandemic Jacob Bender
13 [GO] Journal of American Folklore 2022―Feb―05 Blues Narrative: Blues People, COVID-19, and Civil Unrest Lamont Jack Pearley
14 [GO] Journal of American Folklore 2022―Jan―31 Graves in One's Heart: Grassroots Memorialization of Dr. Li Wenliang during the COVID-19 Outbreak in China Ziying You, Qiaoyun Zhang
15 [GO] Journal of American Folklore 2022―Jan―31 The Proverbs of a Pandemic: The Early Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic Viewed through the Lens of Google Trends Heather A. Haas
16 [GO] American Journal of Theology & Philosophy 2021―Mar―12 Environmental Justice as Counterpublic Theology: Reflections for a Postpandemic Public Thompson
17 [GO] Journal of Sport History 2021―Feb―04 “So Much Winning”: Michael Jordan, The Last Dance, and Intersecting Pandemic Politics McDonald

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