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1 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―16 Gst And Covid-19 Nosedive Tourism Economy
2 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―16 Mental Health And Self-Efficacy Among Doctors During COVID-19 Pandemic
3 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―16 Analyzing COVID-19's Implications On The Hospitality And Tourism Sectors: A Primary Study In Uttarakhand
4 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―16 Perception Of Virtual Learning Process Changing The Lives Of Learners During Pandemic
5 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―13 Hydroxychloroquine (Hcq): A Game Changer Drug To Pharmacy Of The World In The Era Of Covid-19
6 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―13 Psychological Plan Of Action To Combat The Impact Of Covid-19 By Frontline Police Workers Managing Lockdown In India
7 [GO] Elementary Education Online 2022―Sep―13 Imapct Of Covid-19 On Air Quality Of Dehradun City Of Uttarakhand, India
8 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 A scoping review research on the dynamics managing of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
9 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 E-Learning effective during the Covid-19 era
10 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Blended learning innovation of social media based active English during the COVID-19 pandemic
11 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Transformative school initiatives through the use of digital technologies in Kosovo during Covid-19
12 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Academic Service Quality (ASQ) Before and During Pandemic Covid-19 by Students and Lecturers
13 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Systematic Review of The Studies in Turkey During Covid-19 Curfew
14 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Madrasah al-Ula for Children: An Effective Learning Management in the Family during Covid-19 Pandemic
15 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―27 Internalization of Character Values Through School Culture: Comparative Study of the Pre and Corona Pandemic Period
16 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 The Anomali on Technology Readiness Profile of Elementary School Teachers in Online Learning Amid Covid-19
17 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 The Effect of Online education after COVID-19 : Focusing on Personal and Social Motivation
18 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 Activities of Ukrainian public authorities to response the COVID-19 epidemic: information and security context
19 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 Implementation of Online STEM-PjBL through Various Learning Platforms in Vocational High Schools during Covid-19 Pandemic
20 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 Implementation of Total Quality Management as Efforts to Improve Quality of Primary School Education Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period
21 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―25 “” - online teaching tool during the pandemic at TSUL
22 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―24 Revitalization of Education for Children in Indonesian Families During the Covid-19 Pandemic
23 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―24 Psychological Effects of Quarantine During Covid-19: Students Attitude Towards Their Academics
24 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―19 The Influence of Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Religious Attitudes and Their Influence on Entrepreneurial Motivation Among Vocational Students During The COVID-19 Pandemic
25 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―19 Mentoring EFL Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic
26 [GO] İlköğretim Online 2021―Feb―19 Developing electronic teaching materials through comic mathematics media to increase student learning independence during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia

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