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1 [GO] WOUNDS A Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice 2022―Sep―02 Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Experiences From a Dedicated Diabetic Foot Care Center Murat Kendirci, Ibrahim Sahiner, İsmail Sezikli, Merve Akın, Ahmet Yasti
2 [GO] Consultant 2022―Jul―06 Corpus Callosum Lesion Associated With COVID-19-Psychosis Laura Rosas, Shivani Kumar, Lala Park, Stephanie Eng, Royce Lee
3 [GO] Consultant 2022―Jul―05 COVID-19 Presenting as Penile Pain in a Child Rachel H. Odell, Upma Suneja
4 [GO] Wound Management & Prevention 2022―May―26 ORIGINAL RESEARCH Virtual Events in the Era of COVID-19: Perspectives From a Virtual Interdisciplinary Wound Care Symposium Jose Palacios, Nissim Hazkour, Amit Rao, Mary Brennan, Alisha Oropallo
5 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 Navigating Pricing Models for COVID-19 Innovations Jacquelyn W Chou
6 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 COVID-19 Pandemic Vindicates the ISPOR Value Flower Jason Shafrin, Kathy Lang, Ross Maclean
7 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 Does COVID-19 Threaten the Progress Pharmaceuticals Have Made in Reducing Cancer Mortality Over the Last 20 Years? Joanna P MacEwan, Jason Shafrin, Farzad Ali
8 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 We Have Vaccines, Now What? How to Ensure Continued COVID-19 Vaccine Discovery and Expedite Access Jason Shafrin, Marlon Graf, Rifat Tuly, Christoph Glaetzer, Dipl Kfm, Stacey Hickson, Joseph Mattingly II
9 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 How COVID-19 Will Change the Patient Journey, Reimbursement, and Care Delivery Richard G Stefanacci
10 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 Cancer Care in 2021 and Beyond: Catalytic Trends, Entrants, and Developments to Optimize Care During and Post Pandemic Elizabeth Oyekan
11 [GO] Journal of Clincal Pathways 2022―Jan―31 COVID-19 and Diabetes: Strategies to Catch Up Cynthia Miller
12 [GO] Consultant 2021―Dec―20 Tracheal Stenosis After Prolonged Invasive Mechanical Ventilation: An Emerging and Elusive Complication of COVID-19 Joseph P. Flynn, Jaspal Singh
13 [GO] Consultant 2021―Oct―18 Parenting Support for Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Institutional Survey and Resources Sukjoo Cho, Melinda Murphy, Rebecca Plant
14 [GO] Journal of Clinical Pathways 2021―Aug―31 Treatment and Outcomes Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients With Immune-mediated Inflammatory Diseases: An Electronic Health Record Database Cohort Study Alex Feu, Qian Cai, Emily Brouwer, Christopher Pericone, Kimberly Woodruff
15 [GO] Consultant 2021―Aug―25 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in an Adult During the COVID-19 Pandemic Ritu Chakrabarti, Manlio Hernandez Castillo, Aaisha Shah, Marissa Sansone, Valentin Marian
16 [GO] Consultant 2021―Jun―25 COVID-19-Induced Cardiomyopathy Emmanuel Santiago, Zekarias Asnake, George Cockey
17 [GO] Consultant 2021―Apr―08 Disseminated Herpes Zoster Virus in a Patient With COVID-19 Kinjal Solanki, Kevin Kohm, Pinki Bhatt
18 [GO] Consultant 2021―Mar―16 Implementing Telemedicine in Pediatric Primary Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Katherine E. Shedlock, Benjamin N. Fogel, Nicole M. Hackman
19 [GO] Consultant 2021―Mar―15 Role of the Pediatric Health Care Provider in Identifying and Preventing Child Abuse During COVID-19 and Beyond Andrea Repine, Jennifer Macaulay, Stephanie Anne Deutsch
20 [GO] Wound Management & Prevention 2021―Jan―15 Telemedicine in Patients With an Ostomy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Observational Study Vincenza Dinuzzi, Giuseppe Palomba, Maria Minischetti, Alfonso Amendola, Pierluigi Aprea, Gaetano Luglio, et al. (+2)
21 [GO] Wound Management & Prevention 2020―Nov―18 Use of Thin Dressings Under N95 Respirators: Exploring Their Effect on Quantitative Fit Testing Results to Guide Hospital Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic Susan Guschel, Karen Chmiel, Jennifer Rosenstein
22 [GO] Consultant 2020―Nov―03 A Case of Anaplasmosis During the COVID-19 Pandemic Tiffany Kurian, Sashi Makam
23 [GO] Wound Management & Prevention 2020―Oct―13 Problems Encountered by Nurses Due to the Use of Personal Protective Equipment During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Results of a Survey Selma Atay, Şengül Cura
24 [GO] Consultant 2020―Oct―06 Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2, Feedback Systems, and COVID-19 Miklos P. Salgo
25 [GO] Consultant 2020―Oct―05 A Tale of Two Viruses: Poliomyelitis and COVID-19 Carlos A. Arango
26 [GO] Consultant 2020―Sep―21 A Population Analysis of the Initial SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak in Chicago: Implications for the Future Ikechi Ekezie, Ayobamidele A. Tiamiyu
27 [GO] Consultant 2020―Aug―12 A COVID-19-Positive Neonate Born to a COVID-19-Negative Mother: Should Asymptomatic Newborns Be Tested? Omosede Uzamere, Hyoryung Ann Lee, Kristofer-Myles Lopez, Suhrad Banugaria
28 [GO] Consultant 2020―Aug―12 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Associated With COVID-19/Incomplete Kawasaki Disease Natalia Reborido Campoy, Kanupriya Gulati, Kathleen Morris, Francisco Delgado
29 [GO] Consultant 2020―Jun―15 Diabetic ketoacidosis in a patient with COVID-19 Anthony Stack, Lauren Terpak, Ghania Masri
30 [GO] Consultant 2020―May―27 COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation for the High-Risk Patients Served by the Community Mental Health System Zakia Alavi, Raza Haque, Ali Haque, Dani Meier
31 [GO] Consultant 2020―May―14 The New Day in the Life in General Pediatrics During the COVID-19 Pandemic John W. Harrington
32 [GO] Consultant 2020―May―13 Diabetes Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic Henry Zelada, Hilary Babcock, Kim A. Carmichael
33 [GO] Consultant 2020―Apr―30 Irritant Contact Dermatitis Caused by Hand Sanitizer Use and Handwashing During the COVID-19 Pandemic Victoria Pope, Lisa Ousley
34 [GO] Consultant 2020―Apr―30 A Renewed Call to Smoking Cessation in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic Moronkeji Fagbemi
35 [GO] Consultant 2020―Apr―30 Use of hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: results of a retrospective study in a community hospital Samantha Shojaie, Phi Le, Martin Preciado, Harish Moorjani

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