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COVID answers in Scientific Journals all over the world

Publishing House: All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine u201cZaschitau201d of Health Ministry of the RF

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1 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2022―Dec―29 Influence of Organizational Factors on the Formation of Mental Maladaptation in Medical Workers during the Pandemic of a New Coronavirus Infection Covid-19 G.L. Matuzov, L.M. Masyagutova
2 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2022―Oct―03 Mental Health of Medical Workers under COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions A.D. Rodionova, A.N. Plutnitskiy, N.A. Savchenko
3 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2022―Jul―12 New Coronavirus Pandemic Worldwide: Some Lessons From Covid-19 Control N.Y. Pshenichnaya, I.A. Lizinfeld, A.V. Zadorozhnyy
4 [GO] A I Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center Clinical Bulletin 2022―May―11 Clinical Case of Single Lung Patient with Severe Covid-19 Infection V.A. Belsky, A.A. Mironov
5 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Dec―22 Organization of Medical Support for the Military Service Call-Up of Citizens during New Coronavirus Infection COVID-19 Pandemic S.A. Kuzmin, L.K. Grigorieva, K.A. Izbagambetova
6 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Dec―22 Simulation Modeling and Practice of Inpatient Emergency Department in COVID-19 Pandemic V.M. Teplov, S.S. Aleksanin, E.A. Tsebrovskaya, A.A. Lebedeva, V.V. Burykina, V.V. Kolomoytsev, et al. (+2)
7 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Dec―22 Mental Health Support Measures for Medical Professionals in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic: Global and Domestic Experience A.N. Plutnitskiy, A.D. Rodionova, N.A. Savchenko
8 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Sep―21 Risk-Based Causal Model of Risk Factors for Infection among Medical Personnel Involved in the Care Of Patients with the New COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection E.A. Annenkova, O.A. Tikhonova, A.P. Biryukov, L.I. Baranov, I.G. Dibirgadzhiev, M.V. Sheyanov, et al. (+2)
9 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Jun―28 Organization of Stage Medical Care to Patients with Suspected and Confirmed New Coronavirus Infection COVID-19 in the Voronezh Region A.N. Artemov, G.A. Balabaev, I.I. Vorobyev, L.E. Mekhantieva, Yu.V. Struk
10 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Jun―28 Medical Support of Mass Events During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Problems and Possible Ways of their Solution V.V. Demenko, A.A. Cheplyaev, Yu.N. Savvin, G.P. Prostakishin
11 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2021―Feb―19 Assessment and Correction of Psychological State of Medical Workers of Infectious Diseases Hospitals in Volgograd Repurposed for Treatment of Patients with COVID-19 O.A. Yarygin, D.V. Kozlov, A.A. Raevsky
12 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2020―Dec―17 Work of Scientific and Practical Centre for Emergency Medical Care of Moscow City Health Department in Context of COVID-19 Pandemic S.A. Gumenyuk, A.M. Shchikota, V.I. Vechorko
13 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2020―Sep―23 Organization of Medical Triage of Patients with Suspected COVID-19 in Orenburg Region M.V. Boev, V.B. Ivanov, V.B. Kochkin
14 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2020―Sep―23 Sanitary Aviation Evacuation of Patient with COVID-19 on Artificial Lung Ventilation in Transport Isolation Box V.S. Vorobyev, V.V. Nagornov, E.V. Kryukov, A.V. Talanova, P.A. Soldatov
15 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2020―Jun―19 Organization of Medical Evacuation of Patients with Suspected New Coronavirus Infection COVID-19 N.N. Baranova, A.V. Akin’shin, S.A. Nemaev, M.A. Meshkov, K.M. Zelentsov, V.P. Pismennyy
16 [GO] Disaster Medicine 2020―Mar―24 New Coronavirus Infection COVID-19: Brief Description and Measures to Counter its Spread in Russian Federation V.V. Shlemskaya, A.V. Khateev, V.I. Prosin, T.G. Suranova

16 Results       Page 1


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